The best knee orthopedists in Italy?


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Piergiuseppe Perazzini, one of the best knee surgeons in Italy, performs all the main meniscus – ligament and cartilage surgery of the knee under arthroscopy, also resorting to the use of donor tissues (through the tissue bank) and biotechnologies (cultures mobile phones, …

What is the best orthopedic center in Italy?

The best hospitals in Italy: Orthopedics

  • Rizzoli Orthopedic Institute, Bologna (11 in the world)
  • Galeazzi Orthopedic Institute – San Donato Group, Milan (18 worldwide)
  • Careggi University Hospital, Florence (50-100 worldwide)

Where do knee players operate?

San Giuseppe, the second “soccer players’ clinic” in Italy for knee treatment.

What are the best orthopedists in Italy?

Top Doctors Italia Orthopedists and Traumatologists

  • Dr. Valletta, Gaetano. Orthopedics and Traumatology.
  • Dr. Pescini, Rita. Psychology.
  • Prof. Ricci, Matteo. Orthopedics and Traumatology.
  • Dr. Group, Mario. General surgery.
  • Dr. Meda, Stefano Claudio. Thoracic surgery.

Where to cure the knee?

Going to an orthopedic knee specialist is the most appropriate choice when you have to undergo a diagnostic checkup as it is a doctor who has specialized in the study of surgical techniques for the treatment of injuries, fractures and diseases of the knee.

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Where to have knee surgery in Rome?

The San Carlo di Nancy Hospital is first in the province of Rome and second in Lazio for the number of hospitalizations for knee prostheses in 2016.

What is the name of the knee specialist?

The knee orthopedic examination is a specialist examination conducted by an orthopedic doctor on the knee joint.

What are orthopedists?

The orthopedist is a doctor who can diagnose congenital or functional problems of the musculoskeletal system, from infections to sports injuries, fractures, joint problems, osteoporosis and bone tumors.

How many orthopedic surgeons are there in Italy?

It is a hyperspecialist branch of surgery and counts, in Atlante Sanità – the Italian healthcare database which includes about 1.4 million records – 12,525 doctors specializing in orthopedics and traumatology, of which 5,982 are hospital doctors, 1,993 specialists in private practice.

What are orthopedists called?

The orthopedist is the doctor specialized in orthopedics, the medical-surgical branch dedicated to the health of the musculoskeletal system (or locomotor system).

Where do footballers operate in Rome?

The Institute of Sports Medicine of Rome is located in the health area of ​​the Villa Stuart Nursing Home. It is active as an operating unit affiliated with the Italian Sports Medical Federation – CONI and gives the possibility to undergo sports medical examinations to obtain competitive and non-competitive fitness.

How to choose an orthopedist?

It is important that you feel confident in your choice.

How to choose an orthopedic surgeon?

  1. Talk to your GP trying to find high volume centers.
  2. Try to get information from patients who have already been operated on by the surgeon. …
  3. You need to know where your surgeon was trained and how many surgeries he performs each year.

What does the traumatologist do?

The traumatologist is the doctor specialized in traumatology who is responsible for detecting the extent of the traumatic damage to the organism and intervening to restore the integrity of the organism itself.

What are the best hospitals in Italy?

The best Italian hospitals according to Newsweek

  • San Matteo Polyclinic Hospital, 80.45% Pavia.
  • Borgo Trento Hospital, 80.12% Verona.
  • Brescia Civil Hospital Unit, 78.59%
  • Luigi Sacco Hospital, 77.88% Milan.
  • San Raffaele Turro Hospital – San Donato Group, 77.37% Milan.
  • San Gerardo Hospital, 77.26% Monza.

Where to have hip replacement surgery?

At the San Francesco Clinic, one of the centers of excellence for hip interventions and prostheses, there are surgical skills and technologies that allow this method to be performed at the highest levels both on sportsmen (frequently affected by this pathology) and on patients suffering from initial wear of the …

What not to do with hip prostheses?

Here are the main movements not to do:

  1. do not flex the operated leg beyond 90 degrees;
  2. do not rotate the operated leg inwards;
  3. do not cross your legs, either sitting or supine;
  4. do not stay in a prolonged standing position;

How many years does it take to become an orthopedist?

Training. In Italy, the surgeon specializing in orthopedics and traumatology must achieve a five-year specialization, which can be accessed through a national selection competition, reserved for graduates in medicine and surgery (duration of six years).

How many hours does an orthopedist work?

How many hours does an orthopedist work? The weekly working time is also recalled that contractually it is 38 hours (Link paragraph 2, art.14 CCNL 2002-2005), of which 34 hours and 30 minutes are intended for assistance activities, while allocate to the update also in cumulative form.

What is the difference between physiatrist and orthopedist?

In short, the physiatrist is considered a physician who does not operate, but who specializes in diagnosis and functional prognosis; in fact it rehabilitates and cures, but without the use of surgery; while the orthopedist is to all intents and purposes a surgeon and uses surgery to intervene on various muscle disorders- …

How much does a visit to an orthopedist cost?

In Italy, the prices of an orthopedic visit range from € 30 to € 350 with an average price of around € 118. These values ​​are calculated on 1378 price observations available online from public and private specialists throughout Italy who operate in the freelance regime (solvency or extramoenia).

When should I go to a physiatrist?

We contact you, therefore, when you have a pain or a problem that can determine a disability or a limitation of movement. Frequently, the physiatrist is the back pain doctor, the specialist to turn to when you have neck pain, the famous neck pain, or lumbar pain or a herniated disc.

Where does prof Alessandro Gasbarrini visit?

Alessandro Gasbarrini is authorized by the administration of the institution to carry out freelance activities on Mondays and Thursdays (13.00-21.00) at the private office in via Augusto Murri 3, 40138 Bologna (for appointments: tel. 051-4597302 or e-mail

What is knee arthroscopy?

Knee arthroscopy is a surgical technique that allows you to work inside a joint in a minimally invasive way for the joint itself, for this reason it is also defined as “minimally invasive”.

What is bilateral gonarthrosis?

Gonarthrosis, or osteoarthritis of the knee, is a chronic disease that develops at the joint level and presents degenerative lesions affecting the articular cartilage that progressively cause pain, difficulty in movement and, in more severe cases, deformation of the joint itself.

How is valgus knee treated?

Conservative treatment of valgus knee mainly involves:

  1. The use of orthopedic shoes and ad hoc insoles;
  2. Physiotherapy exercises, aimed at: strengthening the muscles with a role in the physiological alignment between the femur and tibia, and improving the elasticity of the knee ligaments;


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