Washing symbols for clothes?


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The main symbols

  • Basin: wash with water.
  • Circle: dry cleaning.
  • Triangle: bleaching.
  • Square: drying.
  • Iron: ironing.

What are the washing symbols?

Washing symbols in water

Tank with indication of degrees: it means that the garment can be washed in the washing machine at the maximum temperature indicated. Tray with a line underneath: washing should be performed at medium speed for synthetic garments. … Tray with X: the garment cannot be washed in water.

How to read the labels for washing clothes?

Circle with P: the garment must be dry cleaned with solvents such as chlorates, perchlorethylene and mineral essences, R133 and R11. Circle with F: dry cleaning with hydrocarbons and trifluoro-trichloroethane. Circle with W: the garment must be wet washed. Circle with X above: dry cleaning not allowed.

How to know if a garment can be washed in the washing machine?

It is the symbol of the washing machine, and indicates a “normal” wash. The hottest water possible, with both detergent and soap. Obviously, if there is a hand, it means that it must be washed by hand. When the symbol is crossed out, the garment cannot be washed in the washing machine, but only dry.

What does the P symbol mean?

P is the symbol for the chemical element phosphorus, and sometimes for phosphate.

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What is the dryer symbol on clothes labels?

A circle inserted in the square is the symbol of the dryer, and indicates that that particular item can be placed in the dryer without problems. If this symbol is crossed out, the garment must be allowed to dry naturally, in the air.

What is the symbol of dry cleaning?

The circle symbol is the dry cleaning symbol. If the circle has an x ​​on it, it means it cannot be dry cleaned, not even by a laundry.

What is the symbol for not washing in the washing machine?

Basin with X: do not wash in water. Basin: hand and machine wash.

What is the do not machine wash symbol?

also point 4). This garment cannot be washed by hand or in the washing machine. This symbol is found for example on leather garments.

What does it mean to dry flat?

Dry flat / in the shade / without spin in the washing machine. Dry hanging / in the sun / after spinning in the washing machine.

What Symbol Do We Have If Bleaching Is Prohibited?

The triangle with internal lines indicates the possibility of bleaching, but without chlorine; The crossed out triangle prohibits bleaching.

How to read the washing symbols?

How to read the symbols on the labels?

  1. Stylized basin: wash with water by hand (you may also find a hand above the basin) and in the washing machine. …
  2. Circle: dry cleaning. …
  3. Triangle: bleaching. …
  4. Square: drying.
  5. Iron: ironing.

What do the clothing labels mean?

The labels contain various information, including the composition of the fabric, with the percentage indication of the fibers, symbols for washing by hand or in the washing machine, symbols for ironing and drying, symbols for dry cleaning.

What do the washing machine symbols mean?

If there is a cross on it, the garment cannot be washed, but needs to be taken to the laundry. If there is a number, it indicates the recommended temperature, which can be 30 °, 40 ° or 60 ° and even 90 °. If the tray is crossed out, it is not possible to wash with water.

What is the symbol of the centrifuge?

If there is no bar under the bowl symbol, it means that your clothes can be machine washed with a normal spin cycle. Otherwise, if it is crossed out, it corresponds to the “do not spin” symbol.

What does it mean not to drum wash?

Tumble drying, or drying in a tumble dryer, is a process that not all garments can withstand. In general, it should be avoided for delicates, in particular for those made of wool, silk, special fibers and those which, explicitly, indicate in the label “do not tumble dry”.

How to know if a garment can go to the dryer?

Dry Clothes. Know when to put clothes in the dryer. You can do this if the label contains a square with a circle inside it. To better remember this symbol, consider that it represents your dryer.

What does the triangle in the wash mean?

The hollow triangle means that the garment can be bleached in any way. The triangle with the word CL indicates that it is possible to bleach with chlorine products. The meaning of this washing symbol instead informs us that we can bleach the garment but without using chlorine.

What is dry cleaning?

Dry cleaning is a particular technique that involves the use of an organic solvent instead of water. … Today, in order to abandon the use of harmful solvents, new generation products are used, such as liquid carbon dioxide.

Why do some items need to be dry cleaned?

Among the various techniques, when we talk about delicates, we always talk about dry cleaning, precisely because this technique allows you to sanitize perfectly without the use of water and therefore avoids damaging, shrinking or deteriorating the fabric through temperatures or excessively aggressive products.

How do you wash latex pillows?

With latex only hand washing is possible; in fact it is not advisable to wash this type of material in the washing machine. The ideal would be to wash the pillows by hand in a bathtub with soap and warm water.

What is the symbol for washing in the dishwasher?

The icon of a goblet with a fork next to it symbolizes the wording for food, while the dishwasher symbol, a small square with a plate and two glasses inside and some droplets makes the item washable in the dishwasher.

How to dry clean clothes at home?

Prepare a mixture of sparkling water, baking soda and white wine vinegar and mix until you get a cream. Dip a cotton ball in this thick paste and dab on the stains until they disappear.

What can’t be put in the dryer?

What can’t be tumble dried? The materials

  1. leather or imitation leather;
  2. foam rubber (latex);
  3. waterproof fabrics;
  4. rubber articles;
  5. silk;
  6. some wool garments;
  7. suede;
  8. nylon tights;

What does the symbol of a square with a circle inside mean?

The Circle will be for this figure what heaven is for earth and eternity for time. The Square, however, is inscribed in a Circle: that is, the earth is dependent on the sky. this geometric figure is none other than the perfection of the sphere on a terrestrial plane.


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