Swedish Lapland what to see?


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When to go to Swedish Lapland?

The best time to go to the Swedish Lapland region in Sweden is from June to September, when there is a very cold or pleasant temperature and hardly any rainfall. The highest average temperature in Swedish Lapland is 18 ° C in July and the lowest is -9 ° C in January.

How to go to Swedish Lapland?

How to get to Swedish Lapland

The options are a flight, SAS and Norwegian airlines have flights to Kiruna with a stopover in Stockholm. We have chosen to visit Stockholm and from there we move towards Lapland. The Stockholm-Kiruna flight lasts one hour and 15 minutes.

Where to sleep Swedish Lapland?

  • 5 (and more) fabulous places to sleep in Lapland.
  • Glass igloo. …
  • Sleeping in Lapland in the Aurora Cabin. …
  • Aurora Mobile Cabin: Sleeping in Lapland on a frozen lake! …
  • Ice hotel. …
  • Ice cottage. …
  • River Cabin and Land Cabin: Floating Hotel & Spa. …
  • Wooden cottage nestled in the forest.

What to do in Lapland in November?

What to do in Lapland in winter: excursions not to be missed!

  1. Dog sledding: sled pulled by huskies.
  2. Reindeer Safari: Reindeer sleigh.
  3. Snowmobile & Ice fishing: Snowmobiling and ice fishing in Lapland.
  4. Snowshoe: snowshoes.
  5. Northern Lights excursion: Hunt for the Northern Lights.

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When can you see Northern Lights?

The Northern Lights can be best seen on clear nights between late August and early April. The blue twilight of the polar night lasts from mid-November to mid-January and is the perfect time to meet Santa and have an authentic Christmas experience in Rovaniemi.

What to do in Finland in November?

Finland in winter, 10 things to do

  1. Get lost in the forests and walks. …
  2. Sleep in an igloo or ice hotel. …
  3. Rovaniemi, the home of Santa Claus. …
  4. Levi, open-mouthed in front of the Tykky. …
  5. Pursue throughout the skies, the Northern Lights. …
  6. Reindeer safari. …
  7. Look for any road and follow it.

Where to stay in Finnish Lapland?

Lapland Finland: Stay in the best hotels!

  • Hotelli Toivola. Kemi Hotel. …
  • Arctic Light Hotel. Rovaniemi hotel. …
  • Santa Claus Holiday Village. Rovaniemi hotel. …
  • Arctic Skylight Lodge. Hotel in Äkäslompolo. …
  • TOP Star Saariselkä Hotel in Saariselka. …
  • Metsähirvas hotels. …
  • Arctic Fox Igloos. …
  • Putiikkihotelli Kemi 1932.

When Northern Lights Finland?

In northern Lapland, the auroras peep out on average every two nights from September to March. In southern Finland, you can also see around 10-20 Northern Lights a year. Look at the stars. When the sky is clear and clear, the chances of seeing auroras are good.

Where to sleep in Rovaniemi?

Rovaniemi hotels and places to stay

  • Santa’s Hotel Santa Claus. 761 reviews. …
  • Santa Claus Holiday Village. 1,048 reviews. …
  • Lapland Hotel Bear’s Lodge. 334 reviews. …
  • Scandic Rovaniemi City. 321 reviews. …
  • Original Sokos Hotel Vaakuna Rovaniemi. …
  • Lapland Hotels Ounasvaara Chalets. …
  • Lapland Hotels Sky Ounasvaara. …
  • Scandic Pohjanhovi.

How much does a trip to Lapland from Santa Claus cost?

A trip like this has an average cost of € 1800/1900 per person.

How many days to do in Lapland?

Three days will be enough to reach Lapland and whisper your Christmas wishes to Santa, cross the polar circle and pet his reindeer, spend the night in a lighthouse tower and visit some of the thousands of islands along the Archipelago Route. and finally rent a cottage and …

When to go to Lapland for the Northern Lights?

The best place to spot the Northern Lights in Finland is Lapland, although the Northern Lights also occur further south. The period from September to March is the best time of the year. The Northern Lights can appear from mid-September (in Kiruna) to late March across Swedish Lapland.

When to go to Finnish Lapland?

The best time of year to travel to Lapland is covered from March to June. The climate becomes more suitable for various excursions, such as setting sail aboard an icebreaker and crossing the icy waters of the country.

When is the best time to go to Sweden?

The best time for a trip to Sweden is in the months of June, July and August, when the temperatures are more pleasant than the cold ones of winter and the days are longer with practically absent nights during the summer solstice (21 June ).

How to go to Lapland?

The fastest way to reach Lapland from Italy is by plane departing from Rome and Milan and arriving in cities such as Rovaniemi, Ivalo, Kemi or Kittilä.

Why is it called the Northern Lights?

It was called by the ancients in many ways, such as “Northern Lights” but it was the astronomer Galileo Galilei who used the name “Aurora Borealis” to describe it, combining the name of the Roman goddess of dawn, Aurora, with the Greek one. for the north wind, Boreas.

How to see Northern Lights Finland?

To see the Finnish Northern Lights, the most comfortable places are Rovaniemi (also known as the city of Santa Claus) and especially Inari, which is considered, together with Alta and Kiruna (in Norway and Sweden respectively) one of the capitals of the northern lights.

When to see Northern Lights in 2022?

A new and revisited itinerary in Arctic Norway: Tromso and the Lofoten Islands (from 09 to 14 March 2022): sea excursions, breathtaking landscapes and the Northern Lights at night: we will also spend the night in A, the last village in the far south of the islands Lofoten.

How long does winter last in Finland?

Winter. Depending on where you are, winter in Finland can start as early as November and last up to five months, with temperatures ranging from 0 to -35.

What to see in Southern Finland?

10 Things and places to see in Finland

  • Helsinki.
  • Lapland.
  • Turku archipelago.
  • Riisitunturi National Park.
  • Aland Islands.
  • Lemmenjoki National Park.
  • Rovaniemi.
  • Pyhä-Luosto National Park.

What to do in summer Finland?

5 things to do in Finland in the summer

  • Activities on the lake. All the guides say that Finland is a land of water, that the lakes are innumerable, from small to very large… and it’s true! …
  • Rent a bike. …
  • Allas Sea Pool in Helsinki. …
  • Eat fried muikku in the square. …
  • Trekking in a park.

When to see the Northern Lights in 2021?

The best time to see the Northern Lights in 2021 is between September and March, in general the best time is at the two equinoxes, that is the autumnal equinox and the spring equinox, during the first hours of the night, between 21 and one in the morning.

How to see the Northern Lights in Norway?

One of the most suitable places to search for the polar aurora is undoubtedly represented by the Svalbard islands, which are located in the middle of the Arctic Ocean, halfway between Norway and the North Pole. Particularly here is a place where travelers from all over the world go to see the aurora.

What to see in Rovaniemi in autumn?

With the Culture Pass, kindly offered to us by Visit Rovaniemi, we have access to 3 museums: the Korundi House of Culture, which houses Finnish modern art, the Pilke Science Center, which focuses on the sustainable use of Nordic forests, and the Arktikum, which explains all about the Northern Lights, the history and culture of …


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