Requirements for the Vatican gendarmerie?


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Individuals of Italian or Vatican citizenship, male, single, with a high school diploma, aged between 21 and 24 years of age, and not less than 1.80 m tall can aspire to be enrolled in the gendarmerie corps. , in addition to the psychophysical suitability for the tasks to be performed and …

How much does an agent of the Vatican Gendarmerie earn?

If so, it will result in permanent employment in the Vatican Gendarmerie, and the title of “Gendarme” with a basic monthly salary, net of taxes, of approximately one thousand five hundred euros (Salary).

Who is in charge of the Pope’s security?

The Pontifical Swiss Guard deals with the vigilance, security and protection of the Pope inside the Apostolic Palace and the Vatican City and during his travels, as well as with honor services during audiences and receptions.

Who can serve as the Swiss Guard?

Marital status unmarried

To be able to marry, the guard must be at least 25 years old, have served for at least five years, and commit to serving for at least another three years.

How many hours do the Swiss Guards work?

However, it was specified that the guard shifts at the entrance last six hours at the most and that with a change every three hours the guard always has the possibility of being able to drink something. In the internal rooms and in the positions not exposed to the public, the guards can have a drink.

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How are the Swiss Guards chosen?

Two “stylists” of excellence for uniforms.

Recruitment takes place among those born in the Swiss cantons who are Catholic.

How much does a Swiss Guard make a month?

The salary is around 1,800 net francs per month, which is about 1,500 euros.

How tall does a Swiss Guard have to be?

Several requirements are required to become the Pontifical Swiss Guard. Swiss nationality is required and only male candidates, not less than 174 cm tall, single and under the age of 30 are admitted.

Where do the Swiss Guards live?

4. COURTYARD OF SAN DAMASO: the Courtyard of San Damaso is the imposing internal courtyard of the Apostolic Palace, where the oath of the guards takes place on 6 May.

What is the Pope’s salary?

Higher up are the archbishops, heads of departments or pontifical councils. For them the threshold rises significantly, reaching salaries that from 3 thousand euros can reach 5 thousand euros for cardinals.

What are the Pope’s soldiers called?

They are the smallest and most famous army in the world, they celebrated five hundred years of life. They are the Swiss Guards, the Pope’s soldiers, who have been involved in his personal safety for half a millennium.

Who defends the Vatican?

Armed Forces, Public Security and Healthcare System

It has as its ultimate goal the defense not so much of the borders of the Vatican State, entrusted to the Gendarmerie, as the Apostolic Palace and the person of the Pontiff. It also has representative functions.

What are the Pope’s honor guards called?

Swiss Guards (Schweizergarde in German language) is the name given to Swiss mercenaries who have served as bodyguards, ceremonial guards and palace guards at the courts of Europe since the late 15th century.

What are the names of the Vatican secret services?

Corps of the Gendarmerie – (performs intelligence functions) (SIV) Vatican intelligence service.

How to work in the Vatican State?

Credentials to work in the Vatican

– For ecclesiastics, the age must not be less than 25 and not exceed 45. In addition, they must present a nulla osta from the relative “Ordinary and Superior” and, in the case domiciled in the Eternal City, in addition a certificate from the Vicariate of Rome.

How many Swiss Guards are there?

The Swiss Guards, another curiosity, are the smallest army in the world (it has never been a war troop, however) and today has 100 effective soldiers, with four officers, six halberdiers and two drummers.

Who designed the uniforms of the Swiss Guards?

The historic blue, red and orange uniform was conceived only in 1914 by commander Jules Repond inspired by a fresco by Raphael and has never been modified since. Why those colors? Pope George II was a member of the Medici, a historic family whose official colors were red, yellow and blue.

Why are the Swiss Guards referred to as the Pope’s Guardian Angels?

They escorted the pontiff along the “passetto” towards Castel Sant’Angelo, only 42 survived. From then on they became the “guardian angels” of the successor of Peter.

How much does a royal guard take?

Everyone imagines that this job is well paid and enviable and instead, surprisingly, according to a survey dating back to a couple of years ago, an English royal guard earns just over 1000 euros a month.

What does Swiss mercenaries mean?

The Swiss mercenaries were mercenary Swiss infantry troops who militated for compensation for foreign lords and potentates.

How many employees are there at the Vatican?

Like every Christmas, Pope Francis meets the approximately 3,000 Vatican employees and, in this year marked by the Covid pandemic that has generated not only a health but also an economic crisis, he reassures them that their jobs and wages will not be touched.

How does military service work in Switzerland?

Basically, the Swiss Army is organized according to the militia principle and is based on the obligation to perform military service for all Swiss citizens. Swiss citizens can voluntarily register for military service.

What is the flag of the Vatican?

The flag of the Vatican City consists of two vertical bands: the one on the flagpole side is yellow, while the other is white. In the center of the white part are the crossed keys of St. Peter and the papal tiara.


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