So as not to split the wood?


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Pentacryl works by completely saturating the wood cells and displacing water. Once the wood dries, Pentacryl leaves a thin layer on the cell walls of the wood. This process prevents the cells from shrinking, reducing cracking, shrinkage and uneven drying.

Why does wood split?

Wood is a natural and “living” raw material. It expands and shrinks due to humidity, dries up and splits due to the effect of the sun, and is attacked by insects. … The solution: protect the wood with products containing UV filters; use pigmented products that block ultraviolet rays.

How is wood seasoned?

So seasoning the wood basically means making sure that the water that is inside is expelled and the best way to get the moisture out of the material is certainly evaporation.

How to treat fresh wood?

coarse sandpaper for sanding. We then move on to wetting with a sponge soaked in water passed on the trunk (the water must then be allowed to dry). Then to clean the wooden trunk a pass of sealer must be carried out, a product that helps to compact the wood and make it homogeneous.

How long does it take for wood to dry?

But how long will I have to leave my boards to season? The answer varies according to the type of wood and its thickness in fact because hard woods can take about 12 months for every centimeter of thickness, while for soft woods the time is reduced to six months for every centimeter of thickness.

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How to dry the wood?

To speed up the drying process, it is useful to split the trocco immediately after chilling and put the stack to dry in a ventilated place, also considering the season. It doesn’t matter if the mark cracks and breaks from drying too fast.

How to dry wood at home?

Strategies To Quickly Dry Wood

  1. Can Be Indoors If Possible.
  2. If Outdoors Choose A Dry, Windy And Sunny Area.
  3. Use a dehumidifier and a fan.

How do you dry a log?

If the trunk has been obtained from a living plant it is first necessary to dry it as you would with firewood for at least a year in a dry place, in the light but not in direct contact with the sun. Before processing, the bark must be removed as it tends to peel off during seasoning.

How is raw wood treated?

To thoroughly sand the surface film of an old worn / damaged paint, use a coarse sandpaper (100/120 grit). To sand rough wood that needs to be impregnated, tinted or varnished, sand with medium abrasive paper (180/240 grain).

How to store a piece of wood?

After the purchase, the wood must always be stored in a dry and ventilated place (so that it does not absorb humidity) but you must also avoid too dry environments that could drastically reduce the natural humidity of the wood causing warping or cracks.

How is olive wood seasoned?

Take the logs and put them in a dry place, but that does not hit the sun directly. After 5/6 months you slice them and put the boards to season. The logs do not need any protection on the heads, the one who wants to split splits the same, but in the Olivo the splits are not that great.

How to dry the wooden logs?

Cover only the top of the wooden post, such as an awning, to encourage airflow under the tarp. Allow the wood to dry or “cure” thoroughly in this way before using it. The wood can be said to be dry by collecting one of the logs.

When does the wood shrink?

Wood shrinkage occurs when the material is not seasoned enough and there is still too much moisture inside. … The first of these concerns the seasoning of wood. That it is completely dry also to avoid problems of warping, bending and torsion of the element.

What is the most elastic wood?

The most used semi-hard woods are cherry, chestnut, beech, walnut and elm. Chestnut: very suitable for cabinet-making works and the construction of external structures. In fact, in addition to tolerating humidity well, chestnut wood is elastic and resident.

What can I do with a wooden log?

Wood logs are a natural element that can be used in both indoor and outdoor furniture.

  1. Coffee table with wooden trunk. …
  2. Walls with wooden logs. …
  3. Table with wooden trunk base. …
  4. Sliced ​​wooden trunk. …

  5. Chandeliers with dry logs. …
  6. Wood logs in the garden.

How to treat wood with wax?

Spread the wax with a pure silk brush or a cotton cloth, so as not to overdo it. Repeat the operation until the desired nuance is obtained. Let it dry, then polish with a wool or cotton cloth to make it shine.

How to polish wood to a mirror finish?

In this case, if the wood has already been treated, just proceed as follows:

  1. Apply a thin layer of oil or wax on the wood.
  2. Leave to dry for about half an hour.
  3. Proceed with a soft cloth to remove the product.

How to treat the wooden top?

Wood cleaners will be preferred, perhaps diluted in water and then fill a spray bottle. Even the use of white vinegar with water will be a valid way to clean the wooden top. Of course, avoid abrasive sponges and use soft, well-wrung sponge cloths.

How is the natural seasoning of wooden boards done?

Natural seasoning of wood.

After the first cut, the wooden boards are stacked in an open place, as long as they are sheltered from the elements, to allow the wood to dry and mature. Natural seasoning can only take place in certain periods of the year.

How does the artificial seasoning of wooden boards take place?

Seasoning can take place in the air or in the oven. The first lasts several months, while for the second a few days are enough; in both cases, the wood must be stacked carefully to avoid bending. The degree of drying must be carefully controlled.

How to recognize damp wood?

How can you recognize damp firewood: it is quite heavy, has few cracks, the bark does not come off, sometimes it has fungi.

How much weight does green to dry wood drop?

By using one-year dry wood, the amount of wood needed for heating can be halved. Seasoning also causes a conventionally calculated weight loss of 25% for hard wood and 30% for soft wood.

How to light fresh wood?

1 Arrange the wood correctly

Take 4 large logs. Place the first 2 in such a way that they do not touch, parallel to each other and perpendicular to the bottom of the chimney. Cross over the two newly arranged logs the remaining 2: you will create an inverted U-shaped structure, which is called the ignition module!

How to straighten crooked wood?

The procedure consists in making parallel cuts on the back of the surface to be straightened at a distance of between 1.8 and 2.5 centimeters from each other in the direction of the wood grain, stopping three or four centimeters before the edge (depending on the dimensions you can stop even at a centimeter or go up to …

Which wood deforms the least?

For example poplar, chestnut and cypress are less subject to this deformation, unlike fir, cherry and birch, which instead suffer in a particular way. Beyond the peculiar beauty of some exposed beams with even large knots, the knotty of the wood is to be considered a defect.


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