What are collective bargaining agreements and how effective do they have?


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The collective agreement is an employment contract stipulated between the representative organizations of the workers and those representative of the employers or, depending on the levels, by the employer himself, to regulate the many aspects that characterize the working relationship in a more precise way than …

What legal effect do national collective agreements have?

Execution of contracts. Collective agreements are qualified as a common law contract which therefore does not have an ultra partes effect (ie towards third parties), binding only the signatory parties (principle of representation under common law).

What are collective bargaining agreements for?

Collective bargaining agreements, definition

The collective bargaining agreement (CCL) is a contract between employers or employers ‘associations and workers’ associations which has as its object the working conditions and relations between the contracting parties.

What are the types of collective labor agreement?

The category of collective agreements includes: national, regional, provincial or other territorial collective agreements. business contracts. interconfederal agreements.

How does the collective agreement work?

The national collective bargaining agreement (which is usually abbreviated with the initials CCNL) is an employment contract stipulated at national level thanks to an agreement between the trade unions, therefore the employee labor organizations, and the representative organizations of employers.

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Who stipulates the collective agreement?

In the private sector, the National Collective Labor Agreement is stipulated by trade unions (obviously representing workers) and employers’ associations.

What does collective agreement mean?

Italian law identifies in the National Collective Labor Agreement (CCNL) the source of legislation through which workers ‘trade unions and employers’ associations unanimously define the rules governing the employment relationship.

What is meant by a collective agreement of common law?

THE COMMON LAW COLLECTIVE AGREEMENT. It concerns the mechanism through which the collective agreement can bind the parts of the individual relationship (effectiveness in depth).

Which Ccnl applies to an employment relationship?

The choice of the CCNL

The first analysis is certainly on whether or not the employer joins a representative association of employers. In fact, if the employer is registered with a trade association that is a signatory of a CCNL, he will be obliged to apply it in full.

Who writes and signs the national collective labor agreements?

It is usually stipulated by employers ‘associations and workers’ trade unions; if some trade union associations were not involved in the stipulation of the contract (since they are considered unrepresentative) they still have the possibility to subscribe separately – and in a second …

How are collective bargaining agreements distinguished?

To this end, a distinction is made between unilaterally union contracts, stipulated by a single employer with the collective organization of workers, and bilaterally union contracts, stipulated by opposing trade union associations of employers, on the one hand, and of employers, on the other.

Who checks the employment contracts?

The Labor Inspectorate is a body of the Ministry of Labor which has the objective of controlling and ascertaining violations in both labor and social security material, making working relationships more correct and promoting the protection of the worker.

What is the definition of subjective effectiveness of the collective bargaining agreement?

Pursuant to article 1372 of the civil code, the contract has the force of law between the parties who have stipulated it. Furthermore, the collective agreement is as a rule open to membership by employers and workers who are not members of the stipulating trade unions. …

What happens if a union doesn’t sign the contract?

Trade union organizations that do not sign the national contract lose their status as a contracting party and with it the right to participate in supplementary bargaining. And if they are admitted to the tables, the signed contracts are void.

What does the national contract foresee?

The CCNL are acts that govern the minimum economic and regulatory treatments common to all workers in the sector. These parties, in general, must find a compromise between the interests of the employer and the interests and rights of the workers themselves.

How many national collective labor agreements are there?

It is estimated that over 800 national collective contacts are deposited with the National Council of Economy and Labor. In reality, it can be assumed that the number is even higher because not all collective agreements are then deposited with the Cnel.

Who decides which contract to apply?

The choice of the collective agreement to be applied falls, in general, within the prerogatives of organization of the employer and the freedom of negotiation of the parties enshrined in Article 39 of the Constitutional Charter.[i] but it should be remembered that various provisions, accompanied by provisions of practice and by …

Where are collective agreements located?

National Collective Labor Agreement for employees in the private sector

  • The CCNL in force can be downloaded at the following link: CCNL-in force;
  • The national collective labor agreements in force for the domestic sector can be downloaded at the following link: Domestic-in force;
  • The merged CCNL can be downloaded at the following link: CCNL-merged;

How to see my employment contract on the INPS website?

To be able to view this information online and independently, you must be registered on the website of the National Institute for Social Security and log in using the available methods: ordinary PIN or device, SPID or CNS.

What is meant by common law?

comune, right A complex of rules of a general nature and which as such are opposed to those of the same system but limited to a given territory, to data recipients or to data relationships.

What is the supplementary collective agreement?

The supplementary bargaining is aimed at the stipulation of contracts that mutually oblige the parties. … The supplementary collective agreement has a duration of three years and refers to all the matters indicated in the specific sections.

Why does the law set the maximum duration of the working day?

The maximum duration of the working day can be obtained from the rest discipline. The law provides, in fact, that without prejudice to the normal duration of the weekly working hours, the worker has the right to a continuous rest period of at least eleven hours every twenty-four hours.

What does the permanent contract provide?

It is the contract by which the worker undertakes, against the payment of a salary, to work for the employer, for an indefinite period, that is, without a limit of duration.

How many trade CCNLs are there?

Lavoro, Cnel: in Italy there are 922 national collective labor agreements in force, and 59% of these have expired. There are 922 national collective labor agreements in force.

How does the union implement the individual protection of the worker?

Trade union law is the right to join a trade union organization in order to protect fundamental freedoms within the workplace. … In general, their task is to represent the categories of workers in the defense of their interests within the workplace.


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