Santa barbara what is it?


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Santa Barbara is a Christian martyr. The place and time in which she lived, due to the numerous legends that have arisen around her name, are not clearly identifiable, but her cult is attested …

What is Santa Barbara?

santebarbar). – In the navy, current name of the ammunition depot (perhaps because the image of the patron saint adorned the entrance to the depots themselves); in the past, the term also indicated the ammunition depots of the fortresses.

Like a Santa Barbara?

Particularly risky situation: being in one s.

What does Santa Barbara protect?

Likewise, due to the death of Dioscoro, it was considered a protector against lightning and fire, and consequently against deaths caused by explosions or artillery shots; hence her patronage of numerous military professions (gunners, bomb squads, military genius, members of the navy) and …

Why Santa Barbara?

Santa Barbara is the protector of the faithful from the dangers of fire, lightning and violent death. Even today, the weapons depots are commonly called Santa Barbara, as if to avert, by divine intercession, the danger of explosions. …

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Who is the protector of the miners?

Santa Barbara has always been revered by miners and December 4th has always been a day of celebration even in the darkest times. For this reason most of the mining churches are dedicated to the Saint and today special religious functions will be celebrated in them.

Why is Santa Barbara the patron saint of firefighters?

The Saint Barbara is the Saint who represents the ability to face danger with faith, courage and serenity even when there is no way out and for this she was elected patron of the Fire Brigade, as protector of those who find themselves “In danger of sudden death”.

What day is Santa Barbara celebrated?

In warships, the ammunition depot is called ‘Santa Barbara’. Barbara’s feast is celebrated on December 4th.

What is the history of Santa Barbara?

Barbara was a beautiful girl requested in marriage by many suitors, but she had no intention of getting married, because she wanted to consecrate herself to God. internal daughter.

What does powder keg mean?

of dust]. – 1. Room, or complex of rooms, in which gunpowder, as well as ammunition, artifice and explosives in general are stored, located and constructed in such a way as to ensure the best safety conditions: p.

Where did Santa Barbara die?

In 1009, the relics were transferred to the monastery chapel, where they remained, according to the testimony of Corner, until the 18th century. During the destruction of Napoleon, the relics were transferred to a sanctuary at the Church of San Martino on the island of Burano, where they are still preserved today.

Where is the ammunition kept?

Structure. Generally it can be said that the powder keg is a particular structure used for storing ammunition, explosives, detonating fuses and various artifices, built and deployed with particular criteria in order to avoid or at least reduce the dangers of any explosions.

How do you contact the Fire Brigade?

In the event of an emergency (gas leaks, fire, risk of collapse of buildings or part of them …) contact the Fire Brigade at the emergency number 115.

When is Santa Barbara in 2021?

On July 27, the feast of the Translation of the Relics of Santa Barbara is celebrated, also commonly referred to as the feast of “Santa Barbara in midsummer”.

Which saint is celebrated today?

Today’s saint is Santa Maria Faustina Kowalska – Virgin, name day of the name Faustina, Fausta; tomorrow San Bruno (Brunone) – Priest and Monaco will be celebrated and the name day of the day will be Bruno, Bruna; while the saint of yesterday was San Francesco d’Assisi – Founder of the Friars Minor and the name day was Francis.

Where are the weapons kept?

Mainly, the offices to which reference should be made are the Police Headquarters or the Police Station. If these are not present, the document must be presented to the competent Carabinieri Station for the area.

Where can I keep the weapons?

There is no legislation that requires you to keep your firearms in the place of residence, so it is lawful to keep them even in different places as long as they are adequately guarded and duly reported at the competent PS office for the area.

Where to keep a gun at home?

If you live alone, just keep the weapon in a safe place where it will not be easily found by any thieves, perhaps under lock and key and away from ammunition; otherwise if you live with children it is a good idea to use armored cabinets placed in rooms where the little ones cannot have access.

Why were the Balkans a powder keg?

The term is a clear reference to the Balkan peninsula, which, starting from the expansion into European territory of the Ottoman Empire, has been the subject of continuous unrest and divisions among the contenders, so much so that it is finally scornfully marked as the “powder keg of Europe. “.

What is meant by the Balkan question?

The decline of the Ottoman Empire gave rise to the “Balkan question”, that is the problem of the structure of the European part of the Empire (coinciding with the Balkans). The expansionist aims of Russia and Austria here were intertwined with the demands for independence of the Christian peoples under Ottoman rule.


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