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Civic access provides for the obligation for public administrations to disclose documents, data or information, while at the same time giving anyone the right to request them, in cases where their publication has been omitted.

What is the framework legislation from which the obligations of publicity, transparency and dissemination of information by the PA derive?

It completes and reorganizes the numerous and complex legislation concerning the obligations of publicity, transparency and dissemination of information by public administrations, the Legislative Decree … 1, paragraph 35, Law 190/2012, has the purpose of transmitting a greater clarity on the content of the publication obligations.

What is the purpose of the transparency legislation?

ensure knowledge of the services rendered, the quantitative and qualitative characteristics and delivery methods; preventing corruption and promoting integrity; subject each phase of the performance management cycle to widespread control to allow for improvement.

What is meant by transparency in the PA?

Transparency consists in the publicity of deeds, documents, information and data specific to each administration, made today simpler and broader by the circulation of information on the Internet starting from their publication on the institutional sites of the administrations.

What are the obligations of the PA?

The primary obligations are: to bear (tolerate that third parties use goods); do (take action when required or due); do not do (refrain from carrying out activities prohibited by regulations or contracts);

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How do you publish in transparent administration?

1) In the selection of the bulletin board, we insert the item “Transparent Administration”. 2) Enter the date of publication of the document. 3) Enter the document filing date. 4) Insert one or more items of the Transparent Administration where to publish the document.

What does the non-compliance with the transparency obligations entail?

Failure to comply with these obligations entails the return of the grants to the donors. Furthermore, it was established that the obligations of publication of the criteria for awarding grants and the provisions for disbursement of grants (provided for by art. 26 of Legislative Decree

What should be done to ensure maximum transparency of information for citizens?

All data published in the “Transparent Administration” section must be intact, that is, published in such a way as to guarantee that the document is kept without manipulation or counterfeiting; they must also be updated and complete and easy to consult.

Which acts must be published in the Gazzetta?

n. 1092/1985, is that according to which the publication in the Official Gazette is allowed only of those administrative documents and notices that “affect the generality of citizens and whose advertising responds to widespread information needs”.

Where should the contracts to contract be published?

The determinations to contract relating to procedures in direct assignment are published in the summary tables of the item contracts.

Where should the determinations be published?

It should be noted that the deliberative acts (or determinations) must be published on the online praetorian register, with the aim on the one hand of making the content of authoritative acts and provisions legally known, on the other hand, of making them enforceable / effective.

Which acts must be published?

The deeds subject to publication in the online Praetorian Register by the Entity are: – the resolutions of the President; – the President’s decrees; Page 4 – the Determinations of the Director and Executives which, due to their content, must be brought to the attention of the general public or whose publication …

Who is responsible for the lack of control over the publication?

In the event of non-publication, the payment of the consideration determines the responsibility of the manager who ordered it, ascertained at the outcome of the disciplinary procedure, and entails the payment of a penalty equal to the sum paid, without prejudice to compensation for damage to the recipient where they occur. the …

What are the transparency obligations envisaged for public competitions?

Publication of the tracks relating to each competitive exam: written, oral, theoretical / practical; • Abolition of the obligation to publish the updated list of calls in progress; • Publication of the final rankings updated with the possible scrolling of suitable non-winners; • Publication of the link …

Where should the data required by the transparency legislation be published?

Yes, the administrations must publish the data referred to in d. lgs. n. … Documents, information and data whose publication is expressly provided for by current legislation all converge within the “Transparent Administration” section.

What to publish on the school’s online Praetorian Register?

The publication of deeds in the online Praetorian Register is aimed at providing presumption of legal knowledge of the same, for any specific legal effect it performs (advertising, declaratory, constitutive, supplementary information of effectiveness, etc.).

Where are the municipal regulations published?

1, paragraph 169, of the law of 27 December 2006, n. … 1, paragraph 683, of the law of 27 December 2013, n. 147. In order to become effective, the regulations and tariff resolutions relating to TARI must then be published on this website

What is meant by civil liability towards the PA?

The responsibility of the PA

Civil liability can be defined as the legal duty, imposed on a subject, to compensate the damage caused to another subject, as a consequence of the damage to the juridical sphere of the latter.

What is the administrative procedure, what are its stages?

It is the sequence of administrative acts preordained for the issuance of a final act of the public administration. 1. Traditionally, the administrative procedure is divided into 4 main phases: initiative, investigation, establishment, integration of effectiveness. …

What is meant by timely publication?

Another circumstance in which the data and information must be published promptly is when the very nature of the deed implies its immediate publication, such as the case of calls for tenders for the recruitment of personnel (Article 19) or calls for tenders for supplies, services, works and concessions (…

What are the sensitive data that cannot be published?

It is forbidden to disseminate personal data suitable for revealing the state of health or information from which it is possible to infer, even indirectly, the state of illness or the existence of pathologies of the subjects concerned, including any reference to the conditions of invalidity, disability or physical handicap and / or psychics.

How do you view marriage banns?

To facilitate your online search, we suggest the keywords “online praetorian register” followed by the name of your municipality. In any case, the best solution is to ask the official directly for the web address and the useful link to directly access the menu item that interests you.

When do executive decisions become enforceable?

1. The executive decisions that do not involve the assumption of a commitment of expenditure are enforceable from the day of signing by the competent executive unless otherwise established by law (eg: art.

What is it determines?

The determinations (or more properly determinations) are the typical administrative acts with which the managers take the decisions necessary to achieve the objectives entrusted by the Administrative Council. … The executive decisions were introduced into our system by Legislative Decree 3 February 1993, n.


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