Wd40 on electrical circuits?


Question by: Dr. Oreste Valentini | Last updated: December 12, 2021

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WD-40 spray lubricant can be used to reactivate electrical and electronic contacts. It also performs an anticorrosive function, managing to protect the electrical and electronic circuits by creating a protective film from environmental humidity.

How to clean oxidized electrical circuits?

If the appliance does not work, we can spray a little denatured alcohol on the toothbrush and brush vigorously, taking care not to damage the contacts. Let the alcohol dry well, put in the new batteries and check if the appliance has started working again.

How to deoxidize the electrical contacts?

First you need to remove all residues of dust and dirt and then use a specific product such as WD-40 Specialist electrical contact cleaner to complete the cleaning of oxidized copper. The contact cleaner is simply sprayed on the area to be treated.

Where not to use the WD-40?

WD40 is used only as an immediate lubricant, eg. for a stuck bolt or as a water dispersant. Do not use it where long-term lubrication is required, such as a bicycle chain.

How to clean car electrical contacts?

To protect the electrical contacts on the doors, spray Svitol Officine on the pins of the electrical contacts to prevent condensation from forming. If, on the other hand, a contact is already oxidized, you can deoxidize it with Svitol Officine or with Svitol Contact Cleaner.


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