To vary the pitch of the notes, the woods are equipped with?


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In an even broader sense, wood also includes instruments in which there is a column of air but the pitch of the sound is regulated by a reed.

What are the most serious instruments of the wood family?

Among the best known and most used woods we remember the transverse flute, the piccolo, the clarinet, the saxophone, the oboe and the bassoon, each of which in turn includes further distinctions.

How are the winds divided?

Wind instruments proper (or resonant aerophones)

  • reed tubes (422), in turn divided into oboes (422.1), clarinets (422.2), free reed tubes (422.3);
  • trumpets (423), in turn divided into “natural trumpets” (423.1) and “chromatic trumpets” (423.2).

Which brass instrument has the drawstring?

The drawstring (or pull) is a cursor that connects two parallel tubes and allows you to continuously lengthen the air path. The main drawstring brass instrument is the trombone.

How are air tools divided?

Wind instruments are divided into two main categories: that of woods and that of brass.

Wind instruments: the woods

  • transverse flute;
  • oboe;
  • bassoon;
  • clarinet;
  • piccolo;
  • harpsichord.

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How are stringed instruments divided?

Stringed instruments, or cordophones, are those musical instruments with strings that produce sound when they are vibrated. Depending on the way in which the strings are stressed, these instruments are divided into strung string instruments, plucked string instruments, struck string instruments.

How is the wind family divided?

Musical instruments list and classification of winds

The second divides into idiophones, membranophones, chordophones, aerophones and electrophones. Speaking of winds, we therefore indicate all the instruments in which the musician acts through his own breath on the instrument. The winds are in turn divided into woods and brass.

What are the largest brass instruments called?

Trumpet, trombone and bass tuba use similar mouthpieces, different only in size, smaller than that of the trumpet, very large that of the bass tuba.

Which tool has the drawstring?

musical trumpet Wind instrument, made of brass, with mouthpiece, in use with different forms since the most remote antiquity for signals and therefore, starting from the Renaissance, as an artistic musical instrument.

Which family do brasses belong to?

It belongs to the brass family, with characteristics similar to trumpets and horns. Like the trumpet, the tuba has the tube collected in elliptical volutes and the hemispherical cup-shaped mouthpiece, the shape of the tube is conical as in the horn. The most used in the orchestra is the bass tuba, known as the bass tuba.

How do wind instruments work?

In wind instruments (or winds) the sound is produced by the vibrations of the air contained in the sound tube. These vibrations are caused by the introduction of the breath (insufflation) of the player. Wind instruments are classified according to the mechanism of air intake and the material they are made of.

How do aerophones work?

Commonly called wind instruments, aerophones are hollow bodies in the shape of a reed or tube that produce sound with the vibration of the column of air in them pushed by the performer.

What are beak aerophones?

The recorder (also called the recorder or upright flute) is a musical instrument of the aerophone family. In English it is called recorder, in French flûte à bec, in German Blockflöte.

What are the instruments that belong to the wood family?

Precisely these are the sounds that are reproduced by instruments belonging to the wood family, such as the bassoon, the clarinet, the oboe and the different types of flute. Woods are among the oldest instruments.

What are Membranophones tools?

Membranophones Instruments They are:

  • Drums.
  • Bendir.
  • Bongo.
  • Boobam.
  • Bufù
  • Congas.
  • Gloomy gloomy.
  • Gong Bass Drum.

What instruments are also called woods?

In “typical” woods (such as flutes, clarinets, oboes, bassoons, saxophones): the player blows directly into the instrument; the pitch of the note depends on the length of the vibrating air column (the frequency obtained is one of the resonant frequencies of the air column);

What instrument is the harpsichord?

harpsichord Stringed instrument and keyboard. In its prevailing form it has a long wing harmonic case, in which the strings are plucked by picks activated by a simple or double fingerboard. Widespread between the 16th and 18th centuries, it fell into disuse with the affirmation of the piano.

In which instrument is the drawstring located?

The drawstring flute (in English slide whistle) or jazzo-flute, also called the lotus flute, is a wind instrument, composed of a simple cylinder in which the upper end constitutes the beak. The lower end is closed by a piston operated with the hand by the performer.

What tool does the drawstring use?

The trombone can be “pull” (it has a drawstring, that is a mobile pump that allows you to make all the notes and all the harmonics by sliding the drawstring or “slide” back and forth) or “piston” (it has three keys that produce the different sounds and harmonics).

What is the largest brass instrument?

trombone Wind musical instrument of the brass genre, similar to a trumpet but larger, consisting of a cylindrical tube bent in two parallels, which gradually widens into a cone or pavilion; it is characterized by a special mechanics, for which the sounds are varied by the handling of moving tubes …

What is the name of that formation that includes only brass instruments?

The quartet, which in its most classical formation is composed of string instruments (two violins, viola and cello), but can also include other wind instrumental formations (such as that of brass instruments, 2 trumpets, 1 trombone, 1 tuba) or mixed.

How do brass differ from each other?

The flugelhorn is another valuable member of the brass family. Also similar to the cornet and trumpet, it has a decidedly different mouthpiece, with a wider mouthpiece that requires much more air to vibrate.

What is the most serious tool?

Contrabass Flugelhorn tuba in B b: it is the most serious instrument of all. It is a spectacular tool, even in size.

What are wind instruments that have one or two reeds?

Of the double-reed instruments belong the oboe, the English horn, the bassoon and the contrabassoon.

What is the sharpest instrument of the wood family?


Its extension is one octave higher than that of the flute (hence the name of piccolo) and it is the most acute instrument of the whole orchestra.


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