To remove moss from the wall?


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After filling a spray bottle with water and bleach to the extent of one third of the product and two thirds of sterile water, we proceed to spray directly on the walls. With the help of a ladder, we spray in the high areas and then proceed downwards.

How to remove greenery from concrete?

Wet the surface with water. Apply ALGAE NET with the special spray or distribute it with a brush, sponge or airless pump. Leave to act for 10-15 minutes and then intervene with a scrubbing brush, floor machine with green disc or pressure washer. Rinse with plenty of water.

How to get rid of moss from porphyry?

Wet the surface with water. Spray ALGAE NET directly on the surface or apply it with a brush, sponge or airless pump (one liter of product is enough to cover an area of ​​10-20 m²). Leave on for 10-15 minutes. Intervene with a brush or pressure washer.

How to get rid of moss naturally?

The best remedy for removing moss from the turf is an iron sulphate-based preparation. Iron sulphate is marketed as a lawn fertilizer or green fertilizer. It actually not only improves lawn growth but also causes moss to dry out.

How to remove mold from external walls?

How to remove mold, algae and blackening from walls

  1. Wet the surface with water.
  2. Apply the product with the special spray or with a brush, sponge or airless pump (one liter of product is enough to cover an area of ​​10-20 m²).
  3. Leave on for 10-15 minutes.
  4. Intervene with a brush or pressure washer.

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How to clean the scratched exterior?

To perform an excellent job of cleaning the walls, you can apply bleach, diluted in water, with a garden sprayer on the parts covered with mold or moss, wait about twenty minutes before brushing thoroughly and rinse with an irrigation hose.

How to protect the external walls from the rain?

If the pouring rain actually causes moisture to seep through your wall, you need to protect it against that moisture. To do this, you can paint the facade, apply a special waterproof mortar or an external coating, such as slate.

How to get rid of bleach musk?

If we want to use a chemical product that protects us from the development of new moss, the only recommended one is bleach, with which we can whiten the wall. This product should only be used at the end and then eliminated with cold water to be applied several times.

How to get rid of garden moss?

HOW TO FIGHT IT? The simplest action to fight against moss is to use special fertilizers or products rich in iron that cause it to burn. The application of these products must then be followed by the work of aeration, collection of the resulting material and eventual final re-seeding of the more spaced areas.

What to do to keep the moss from growing?

Near walls where gutters and water pipes wind, moss tends to form more frequently as sweating and condensation become fertile ground. To avoid this inconvenience, a water-repellent surface must be created that prevents water from stagnating.

How to remove moss from travertine?

Spray a specific detergent such as Filaalgae Net directly on the surface or apply it with a brush or a sponge. Leave it on for about 15 minutes, remove the moss with a brush and then rinse with plenty of water.

How to remove the green from the stones?

All we have to do to clean the garden stones is throw them in a solution of hot water, baking soda, bleaching additives and half a bar of soap. Leaving them to soak a few days is the best thing, after all you can also leave them outdoors without problems.

How do you clean porphyry?

For general dirt, such as soil and mold, the most practical and simple solution is to periodically clean your outdoor floors simply with the aid of a pressure washer that will spray water at high pressure on the porphyry and clean the surface in depth.

How to remove the black from the concrete?

You can use a mildew cleaner, diluted bleach, or a detergent designed specifically to eliminate this type of problem. If you choose bleach, do not mix it with substances other than water, as combined with some detergents it can produce toxic fumes.

How to get rid of the traces of mold from the stone?

To do it yourself, we suggest using bleach to clean mold and lichen stone floors. If, on the other hand, you are looking for specific products, we recommend the professional anti-mold products of the company Fila di Padova.

How to remove the grass between the interlocks?

Here are 5 effective ones:

  1. boiling water. You can boil it or use the pasta cooking water – I recommend it with very little salt, better without. …
  2. vinegar. Again, you can dilute it in boiling water and maybe add some baking soda. …
  3. chemical herbicides. …
  4. nylon. …
  5. mechanical removal.

When to give Anti-Moss?

In the presence of moss on the lawn we must plan a fertilization program, in spring and autumn, taking care to prefer specific anti-moss and iron-rich granular fertilizers, which in addition to nourishing the soil inhibit the growth of spores.

What is the ripper for?

The scarifier aerates the soil with spring rollers, teeth, claws or knives for correct lawn growth. Mosses, clippings, dead leaves: the ripper, petrol engine, electric or manual, “scratches” and cleans the lawn.

How to distribute iron sulphate on the lawn?

To eliminate the moss from the lawn it is advisable to intervene with iron sulphate to be dissolved at a dose of 20-25 grams per liter of water. The iron sulphate solution should be distributed on the turf, in the area affected by the moss infestation.

What kills moss?

Consider using a soap to kill the moss.

A bleach-based soap kills moss on contact. The chemical bleaches the moss, turning it into a white-yellow color, and should be applied at a low density. These soaps pose no threat to driveways or other structures.

How to protect external plaster?

SOLUTION: siloxane for rustic plasters

  1. Any molds must be treated with BIOCID algaecide and fungicide solution.
  2. If it is necessary to completely remove old paint and / or coatings, use the paint remover.

How to waterproof a reinforced concrete wall?

Osmotic cement – is a mortar composed of Portland cement, high quality aggregates and additives, used for waterproofing reinforced concrete or brick retaining walls. It is able to act effectively and is used to waterproof underground walls from the inside.

How to protect an external staircase?

The only way to protect these stairs is through their waterproofing. This operation will not only protect them from rain, sun and wind, but also from some insects such as carpenter bees.

How do you clean the plaster?

First pass a dry cloth and then one wet with hydrogen peroxide and at the end dry the walls with a hairdryer and pass a brush to remove the residues. Or soak a clean cloth in a solution of one liter of water, three tablespoons of baking soda and three tablespoons of salt and rub.

How to clean the facades?

For washing the facades of the house you can use an electric pressure washer suitable for the purpose, such as the 5 Series 589/591 models, for example, or those of the DSS Series line, which modulate the pressure according to the surface to be treated, consuming less water. and energy compared to pressure washers that …


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