What acts do the carabinieri notify?


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The public prosecutor receives the so-called crime reports, that is all those acts (complaints, denunciations, etc.) in which it is brought to the attention of the prosecutor that an act prohibited by criminal law has been committed.

What can the police notify?

When we receive a fine or a tax bill, a subpoena in a lawsuit or a request for testimony, an assessment notice from the Revenue Agency or a foreclosure we are receiving a notification.

What can a notification from the Police Headquarters be?

The basic form of notification in criminal matters (i.e. when there is a need for the information to be actually learned by the interested party) is the material delivery of the document itself to the recipient by a bailiff (and, sometimes, by hand law enforcement agencies whose duties regarding notification, …

What is a notification from the state police?

Have you been contacted by the carabinieri (or by the police, municipal police or financial police) and invited to the barracks to collect a notification? … You must first of all know what a notification is: notification is the means by which the existence of a specific act is formally communicated to a person.

What could be a notification from the judicial police?

151. 1. The notifications of acts of the public prosecutor in the course of preliminary investigations are carried out by the judicial officer, or by the judicial police only in cases of investigative acts or measures that the same judicial police is delegated to carry out or is required to to execute.

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What can the municipal police notify?

265/1999) notify administrative acts (ordinances, minutes, convocations, invitations, notices, circulars, and any other form of deed) on behalf of the municipal administration and at the request of other entities, provided that within the limits of the municipal area of ​​competence (the recipient has residence, abode or domicile …

What can be a notification from the carabinieri?

These are, for example: cases in which there are justified reasons to believe that in the home of a certain person there are traces of the crime that risk being canceled or altered in some way; in situations in which the offender is discovered in the act of crime or there is an attempt to escape.

What kind of documents does the municipal messenger notify?

The Communal Messo can notify: – deeds issued by the Municipality of Pisa and public administration bodies; – tax deeds and tax disputes of the State and public bodies to recipients (persons, companies and entities) who have their residence, domicile or company, in the Municipality of Pisa.

What is a notification from the municipality?

Notifying a deed means bringing a provision to legal knowledge, by delivering a deed by the Messo Comunale to a recipient: person, company or organization.

What are Code 78 judicial documents?

Codes starting with the following two digits 75,76,77,78,79 identify fines, judicial documents (for example: court orders or summons) or communications from the Revenue Agency.

What can be a notification from the Guardia di Finanza?

It is an “agreement” between the taxpayer and the office that can be reached both before the issuance of an assessment notice and after, as long as the taxpayer does not file an appeal before the tax judge.

What is a criminal notification?

The criminal judicial act is served, except for exceptions, in full, with delivery of a copy to the recipient or, alternatively, to the persons authorized to receive it. … However, it is always possible to carry out notifications by post office.

What is meant by notification?

Communication made to a subject in the manner prescribed by law (see Article 136 of the Code of Civil Procedure et seq.) Through which the existence of an act addressed to him and of interest to him is brought to the attention of that subject.

What can the Public Prosecutor’s Office notify?

The public prosecutor receives the so-called crime reports, that is all those acts (complaints, denunciations, etc.) in which it is brought to the attention of the prosecutor that an act prohibited by criminal law has been committed. … The prosecutor, with some exceptions, may eventually appeal against the judge’s decision.

Who notifies a judicial document?

Judicial documents are served by the judicial officer, appointed by the prosecutor or by the court chancellery. Times, procedure and place of notification are established by articles 137-140 of the Code of Civil Procedure and by the Stability Law of 2018, which modified some points.

How are judicial documents notified?

The notification of a judicial document can reach the recipient either directly from the bailiff (in the case of delivery by hand), or through the postman (in the case of delivery by post). In this second case, the envelope that contains it is always green.

What is deposited in the municipal house?

The Municipal House keeps the administrative, judicial or tax documents intended for citizens who were not found at home at the time of notification by the Municipal Messi or other Notification Agents and provides for the delivery of the documents deposited to the recipients.

How are notifications made?

When not otherwise provided, notifications are carried out by the judicial officer, at the request of a party or at the request of the public prosecutor or the clerk. The bailiff carries out the service by delivering to the recipient a copy conforming to the original of the document to be served.

Which acts are withdrawn to the municipal house?

The documents that he keeps in the Municipal House are of the following type:

  • administrative: from the local police, tax office, building office, registry office, military service office, electoral office, various municipal offices;
  • judicial: coming from court or justices of the peace;

What does municipal messenger management service mean?

The office mainly deals with the notification of the documents of its Administration and of all those that make a specific request. The Communal Messi do not provide for the notification of documents at the request of private citizens. …

Who can be a municipal messenger?

The tasks of municipal messenger and notifying messenger can be entrusted to the same employee. It is possible that these tasks are assigned to him in a separate way, and therefore with different acts even at different times.

What if the bailiffs come to the house and find no one?

When the person in charge of serving a judicial document or a payment note is not at home, the deed is also notified by filing a copy in the Municipality, a fulfillment of which you must be promptly notified.

What happens if you are reported to the carabinieri?

In practice, the complaint to the carabinieri is used to make the police intervene as “mediators”, provided that no crime is immediately recognized: in this case, as already mentioned, the intervening officer must immediately notify the ‘judicial authority, unless it is a matter of …

What does it mean when the carabinieri come home?

Reasons for arrest are, for example, the danger of escape, the danger of collusion and destruction of evidence or the danger of recidivism. Furthermore, the state of detention must be in balance with the penalty to be expected.

What are the reasons why the carabinieri come home?

The Carabinieri have the right to be able to enter someone’s home for a search only in the presence of a provision by the judicial authority or in the event that there are urgent reasons for which it is absolutely necessary to intervene.


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