Titles that confer the right of precedence?


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Preference titles in public competitions: what they are

  • those awarded with the medal for military valor;
  • the mutilated and disabled ex-combatants of war;
  • the mutilated and disabled as a result of war;
  • the mutilated and disabled for service in the public and private sector;
  • the war orphans;

What does title of preference mean?

The titles of preference are attributed to specific categories of citizens who, in public competitions, have, with equal merit and equal titles, preference over others.

What are the reserved categories referred to in Article 5 of Presidential Decree 487 1994?

4) the mutilated and disabled for service in the public and private sector; 5) war orphans; 6) orphans of those who have died as a result of war; … 15) widowed parents who have not remarried, spouses who have not remarried and the widowed or unmarried sisters and brothers of those killed for service in the public or private sector (20);

What does Pref ex lege mean?

The Latin expression ex lege (plural ex legibus) (literally “by law”) is used in place of the expression “in direct execution of a norm”.

That, with equal merit, priority is determined?

In case of equal merit and qualifications, preference is determined: a) by the number of dependent children, regardless of whether the candidate is married or not; b) from having given a commendable service in public administrations; c) from the minor age.

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What is meant by dependent children in public competitions?

Answer – “fiscally” dependent children are considered, that is children (including adopted, fostered or affiliated children) – regardless of whether certain age limits are exceeded and whether or not they are dedicated to studies or free internships – who re-enter the family unit and in the previous year …

How is the ranking established in the event of equal scores?

In the event of equal scores, the candidate with greater seniority of registration in the ranking precedes, while, if the same score concerns an aspirant transferred from another province and whoever enrolls for the first time in the permanent provincial ranking, precedes the transferred candidate (art .

What does seat reservation mean?

Candidates who pass the tests in a competition for permanent officials are placed on a reserve list from which the institutions will draw according to their needs. The competition does not therefore serve to fill a specific post, but to constitute a reserve list for future recruitments.

What does lege mean?

The Latin expression ex lege (plural ex legibus) is composed of ex = da and lege = law, which translated literally means “by law”, as well as by extension also “according to law”, “by force of law”, “by law “,” Under the law “etc., and is used in legal language when an obligation, a will or a …

What are reserve qualifications in the school?

The reserve securities column, on the other hand, refers to candidates who can benefit from Law 68/1999. … 3 of this law provides that public and private employers are required to employ workers belonging to the “protected categories”.

What is meant by the term dependent children in the preference referred to in Article 5 of Presidential Decree 487 of 1994?

D: What is meant by the wording “dependent children” in the preference referred to in art. 5 of Presidential Decree 487 of 1994? A: adults or minors who are unable to have an autonomous income and return to the family unit are considered dependent.

What are the preferred titles in a competition?

married and unmarried persons with regard to the number of dependent children; the disabled and the civilian mutilated; military volunteers of the Armed Forces discharged without demerit at the end of the detention or re-enactment.

What does it mean to have given commendable service in public administrations?

The expected declaration of commendable service is a title of preference and consists of a declaration that defines the quality of the work performed by the civil servant as commendable.

Who issues the Commendable Service Certificate?

The certificate of commendable service, held on the date of submission of the application, must be issued by one’s manager.

What are the titles of merit?

The titles of merit are those titles which, although not compulsory, constitute an added value, which scores in compiling the ranking.

Who is entitled to reserve seats?

25089/2021, with regard to the places to be allocated to teachers belonging to the categories referred to in law 68/99, reminds that the right to reserve places applies to teaching and educational staff included in the GaE and GPS, as required by article 12 , paragraph 12, of the OM n. 60/2020.

What does ex before the law mean?

What does that “ex” mean before the law? That the law has been repealed, that it is no longer in force, so that “ex” refers to the previous law and not the current one? … So, ex before a law article indicates where a rule or legal argument comes from.

What does ex-law mean?

In bureaucratic and legal language, it strives to indicate where a legal norm or argument comes from: a prohibition imposed pursuant to article 10 of law 99.

What does ope mean?

The Latin phrase ope legis (literally, “by the law”) is an expression used in the legal lexicon. … This means that, once the term within which the fulfillment of a contract has been announced has expired in vain, this will be resolved automatically, ie ope legis.

How does the reserve work in public competitions?

In other words, the reserve applies to all the competitions for which non-managerial staff are hired and the beneficiaries of this reserve are all the volunteers in pre-established firm who have concluded the firm contract without demerit.

How is the reserve of places in public competitions calculated?

How the reserve quota is calculated

  1. 7% of employed workers, if they employ more than 50 employees;
  2. 2 workers, if they employ 36 to 50 employees;
  3. 1 worker, if they employ 15 to 35 employees.

Who are the volunteers of the FF AA?

Volunteers on a fixed basis mean the roles of the Italian armed forces which include the staff on duty for a specific period of detention. They were established by law no. 226, currently the matter is governed by d. lgs 15 March 2010, n.

What does it mean to have rendered commendable service in any capacity for no less than a year under the Ministry of Education?

“Not less than a year” means that 5 months and 16 days of service or a continuous service from 1 February to the year-end ballots are sufficient, as recognized by Law 124/99.

What does it mean to have served without demerit?

“Without demerit” means that the aspirant has not received any kind of sanction. “Not less than a year” must be carried over to the annuality with which the service is counted. … and he has not been subject to disciplinary sanctions during the performance of the assignment.

What are the ATA precedence titles?


  • awarded with medal for military valor;
  • ex-combatants mutilated and disabled;
  • mutilated and disabled as a result of war;
  • mutilated and disabled for service in the public or private sector;
  • war orphans;
  • orphans of those who died as a result of war;


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