Sanctions for late forwarding of electronic invoices?


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The penalties for sending the electronic invoice late

Lgs. 471/1997 are the following: omitted / late / incorrect invoicing: penalty from 90% to 180% with a minimum of 500 euros. billing violation that does not change the VAT settlement: fine from 250 euros to 2,000 euros.

How to calculate late penalty for sending electronic invoice?

If we take the case of an omitted Ivata invoice with a delay of less than 90 days with VAT equal to 100 euros, the applicable penalty will be equal to 1/9 of 500 euros or 55.56 euros. Being less than the minimum, the penalty will be equal to 500 euros.

What happens if I send an electronic invoice late?

Fixed fine from 250 to 2,000 euros when the violation did not affect the correct payment of the tax. Ordinarily, the electronic invoice must be issued within 24 hours from the moment in which the transaction is considered carried out.

When did the violation not affect the correct payment of the tax?

The sanction is due in the amount from € 250 to € 2,000 when the violation did not affect the correct payment of the tax “. … The measure of the sanction is also different, which has increased from two to four times the tax (or the lower tax) to a range that goes from 90% to 180% of the tax (or the lower tax).

How to make an overdue electronic invoice?

In the event that you become aware of omissions, errors or delays in electronic invoicing, you must repent by paying the penalties we have talked about so far. Payment must be made using form F24, filling in the tax section and using the tax code 8911.

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How many days to make the electronic invoice?

The immediate electronic invoice must be issued (and therefore transmitted to the ES) within 12 days from the execution of the operation (sale of a product or provision of a service) to which the document refers. This deadline was established by Legislative Decree no. 34/2019.

How many days to send an electronic invoice?

For this type of invoice, the sending to the ES must take place within 12 days of issuing the invoice. As regards the deferred electronic invoice, the situation is a little different, in fact the latter can be sent to the ES by the 15th day of the month following the execution of the operation.

What are the formal errors in electronic invoice?

If during the compilation of an electronic invoice an error is made in the composition of the file, the Exchange System will transmit the codes 00106 if the file is empty or corrupt, 00200 if it does not conform to the format, 00103 or 00105 if the time reference of the signature digital is missing or inconsistent.

What happens if I send an invoice after 12 days?

The penalty for the late sending of electronic invoices or the registration of non-taxable amounts not subject to VAT or with reverse charge, provides for a fine ranging from 5% to 10% of the consideration, with a minimum of € 500.

How is the calculation of active repentance done?

The interest that the taxpayer must calculate to take advantage of the active amendment for any tax, can be determined using the following calculation formula: Interest at the legal rate (0.3) multiplied by the tax multiplied by the number of days elapsed since the violation / 365.

How long do I have to invoice after payment?

Immediate invoice must be issued within 24 hours of payment. Or you can use the deferred invoice for all the services performed to the same customer during the month (with issue by the 15th of the following month).

What to do if you forget to issue an invoice?

The buyer can avoid this penalty if he regularizes the transaction by submitting a complaint to the Revenue Agency (so-called self-invoice). It must do so by the 30th day following the expiry of the fourth month from the date of the transaction. In this context, he will have to pay the tax due to the tax authorities.

When did B2B e-invoicing start?

The 2018 Budget Law introduced the general obligation of electronic invoicing for transactions carried out, starting from 1 January 2019, between resident subjects or foreign subjects operating in Italy through permanent establishments or with direct identification, both in the B2B and B2C sectors, …

How to regularize an unissued invoice?

To date, with a view to electronic invoicing, it is necessary to issue a self-invoice with “Document Type” TD20, indicating the actual transferor (the one who has not issued the invoice) as the transferor / provider and themselves as the “transferee / customer”.

Which year to indicate for the tax code 8911?

Consequently, if the 2020 tax return was sent late with respect to the ordinary deadline (last December 2), 2020 and tax code 8911 must be indicated as the reference year.

How to correct electronic invoice with incorrect VAT?

In this case you do not need to issue a variation note, but just contact the customer and inform him that the invoice is available in the reserved area of ​​the Invoices and Correspondence Revenue Agency portal; remember to keep the documentation sent and received relating to the wrong invoice.

How to modify an electronic invoice that has already been sent?

The electronic invoice sent to the SDI can be corrected, but not by acting directly on the electronic document: in fact, a variation note (credit note or debit note must be sent, because an invoice not delivered, but sent to the interchange system , is still valid.

How to cancel an electronic invoice that has already been sent?

An electronic invoice sent to the ES and approved (due to the absence of formal errors) is stamped with an identification number and can no longer be canceled. The only way to make corrections, as we will see later, is to issue a variation note.

How to send an electronic invoice with the Revenue Agency?

you can use the web procedure or the Fatturae App made available free of charge by the Revenue Agency. you can use a PEC (Certified Electronic Mail), sending the invoice file as an attachment to the PEC message to the address “”

When is the immediate invoice issued?

immediate invoices can be issued, or transmitted to the Exchange System, within 12 days from the execution of the transaction, as provided for starting from 1 July 2019 by the Growth Decree (Law no. … 633/1972 (so-called VAT Decree ).

When to issue a credit note on an electronic invoice?

The credit note must be issued within one year of the transaction to which it refers, even in the event of an error in an electronic invoice. When there is a need to correct an error, for example on quantity or price, then a credit note can be issued.

How is electronic invoicing done?

Using an automatic compilation software, the invoice is compiled and digitally signed with a digital signature and time stamp that make the content of the document unchangeable. At this point the invoice is sent to the recipient through the Exchange System of the Revenue Agency.

How is the invoice made?

There is no single way to issue an invoice, in fact it can also be filled in by hand, as long as it contains all the elements required by law and is issued in duplicate: the original document must be delivered to the customer and a copy remains with the issuer for archiving and recording.

When is the invoice issued?

We clarify that the invoice must be issued by the 15th of the month following the one in which the sale of goods or services is carried out.

What does B2B e-invoicing mean?

Electronic billing between individuals (B2B) is the new type of mandatory billing by a company to another company or to a professional. … A B2B electronic invoice must then be sent to the VAT registered holders.


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