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How to write a text in other words?

What does a rewriter do? A rewriter, also known as a paraphrase machine, paragraph rewriter, or text rewriter, is a machine that reformulates a sentence or paragraph by changing the sequence of words, using other relevant words, or adding additional context.

How do you edit a text?

read well what you want to summarize, trying to understand and identify the concepts and facts contained in the text; it may be useful to take notes by underlining / highlighting the parts to be summarized. try to rewrite what the piece to be summarized meant, expressing the identified parts.

What is the name of the site that changes your words?

The rewrite text service on this platform is a quick utility that changes words from the entered text in seconds while maintaining its quality.

How to edit a text in English?

How to process English texts

  1. Read the statement carefully. While it may seem obvious, many people underestimate this step and make mistakes as a result. …
  2. The draft. …
  3. Underline the keywords. …
  4. Structure your text. …
  5. Order and clarity. …
  6. Avoid redundancies. …
  7. Don’t go around it. …
  8. Respect the extension.

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How to rework an article?

The Reworking must be personal and entire sentences must not be copied from the Original Article. If the Article is in English, it must be translated into Italian. If you do not want to carry out the entire translation of the Article, it is sufficient that they are translated: (Abstract, Introduction, Discussions, Conclusions)

How to rewrite a sentence?

The basic elements for the construction of a sentence are 3:

  1. the subject [S] (indicates the person or thing doing the action)
  2. the verb [V] (expresses the action, indicates the time, the way and the person)
  3. the complements [C] (they indicate the time, the place, the cause of the action …)

What does rewrite mean?

rewrite sf [comp. di ri- e scrittura]. – The action and operation of rewriting, the fact of being rewritten: a. a fair copy of a letter; also as a rewriting, as a new draft of a literary text: this essay is the rewriting of a previous work.

How to simplify the words?

Simplifying the text means rewriting it according to the criteria for high comprehensibility, which can be summarized in the following points:

  1. Prefer short words.
  2. Prefer concrete words.
  3. Accompany the technical words with pictures and explanations.
  4. Avoid idioms, idioms and figurative expressions.

How to do online paraphrases?

The process of using our online paraphrase tool is simple. Rewrite text, sentences and paragraphs by following the simple steps of our online paraphrase tool. Access our software to reformulate a text by clicking on

How to summarize a text on Wikipedia?

Main requirements

  1. it is considerably shorter than the original text, while still reporting the main elements of the source text;
  2. does not contain personal comments from the person summarizing;
  3. it is understandable both to those who have read the original text and to the reader who is not aware of it;

How to paraphrase a text?

When paraphrasing, to express the same idea, you have to choose words other than those in the original text. Example: The words you might choose to explain to someone how to ride a bicycle are different from what another writer would choose.

What makes a text difficult?

a deep and recognized level of difficulty through the use of specific and standardized tests. the absence of mental retardation or sensory deficits. the absence of conditions of socio-cultural disadvantage or lack of education.

How to simplify a primary school text?

Highly understandable texts

  1. use commonly used words;
  2. accompany the technical words with images or explanations;
  3. avoid idioms and all figurative expressions;
  4. use the simplest phrasal structure (explicit subject, predicate, object);

How do you write rewritten?

pass rewritten, also as adj .: one page r .; in particular, book, document, rewritten code (more com., in the philological language, the locuz. lat.

How to write a catchphrase?

The secret to building a catchphrase is to use words that are rarely associated with each other, use simple grammar, offer lexical originality, and contain few or no terms that can lead to context, so that they can be used on multiple occasions.

How to write in a simple way?

Writing in a simple way: writing

  1. prefer active verbs to passive ones;
  2. do not separate the subject and the verb with parentheses and engravings. …
  3. avoid turns of phrase. …
  4. don’t be afraid of repetitions (if used in moderation). …
  5. avoid clichés and idioms (especially if they are no longer used in speech).

How to rework?

read well what you want to summarize, trying to understand and identify the concepts and facts contained in the text; it may be useful to take notes by underlining / highlighting the parts to be summarized. try to rewrite what the piece to be summarized meant, expressing the identified parts.

How to make a direct quote?

2) Direct citations

They must be reported: in quotation marks (high or low), directly in the text, up to a maximum of 3 lines. Otherwise it is preferable to indent the text slightly and reduce the font size by one point. In this case, the quote does NOT go in quotes.

How to make indirect quotes?

– indirect quotation.

In the footnotes relating to indirect citations, cf. (which means compare), expressly specifying the parts of the text to which reference is made, then specifying the pages or parts cited. Examples: Calvani A., Elements of teaching.

How does a person with dyslexia see?

Dyslexic readers report seeing letters and words move and change direction and orientation. In addition, they frequently lose their mark while reading, skipping words and lines (Fig. 1).

What do dyslexics see?

In the case of developmental phonological dyslexia, the child recognizes the individual letters of a word but is unable to “blend” the sounds together to read the entire word. This type of reading is typically referred to as letter-by-letter.

What is the coherence of a text?

coherence: logical configuration of the contents on the level of meaning (continuous and acceptable sense); cohesion: respect for the relationships between the parts of the text, connection between the superficial components of the text (words and sentences);

How is primary school paraphrase done?

Paraphrase is the rewriting of a text in one’s own words. Rewriting the text with simpler terms, however, you will have to be careful and not to change the meaning and meaning that the author wanted to give to the text.


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