Stomach with antral erosions?


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Erosive antral gastritis is the most severe form of antral gastritis; as a result of its presence, in fact, it is possible to observe scar-like lesions (ulcers) on the internal wall of the gastric antrum as well as a significant decrease in the number of glands responsible for the production of digestive gastric juices.

What to eat with antral gastritis?

What can you eat when you have gastritis ?:

  • All leafy vegetables, rich in fiber, such as spinach, lettuce, chard.
  • Fennel, courgettes, artichokes, green beans, celery and carrots.
  • Apples and berries such as blueberries, which slow down the growth of Helicobacter Pylori.
  • Legumes (beans, lentils)

How to cure stomach erosions?

Medicines for the treatment of gastritis

  1. Antibiotics: essential for resolving symptoms and avoiding complications. …
  2. Antacids: neutralize stomach acid and provide quick pain relief.
  3. H2 antagonists: Also called histamine antagonists, they reduce the production of acid in the stomach.

When do erosions occur?

Erosion begins with the physical separation of particles from the surface of rocks and soils. Sometimes detachment requires breaking the bonds that hold the particles together. There are different types of bonds, each with different levels of cohesion between particles.

How to recover from antral gastritis?

After having ascertained the cause, gastritis can be treated by administering proton pump inhibitors (PPI), capable of reducing the production of hydrochloric acid and thus putting the gastric mucosa to “rest” for the necessary time.

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How long does it take to heal from gastritis?

How long does gastritis last? A bout of gastritis can last a few hours or several weeks, depending on the cause and severity of the damage to the stomach lining. Usually, if the source of the problem is food or drink, eliminating these irritants from the diet can relieve symptoms within hours.

What not to eat for antral gastritis?

What not to eat with gastritis

  • Alcohol and spirits. …
  • Difficult-to-digest foods, like all high-fat dishes.
  • Chilli and spices in general.
  • Acidic vegetables, such as tomatoes, citrus fruits, and nuts.
  • Vinegar, the acid par excellence.
  • Grilled meat and fish and smoked products.

What are stomach erosions?

Erosive gastritis consists of the erosion of the gastric mucosa caused by damage to the mucosal defenses. It is typically acute, manifesting as bleeding, but can be subacute or chronic with few or no symptoms. Diagnosis is made by endoscopy.

How does the erosion phenomenon happen?

Erosion is the phenomenon that has the effect, through the gradual removal of soil or rock by agents such as wind, water or ice or as a result of gravitational movements or living organisms (bioerosion), the achievement of a balance of the terrestrial profile.

What types of erosions do you know?

We speak of: marine erosion or abrasion, due to the sea; wind erosion or corrosion, due to wind; glacial erosion or exaction, due to the action of glaciers; rain erosion, due to the action of rain; anthropogenic erosion, due to phenomena that are consequences of human actions (for example crops, …

How long does it take to heal an ulcer?

Medical therapy is very effective, healing 80% of patients with duodenal ulcer within 4 weeks and around 90% within 12 weeks.

How did you know you have stomach cancer?

Symptoms of stomach cancer

The main symptoms of gastric cancer are weight loss, anorexia and asthenia (lack of energy and lack of physical strength). Other symptoms include dysphagia (swallowing disorders) and vomiting.

How are the ulcer pains?

Gastric ulcer can manifest itself in a simple uncomplicated form, with the appearance of dull or cramp-like pain, associated with burning that the patient reports in the upper and central part of the abdomen (epigastrium), which typically appears shortly after ingesting the meals.

What pasta can i eat with gastritis?

Recommended: rice or pasta “in bianco” (raw oil) without sautéing with onion or other aromas. Fatty fish such as salmon, carp; preservative fish in oil, smoked, salted such as anchovies, sardines, etc .; crustaceans and molluscs.

How to disinfect the gastric mucosa?

Bicarbonate is used to increase the pH of the stomach and thus make the gastric environment less acidic; consequently, the burning sensation will be reduced, protecting the gastric mucosa from excessive acidity. It is advisable to dissolve a teaspoon of baking soda in a little water and drink it all.

Which fruit for gastritis?

Fruit: in general it contains large quantities of vitamins, mineral salts, fibers, and phytosubstances useful for the health of our body (anthocyanins, antioxidants …), but to eat – except for sensitivity and individual tastes – against gastritis are apples, bananas, peaches, pears, grapes, kiwis, melon.

What is the opposite of erosion called?

↔ accretion, increase, growth, expansion, increase, rise.

What is meant by soil erosion?

The process of degradation due to the loss of the soil at a rate higher than its formation has helped to shape the physical landscape of today. Soil erosion is among the eight threats listed in the European Commission’s Soil Thematic Strategy.

How to stem the erosion of agricultural soil?

Use compost and fertilizer. Those methods that involve adding manure, fertilizer, etc. they help to increase soil productivity and, at the same time, allow erosion to be kept under control.

What is the patent pylorus?

HP is one of the most widespread human pathogens in the world. It is a bacterium that lurks on the mucous membrane of the stomach, below the mucus, and manages to live in the acidic environment.

How do you know if you have stomach cancer?

Stomach cancer is diagnosed by gastroscopy. This examination allows, by means of an instrument equipped with a camera, to identify exactly the site of the tumor and to take one or more fragments for histological diagnosis.

What is the mucous membrane of the stomach?

the gastric mucosa, that is the innermost layer, which secretes gastric juices and creates the typical acidic environment of the stomach, while producing the mucus that allows the stomach to protect itself from digestion.

What is bad for gastritis?

Gastritis: what to avoid

Also not recommended in case of gastritis are fried foods, carbonated drinks and dried fruit. However, partially skimmed milk or yogurt, citrus fruits, tomatoes, pepper, mint, onions, chilli and chocolate are allowed, but in moderation.

What Can I Eat for Breakfast with Reflux?

Dry biscuits, jams and honey are good for breakfast. Milk is not contraindicated as, being an alkaline food, it neutralizes the acidity of reflux.


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