Traveling between orange regions?


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Movements between yellow regions from 26 April, as evidenced by the Viminale circular, are free: no self-certification is required. … These movements can also take place between different yellow regions and it does not matter if the journey involves crossing an orange or red region.

How to move between orange regions?

The vaccination pass will allow you to move “from one region to another even if they are red or orange areas”, explains Palazzo Chigi. Certification is not required for those who have to move for emergency or work reasons: in this case self-certification is sufficient.

How to move from an orange to a yellow zone?

To move from one region in the yellow zone to another of the same color it is not necessary to have and exhibit any pass or self-certification: you can therefore move freely, without prejudice to the prohibitions linked to the mandatory and fiduciary quarantine that prevent you from moving from your home .

Can anyone living in the Yellow Region go to the Orange Region?

From a yellow region you can move to a red one (currently Piedmont, Lombardy, Valle d’Aosta and Calabria) or an orange one (Sicily and Puglia), on the other hand, only for “proven work needs or situations of necessity or for reasons of health “. And in this case you need the self-certification form.

How to move between regions from April 26?

Reopening decree: movement rules between regions from 26 April. From 26 April it is possible to move freely between Regions and Autonomous Provinces in the yellow or white band without limitations. For travel for tourism between orange or red regions, however, it will be necessary to show the pass (green certificate).

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How to move between Italian regions?

Do you need a green pass to go on holiday to Italy? From 26 April you can move freely between regions and autonomous provinces that are in the yellow or white zone, without having to show a negative swab, nor the vaccination certificate, nor the document certifying recovery from Covid.

How to get around in the yellow zone?

In the yellow zone all movements are allowed: within one’s own Municipality, between different Municipalities and between Regions. The curfew also expires, so there are no longer hourly limits to circulation and self-certification is no longer necessary.

Who is in the white zone Can you go to the yellow zone?

There is no curfew in both color bands, which was abolished in the yellow zone on 21 June. The same goes for the travel limits. In short, in the yellow and white area you can go wherever you want when you want.

When is Tuscany in the yellow zone?

Tuscany in the yellow zone regardless of hospital beds

With the increase in positives, however, the fear is that the threshold will be exceeded in a week: if this were to happen, Tuscany would enter the yellow zone from 9 August, regardless of the low occupancy of beds.

When does Tuscany become the orange zone?

The change of colors has been decided. Some areas remain red

Florence, 9 April 2021 – Tuscany in the orange zone from Monday 12 April, is official after the communication from the Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza. The situation in Tuscany, therefore, showed an improvement even if not homogeneous.

What to do in the orange area of ​​Veneto?

It is allowed to go to public and private sports centers and clubs in one’s own Municipality or, in the absence of such structures, in neighboring Municipalities, to carry out basic sports activities exclusively outdoors, in compliance with the rules of social distancing and without no gathering.

What can you do in the orange area of ​​Calabria?

Orange zone in Calabria, rules and prohibitions: what can be done and how it works

  • CURFEW. …

How to get around in the yellow area of ​​Tuscany?

It will not be possible to circulate between 10pm and 5am the next morning. In the yellow zone it is possible to move within the Municipality, between different Municipalities and between Regions in the yellow or white zone. It is possible to visit friends and relatives in no more than 4 people in addition to the residents of the house visited, excluding minors.

Which regions remain in the yellow zone?

  • Abruzzo: 3%
  • Basilicata: 6%
  • Calabria: 10%
  • Campania: 6%
  • Emilia Romagna: 4%
  • Friuli Venezia Giulia: 2%
  • Lazio: 6%
  • Liguria: 2%

What changes with the passage in the yellow zone?

Nothing changes for travel, not even for the return to school (except for outbreaks in some areas). The limit of four people at the table returns to the premises, as well as the maximum capacity allowed for cinemas and theaters, as well as for demonstrations and events.

Who is in the white zone?

According to this basis, “the regions, […]in whose territories the weekly incidence of infections is less than 50 cases per 100,000 inhabitants for three consecutive weeks and which are placed in a type 1 scenario, with a low risk level. “

What can be done in the white area?

Which rules also remain in the white zone

Indoors, in restaurants and bars, even in the white area, the limit of six people at the table remains. The obligation of the mask and social distancing also remains. Discos reopen, but without the possibility of dancing on the dance floor.

How do you travel by car in the yellow zone?

Travel by car in the yellow zone

Also in this case a maximum number of 3 people is allowed for each vehicle, consisting of the driver who cannot have anyone at his side and up to 2 passengers in the rear seats.

What is prohibited in the yellow zone?

Yellow zone: rules for bars and restaurants

In bars, restaurants, pizzerias and snack bars, no more than 4 people per table can be seated, both inside and out (in the white area up to 6 people inside and no limits outside). This could change the organization of weddings, baptisms and communions.

What can you do in the yellow Lombardy area?

Also from Monday 26 April, the day in which Lombardy will be yellow, it is allowed “to carry out any sporting activity outdoors, including contact”. Go ahead then to soccer with friends or to basketball games in the playground. From 15 May the outdoor pools reopen, from 1 June the gyms.

Where can you travel in 2021?

In the Mediterranean area, flights and borders are reopening to Italian tourists. In particular, among the countries in the area that we recommend for your travels in summer 2021 there are, in addition to Italy, Greece, Croatia, France, Malta.

How do you travel by plane in the white zone?


It remains the obligation to wear the mask in closed and open spaces where it is not possible to maintain the social distance of 1 meter.

What area are we in Calabria?

From 11 January the following regions are in the orange zone: Calabria, Emilia Romagna, Lombardy, Sicily, Veneto.

What area are we in Calabria today?

Basilicata, Calabria, Puglia remain in the orange zone

In the last 24 hours there have been 77 new cases of positive Sars Cov-2, out of a total of 755 molecular swabs, and two deaths have been recorded.

What can be done in the orange zone?

Out of the ordinary movements: it is allowed to move within one’s own municipality, but it is not allowed to move outside it. You can leave your municipality for these reasons: work, urgency, health, visiting relatives and friends, second homes and sporting activities.


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