Tool for larding meat?


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This operation is carried out with the appropriate tool, the larder, or a needle for larding. This needle is hollow and inside the cavity, the lardons are positioned. Then the meat is pricked and the whole cannula is inserted.

How do you use the larding needle?

The strip of lard which is slightly longer than the piece of meat to be cooked is hooked onto the needle; following the fibers of the meat, the needle is inserted at one end and the opposite part is reached. It is made of stainless steel and suitable for home or professional use.

How do you Lard the meat?

Just insert small pieces of lard, or bacon for example, between the meat fibers inside the cut. During cooking, the fat will melt and, in addition to giving flavor to the meat, it will make it softer.

What does it mean to Lard in the kitchen?

Larding is a term that has the meaning of introducing in a piece of meat, in the breast of a bird and in the pulp of a large fish, sticks of lard, or fat ham (called lardelli) which, during cooking, will serve to maintain the softer the meat inside.

What does it mean to stick the meat?

Sticking: Introduce pieces of raw vegetables into the raw meat with the special tool.

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What does it mean to stick the onion?

Sticking means inserting vegetable aromas within an ingredient to flavor it. The flavorings can be a simple clove in an onion, as well as chopped garlic and rosemary or carrot strips in a cut of meat.

What does Bardare and Lardellare mean?

This technique is preferable for small cuts of meat and consists in flavoring, in the preliminary phase, the cut of meat, with a mix of spices and aromas. Then you take the sliced ​​lard (or ham) and with this you go to cover (bardare) the piece of meat.

What does the term Bardare mean?

– To equip a horse with a bard or harness, put on the harness. For extens., Garnish in general; ref., joke, put on showy clothes and ornaments: how you harnessed yourself!

What does it mean to stretch?

To quibble, to interpret by forcing the meaning, trying to subtly arrive at a certain conclusion: it is useless s. the text, the meaning can only be one; more genericam., s. the periods, s. reasoning, prolong them in a forced way, proceeding with difficulty.

What does it mean to dress in a pastry shop?

1. ‘in the final phase of preparing a meal, arrange the food on the plate in a pleasant way, in view of the final presentation’ 2. a. ‘arrange, in an orderly and spaced way, the portions of a dough on a plate’; b.

What are riots?

Confused agitation of conflicting moods, state of severe spiritual excitement: a t. of thoughts, ideas, affections, opposing feelings; to have thoughts, soul, mind in turmoil; have a t.


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