What adjective is progressive?


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Progressive is a qualifying adjective. Forms by gender and by number: progressive (feminine singular); progressive (masculine plural); progressive (plural feminine). »» Synonyms and antonyms of progressive (successive, gradual, increasing, continuous, …)

What is the progressive number?

– 1. That progresses or tends to progress, that is, to proceed, to increase (or even to decrease) in a continuous and more or less regular way: numbering p .; line up in order p. high; motorcycle p .; impress a p.

What does progressive and regressive mean?

of regrdi “regress”, on the analogy of progressive]. – 1. Which tends to regress, which regresses: motion r .; r waves; in uses fig., mostly iron. and polemical (as opposed to progressive): regressive ideas, doctrines.

What is the synonym for progressive?

– [che procede per gradi successivi: numerazione p.] ≈ gradual. ↔ abrupt, sudden, sudden.

What increases synonym?

to. [rendere maggiore nelle dimensioni o nelle quantità: a. il patrimonio, la propria cultura] ≈ increase, expand, expand, increase, enlarge, develop. ↔ decrease, impoverish, reduce.

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What is the opposite of gradual?

‖ proportional. ↔ abrupt, discontinuous, intermittent, occasional. ‖ Sudden, instantaneous, sudden. gradualism sm [der.

Che vuol dire saldo progressivo?

Saldo progressivo.

L’indicatore esprime il saldo reale delle ore lavorate, in quanto aggiorna il “saldo precedente” tenendo conto del saldo del mese di riferimento nonché di eventuale recupero di straordinari (vedi nota n.

Cosa significa ordine regressivo?

[re-gres-sì-vo] adj. 1 Which recedes, which tends to go back, also in the sense fig .: the disease is in a period r.

What does it mean regress?

Becoming less intense, decreasing, subsiding: the fever has subsided; the contagion shows no signs of regressing; paralysis can r. spontaneously. 4. In psychoanalysis, returning to an earlier and more backward stage of psychic development, presenting a regression (v.

What is the progressive number of the receipt?

The progressive number of the receipt is usually found under all this information (header, details of the goods purchased, total to be paid, etc.). It should not be confused with the fiscal logotype, a figure next to the initials MF, usually in italics, which identifies the cash register number.

What is the invoice number?

An invoice number is simply a unique registration number assigned to each invoice issued. This number can be automatically generated by any billing software or created manually when the invoice is issued.

How to create sequential number in Excel?

Fill a column with a series of numbers

  1. Select the first cell of the range to fill.
  2. Enter the starting value of the series.
  3. Type a value in the next cell to define a pattern. …
  4. Select the cells containing the initial values. …
  5. Drag fill handle.

What does it mean in regression?

Involution, decay: period of r. economic; loss of virulence: the epidemic is in the r stage.

What does reproached mean?

red-, var. of re-](I scold, you scold, etc.). – [muovere un severo rimprovero a qualcuno: redarguire un dipendente] ≈ admonish, (fam.)

What does disease regression mean?

regression Defense mechanism (➔) which consists in returning to a previous stage of libidinal or ego development, that is, to modes of behavior, to types of object relationship or to less complex and structured forms of thought from the point of view of topical evolution , temporal and formal processes …

What is the running balance?

To obtain the progressive balance, simply add the value of the amount that appears on the current line to the balance of the previous line. … Consequently, the operations must necessarily be in order of currency, apart from the recovery of the balance which must always be the first operation.

What does liquid balance mean?

The cash balance is the recognition, on a certain date, of the algebraic sum of all the transactions entering and leaving a current account sorted by currency, which must be prior to or coinciding with the date on which the survey is carried out. . This is the amount on which interest is calculated.

What is the bank statement?

The account statement is an official document that summarizes the movements on your account over a certain period of time, usually a month. It provides you with a list of all incoming and outgoing transactions, so you can monitor your financial situation in that particular period.

What does it mean gradually?

– Which proceeds, which turns gradually: teaching g .; exercises g .; course g. English-speaking; increase g. wages; extinction g. … – [che procede per gradi: insegnamento graduale; aumento graduale dei salari] ≈ progressive, scalar.

What does phase of regression mean?

In psychology, regression is a defense mechanism inherent in libidinal organization, which consists in returning to an earlier stage of development or the ego, in response to a frustration of libidinal satisfaction.

What is regression in Italian?

– 1. The action, the fact of regressing (sometimes also the effect, but in this sense more com. Regression): r movement; r. of culture, of civilization; r.

What does it mean in descending order?

Arranging a series of numbers in ascending order means ordering them from the smallest to the largest, that is, arranging them neatly from the smallest to the largest. Writing a sequence of numbers in descending order is equivalent to arranging them from the largest to the smallest, that is, from the largest to the smallest.

How can I assign a progressive Word number?

On the Home tab, in the Paragraph group, click Numbering. Note: To select a different number format, right-click a number in the list, select Numbered Lists, click Define New Number Format, and then select the options you want.

How do you do the vert search?

In its simplest form, the SEARCH function. VERT is: = SEARCH. V (What do you want to look for, where to look for it, the column number in the range containing the value to be returned, return an approximate or exact match, indicated as 1 / TRUE or 0 / FALSE).

How to put numbers in ascending order in Excel?

Sort the numbers

  1. Select a cell in the column to sort.
  2. In the Sort & Filter group on the Data tab, do one of the following: To sort in ascending order, click (Sort Smallest to Largest).


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