Synonym for relate?


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report, repeat, report, narrate, tell, reveal, inform, blurt out. to attribute, to ascribe. relate, recall, bring back, recover, allude.

Which answers synonym?

≈ refute (ø), contest (ø), argue, object, react, reply, argue.

What confirms synonym?

[rendere sicuro, fornire la prova dell’esattezza di qualcosa: i fatti confermeranno la mia ipotesi] ≈ corroborate, prove, validate, prove, prove, support.

What is the synonym for refer?

(of relationship or relationship) to report, report, inform.

What is referring to synonym?

[l’accennare a qualcosa o a qualcuno, anche con la prep. a: un manuale di fisica in cui vi sono continui r. alla teoria della relatività] ≈ allusion, nod, recall, reminiscence (of), reference, postponement. 2.

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What does it mean to refer?

especially in the expression do r. a …, explicitly establish a relationship or connection with something else: by doing r. to what I said in the introduction …; the sentence makes r.

What is the synonym for speaking?

to. [intrattenere una conversazione con qualcuno: parlavano fra loro] ≈ chat, talk, converse, talk, discuss, reason.

What do you mean I am referring to?

of re- ferre «to carry»](I refer, you refer, etc.). – 1. a. Of news, facts, speeches, bring them back, that is, communicate them, make them known to others: as soon as he returned home he reported the incident to his father; thing worth reporting; he related all the dialogue to me; r.

What is synonymous with?

since, since, as (which), why, (lit.) why, since.

What is the opposite of naive?

≈ candid, genuine, innocent, pure, straightforward, sincere, spontaneous. ↔ shrewd, crafty, mischievous, shrewd, shrewd.

How synonymous answer?

[il fatto di rispondere a una richiesta e, anche, ciò che viene risposto] ≈ reply, (ant.) Responsive, [spec. autorevole, per iscritto] response, [per iscritto, ufficiale] (bureaucr.) feedback.

What is the opposite of acceptance?

consent (a), liking. ↔ renunciation (a), refusal.

What does disconfirmation mean?

– 1. Cancel a previous commitment or reservation. 2. In psychology, denying one’s own or another’s identity in relationships with others.

What clarifies synonym?

a concept]≈ clarify, elucidate, exemplify, shed light (on), illustrate, make clear (or in light), (not com.) clear, explain. ↔ complicate, confuse, entangle, obscure, obscure.

What is the opposite of answering?

Other opposites: request, call, question.

What is the opposite of asking?

v tr to ask, to ask, to question, to want to know, to invite, to pray, to implore, to invoke, to beg, to postulate, to beg | seeking, soliciting, demanding, demanding, willing, complaining. against answer | obtain, grant, fulfill, please, give, grant.

What conjunction is synonym?

of Conjungĕre “to join”]. – 1. [il congiungere o il congiungersi] ≈ connection, joining, connection, joining, fitting, union.

Why synonymous so that?

so, (lit.) so that, in order to, in order to, (lit.) wherefore, for, why.

What does Reverence mean?

revereri, comp. to re- vereri “fear, honor”](I reverence, you reverence, etc.). – 1. Having or showing someone a feeling of deep and obsequious respect: everyone reveres in him one of the greatest geniuses of our time; referring to things: r.

What do you say when two people talk?

Dialogue between two people is a kind of oral communication, a sort of conversation, a real conversation that can take place between two or more individuals. … – dialogue in which two people talk to each other in a general climate of confidence, cordiality and sincerity.

What do you say to drink all in one gulp?

Experts call it Binge drinking, or fast drinking, often on an empty stomach, done with the sole purpose of getting drunk and losing inhibitions.

What does reference period mean?

Reference year / period: indicates the tax year to which the tax to be paid refers and must be reported in 4-digit format. I. Regions: for regional taxes only, in addition to the tax code and the reference year, the code of the region for which the payment is made must be indicated.

What does reference point mean?

A reference point is a well-recognizable element of the landscape, natural or artificial, useful for navigation and travel in general, distinct in its environment and often clearly visible from afar.

What does reference lexicon mean?

What is meant by reference lexicon? Knowledge of technical terms. * (To hypothesize paraphrases of a concept on which an adequate vocabulary is not yet available.) 12.

What is pathological communication?

On the other hand, we define pathological communication that is deficient in its inter-relational system, inadequate, or ineffective, which does not create connection or an active and productive exchange, nor does it create a fair intellectual and communicative exchange.


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