Relationship with the psychotherapist?


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The main working tool in psychotherapy is the therapeutic relationship, that is the relationship established between the psychotherapist and the patient, which requires the patient and therapist to work together, in a climate of mutual trust, to achieve shared goals.

When to stop going to the psychologist?

For severe personality disorders, mood disorders and pathologies that also require drug therapy, in-person interviews are preferred. The last impeding cause, which leads to the inevitable interruption of psychotherapy is the death of one of the two members of the therapeutic couple.

How to tell if you go to a good psychologist?

The signs to recognize a good psychotherapist

  1. The ability to connect. …
  2. Tolerance to frustration. …
  3. Love for mankind. …
  4. The commitment. …
  5. Flexibility …
  6. Sincerity …
  7. The bravery. …
  8. The ability to see and value resources.

How do you know if the therapist is the right one?

How to recognize an effective psychotherapist? The 10 qualities

  1. 1) Wide range of interpersonal qualities. …
  2. 2) Ability to help you which leads you to trust him / her. …
  3. 3) Ability to establish a good therapeutic alliance.

What happens if the psychologist falls in love with a patient?

If you fall in love with a patient, there is something wrong with therapy and the treatment, which evidently no longer works on the basis of a goal of care, should be suspended, or, at the very least, supervised by a colleague. more experienced.

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What is it called when the patient falls in love with the therapist?

The case of the psychotherapist who falls in love with a patient is the most sensational example of what is called a violation of the setting, or the infringement of the rules that govern the psychotherapeutic relationship.

How do you understand the psychotherapist’s countertransference?

The countertransference of the psychotherapist is understood by recognizing certain behaviors of the professional. Typical behaviors are: Avoid arguments. Some therapists avoid confrontations when the patient has difficulties or situations that do not allow him to manage a rejection.

How much does a session with a psychotherapist cost?

The average cost range per session can start from as little as 50 euros, while the high range also reaches 100 euros per session, always evaluating the type of path taken, the reputation of the therapist and the individual needs, which arrive in the low range of service. even at 45 euros per session.

How does it feel after a psychotherapy session?

You may feel a little tired because it’s not easy to put the pieces of a story together and tell it to a person you see for the first time. For the same reason, you may feel a little sad or down in the dumps. Try doing something that relaxes you and helps you disconnect.

What is the difference between the psychologist and the psychotherapist?

The psychotherapist – unlike the psychologist – is therefore the professional indicated in the treatment of psychopathological disorders. However, the title of psychotherapist does not qualify for the prescription of drugs, if the clinician is a psychologist and not a doctor.

How Do I Find a Good Psychologist?

Visit the websites of or, where online directories are available in which to search for professionals. They allow you to search by gender, location, specialty, therapeutic approach, and any experience of the therapist in working with specific communities.

How long can psychotherapy last at most?

Other consultations last longer, weeks or better months and can also differ in terms of frequency, which can be weekly or fortnightly. Therefore the necessary sessions can vary from a number of 12 to a number of 24 and the overall duration will be approximately 6 months.

When does the patient want to leave psychotherapy?

Therapy drop out occurs when the patient leaves the sessions before the agreed goals for the course have been reached. Patients leave.

Who decides the end of psychotherapy?

Therapy ends positively when patient and therapist mutually choose that the right moment has come, that of detachment. Usually we agree with some sessions in advance in order to give the other the opportunity to mourn the separation.

What shouldn’t a psychologist do?

In a general way, the Code of Ethics maintains (article 3) that the psychologist must “avoid the inappropriate use of his influence”, that is, avoid all cases in which his influence is not aimed at promoting the “psychological well-being of the individual” .

How many psychotherapy sessions are needed?

Therefore the necessary sessions can vary from a number of 12 to a number of 24 and the overall duration will be approximately 6 months.

What do you do during a psychotherapy session?

The psychologist carries out an initial psychological interview, evaluating whether to direct the patient towards a path of psychological therapy, alternative psychological treatments, or decide to refer him to another specialist, such as a psychiatrist, depending on the problem that emerged during the interview.

How is psychotherapy done?

Psychotherapy is a possibility of treating psychological disorders. Through an introspective analysis guided by the psychotherapist, the person manages to achieve a better awareness of himself and to overcome the blocks that prevent him from living his life peacefully.

How much does a session with a psychologist cost?

By way of example, for an individual clinical psychological interview the fee, according to the tariff, can vary from 35 euros to 115 euros, however it is difficult for a psychologist / psychotherapist to set minimum or maximum rates; in fact, the fee tends to be between 50 and 90 euros per session.

How much does a session with a psychologist cost?

The cost of a psychoanalysis session also varies, depending on the psychoanalyst chosen and the patient’s needs. In general, the price can fluctuate between 50 and 100 euros.

How much does it cost to do a hypnosis session?

The rates for a hypnosis session in Italy vary from 60 to 120 euros, approximately. For a first diagnosis, the prices are between 100 and 150 euros, because the duration and the dedication of the psychologist for the study of the person is greater than the rest of the sessions.

When does the therapist get angry?

Narcissism: The therapist may get bored or angry with the patient rather than empathize, resulting in an understandable sense of frustration on the part of the patient.

When does a course of psychoanalysis end?

The therapy ends when the objectives agreed at the beginning of the path are reached and it is verified, also through test tools, that the individual has reached a satisfactory level of well-being.

What does transference mean in psychology?

transference In general psychology, and with particular reference to learning problems, the phenomenon of ‘transfer’ which facilitates new acquisitions when others, especially if structurally similar, have already occurred.

Why do we fall in love with the psychologist?

Why do so many people fall in love with their therapist (man or woman)? Psychodynamic theory, the only one that has actually explored the subject, explains the phenomenon through the transference, that is, the emotional condition that characterizes the patient’s relationship with the analyst.


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