Synonymous with genuine straightforward?


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[privo di contaminazioni o mescolanze: oro s.] ≈ authentic, genuine, (lit.) mere, natural, (not com.) Pretto, pure, simple, [di persona, con spiccata fedeltà di appartenenza al luogo di origine] thoroughbred.

What does straight physique mean?

sweet (Petrarca), thin, tapered and knotless. Less com., Of the body, of the figure, straight and slender: In person he was big, thin and s.

What does it mean to be straightforward?

Using fig., Frankness, sincerity, loyalty: talk to s .; is a person of great self; s. of ways, of character; he laughed with an s. childish that his mouth had not remembered for many years (Jovine). / skje’t: ets: a / frankness f.

What is the synonym for simple?

Other synonyms: modest, rough, smooth, obvious, mere, familiar, rustic, modest, domestic, good-natured, approachable, naked, inexperienced, unadorned, decent, shabby, wooded, wooded. Contribute to the dictionary: suggest synonyms for simple!

What is the synonym for honesty?

[disposizione d’animo e comportamento di chi è leale e corretto; di soggetto astratto, il fatto di essere leale: uomo di provata o.; sono certo dell’o. delle sue intenzioni] ≈ correctness, integrity, loyalty, (not com.) Honest, honesty, righteousness. ↔ corruption, dishonesty, treachery.

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What is the synonym for greedy?

[che ama in modo smodato un cibo, con la prep. di o anche assol.: è un bimbo troppo g.; esser g. di dolci] ≈ greedy, (lit.) edace, greedy, greedy, (lit.)

What is the synonym for Faithful?

Other synonyms: habitué, consistent, tried, follower, loyal, acolyte, habitué, vestal, observant, acolyte. Synonyms for faithful

What is the synonym for boiling?

boiling [molto caldo] ≈ hot, burning, [di ambiente, clima e sim.] torrid. ↔ ice cream, frozen.

What is the synonym for tasty?

[di cibo, che ha molto sapore, che ha un sapore accentuato: una minestra s.] ≈ tasty, (lit.) savory, (pop., Tuscan)

What is the synonym for fearful?

Other synonyms: fearful, appalled, fearful.

How to be more direct?

To be direct, you also need to be convinced that your opinions have value.

Believe in yourself.

  1. If you have self-esteem issues, an easy way to overcome them is to focus on a single topic.
  2. If you know a lot about the agricultural industry, start there.

What does schetta mean?

fishing very long vertical fishing net, also called twisted, which is used both from land and offshore to fish for bogas, cod, sea bream, mackerel, etc.

What is direct?

Which proceeds straight ahead, in the fastest way, without detours or stops (in the proper sense and fig.): Take the road further d .; the path d. it is always better; lineage in direct line.

What is the opposite of straight?

He is open, authentic, frank, loyal, honest, (joking) free-range, simple, sincere, spontaneous. ↔ ambiguous, double, false, insincere, (spreg.)

What is the synonym for miser?

↑ prodigal. sm (f. -a) [persona avara] ≈ (lit.) harpoon, stingy, stingy, stingy.

How do you say the opposite of salty?

↔ insipid, sciapito, (region.) Sciapo, (Tuscan) silly, unsophisticated, unseasoned, (region.)

What is the synonym for unbearable?

Other synonyms: heavy, terrible, impossible, oppressive, hateful, indigestible, deadly, incompatible, unbreathable, pestilential, indigestible, unbearable. Unbearable synonyms

What is the synonym for speaking?

to. [intrattenere una conversazione con qualcuno: parlavano fra loro] ≈ chat, talk, converse, talk, discuss, reason.

What is the opposite of quick?

rat, quick, quick, quick, quick, quick. ↑ lightning fast. ↔ slow, (fam.) Long, late.

What is the opposite of human?

Antonyms of human

Other opposites: divine, crude, merciless, bestial, feral, distorted, beautiful, Olympic.

What is the opposite of sure?

It is protected, sheltered, peaceful. ↔ insecure, insidious, unsafe. ↑ dangerous, risky.

What certain synonym?

[di notizia, evento e sim., che non può essere messo in dubbio: è un fatto c.; la morte è c.] It is irrefutable, indisputable, incontrovertible, indisputable, undoubted, unequivocal, undeniable, peaceful, sure. ↔ controversial, (not com.) Controversial, questionable, doubtful, questionable.

What is the synonym for Pacific?

[di carattere e sim., che manifesta una naturale inclinazione alla pace: temperamento p.] ≈ good-natured, calm, meek, meek, peaceful, quiet, serene, peaceful. ↑ condescending. ↔ aggressive, angry, quarrelsome, quarrelsome.

What is the synonym for competent?

in or absol.]≈ connoisseur (of), expert (of, in), connoisseur (of), specialist (of). ↔ incompetent, inexperienced (of, in), profane.

What is the synonym for patient?

[che ha pazienza, anche con la prep. con: un uomo p.; un maestro p. con gli scolari] ≈ condescending, indulgent, tolerant. ‖ Calm, understanding, docile, meek, meek, peaceful.


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