Semicircular canals in medicine?


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There are three semicircular bone canals: lateral, superior and posterior; they have the shape of curved ducts in each of which there is a simple arm and an ampullary arm, so called because it has a dilatation at its end, the bony ampulla.

What are the three semicircular canals?

The semicircular canals are a component of the inner ear and are part of the vestibular apparatus. Three in number, they form part of both the bony labyrinth and the membranous labyrinth contained in the pyramid of the temporal bone.

How does the vestibular system work?

The vestibular system mainly sends signals to the neuronal structures that control eye movements and to the muscles that keep the animal upright and in general control position.

Where is the vestibule located?

The vestibule is a component of the inner ear and part of the vestibular apparatus. It forms part of both the bony labyrinth and the membranous labyrinth contained in the pyramid of the temporal bone.

What acceleration controls the posterior semicircular canal?

The semicircular canals capture the rotational movements (angular acceleration) of the head. The otolithic organs are two membranous sacs called utriculus and saccule: In the utriculus and saccule, the sensory epithelium or macula consists of hair and supporting cells.

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What is Cupololithiasis?

Cupololithiasis or canalolithiasis or BPPV (benign paroxysmal positional vertigo, from the Latin vertere, which means “to turn”), is a disease (more precisely a mechanical disorder) of the human ear (for more information, see the internal ear entry).

Where are hair cells located?

Cochlear hair cells in mammals are found in the organ of Corti, particularly in the basilar membrane. There are two types of hair cells, the inner ones (inner hair cells, IHCs) and the outer ones (outer hair cells, OHCs).

Where is the vulvar vestibule located?

Inside the labia minora is the vulvar vestibule, observing which we can recognize the presence of two orifices: the urethral orifice, or the outlet of the urethra, located higher up, towards the pubis. the vaginal orifice, or the outlet of the vagina, located inferiorly, towards the anus.

Where are the vestibular receptors located?

The vestibular apparatus (vestibule, labyrinth) is located deep in the temporal bone (rocca petrosa), behind the inner ear. The cochlear canal of the snail (cochlea), in fact, is in connection with a swelling (2-3 mm) filled with endolymph, the saccule.

In which part of the ear is the sense of balance found?

The inner ear consists of three main elements: the vestibular apparatus, which is the organ responsible for balance, the cochlea, which is the structure responsible for the auditory function, and the bone labyrinth, which is the cavity of the temporal bone. charged with containing and protecting the two previous elements.

How is vestibular neuritis treated?

Acute vestibular neuritis is treated symptomatically, that is, with drugs used to treat nausea (antiemetics) and to reduce dizziness (vestibular suppressors). The drugs generally used are: Antivert (meclizine), Ativan (lorazepam), Phenergan, Compazine and Valium (diazepam).

How does the balance work?

The function of the ear linked to balance is ensured by the vestibular apparatus. Located in the inner ear, it is in connection with numerous motor nerve centers whose task is to control the muscles which, in a reflex way, ensure the maintenance of balance and the upright position.

Who regulates the balance?

Human balance is controlled by the vestibular system that resides in the ear and allows for dynamic interaction with the external environment, in harmony with the force of gravity.

What is Endolymph?

Endolymph is a particular extracellular fluid that resides in the membranous labyrinth of the inner ear.

Which structure detects the linear movements of the head?

In particular, the utricle, whose macula is in a horizontal position, detects the linear accelerations of the head caused by forward and backward translational motions, while the saccule, whose macula is in a vertical position, responds to accelerations up and down. .

What is the vestibule of the ear?

The vestibule is a part of the inner ear that contains the organs that control balance (see also Inner Ear Overview. More information). It is connected to the brain via the vestibular nerve.

Where are the acoustic receptors located?

The external ear and the middle ear are the exclusive domain of auditory sensitivity; in the inner ear, on the other hand, we distinguish the cochlear duct, in which the acoustic receptors are located, and a part (including the vestibular organs and the semicircular canals) in which the receptors are located …

In which part of the ear are the specific receptors for acoustic stimuli * located?

The cochlea is the structure of the ear responsible for the perception of sounds. Inside the cochlea, three chambers are recognizable: scala vestibular (containing perilymph), scala media (containing endolymph) and scala tympanic (containing perilymph).

What kind of stimuli do the vestibular nuclei receive?

In particular, the vestibular part collects the linear and angular acceleration stimuli of the head, while the cochlear part carries acoustic stimuli.

What is the entrance to the vagina called?

The vulva also houses the vaginal orifice, that is, the lower opening through which the vagina communicates with the outside. This orifice (also called introit) is located in the vestibule of the perineum, immediately posterior to the urethral meatus (external opening of the urethra).

How to heal from vestibulitis?

How to cure vulvar vestibulitis?

  1. drugs that reduce the hyperactivity of the mast cell, that is the cell that produces substances that favor the onset of the disease;
  2. pain relievers and analgesics;
  3. gels or creams to be massaged several times a day on the vaginal vestibule, such as those based on aliamides;

What are the 3 holes of women?

Female external genitalia: the clitoris, the vestibule and the hymen.

What to do to recover hearing?

How to improve your hearing? Some simple rules read in 4 min

  1. Always keep your mind trained to hear better. …
  2. Practice yoga and meditation for better hearing. …
  3. Listen to music at the correct volume. …
  4. Train yourself to “isolate” the sounds. …
  5. Take care of your diet to avoid hearing problems.

How to regenerate hair cells?

Currently, there is no treatment to restore lost hair cells and the reference one involves the use of hearing aids.

Where are Clara’s cells found?

Club cells, also known as bronchiolar exocrine cells, and formerly known as Clara cells are cells found in the human body at the level of the lobular bronchi and intralobular bronchioles in the lung parenchyma.


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