What are herbs?


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Beets for leaf or cut, also simply called beets or herbs, originate in the Mediterranean area and belong to the Chenopodiacee family, just like beets and spinach.

What is meant by herbs?

Often there is confusion … Although in some cases they can be replaced with spinach, the name of herbs actually means to refer to a variety of chard with a small leaf and a small stem called cut or leaf chard , to be distinguished from chard.

What are fresh herbs?

What are herbs

The herbs, often confused with other vegetables (for example spinach), are varieties of chard (https://www.leitv.it/cucina/10-ricette-con-la-barbabietola-rossa/) from the leaf and from the small stems, also called beets or chard (not to be confused with chard).

What do you eat of herbs?

How to cook fresh herbs

Some varieties of herbs are perfect for preparing delicious salads based on seasonal vegetables, cheese, meat and fish, or even for dressing delicious cold salads based on rice or cereals, such as spelled or barley.

How can beets be cooked?

Chard can be cooked in a pan, steamed, or boiled. It can then be used to season pasta, to stuff savory pies. Once cooked, you can choose to use it as a simple side dish, perhaps to accompany cheeses, meat and fish dishes, or to prepare full-bodied dishes.

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How long should beets boil?

Arrange them in the special steamer basket and place the latter on the bottom of a pot full of water which should just touch the base of the basket without wetting the vegetables. Cover and cook 5-6 minutes after boiling.

What are coasts good for?

Like all green leafy vegetables, ribs are also used to strengthen bones and fight osteoporosis, given the high percentage of calcium they contain (67 mg per 100 grams when raw and 130 mg when cooked). Potassium is also abundant (196 mg per 100 grams raw and 220 mg when cooked).

How to use the stems of herbs?

To do this we can separate the leaves and stems: it will take a few minutes. Use the most noble and tender part of the herbs, the leaves, for these delicious stuffed chickpea scones, for a soup with beets and potatoes or for the cheesecake risotto.

How to eat raw chard?

Swiss chard can be eaten both raw and cooked. Raw they are ideal as a salad to be mixed with tomatoes, carrots and beets. Alternatively, you can sauté the beetroot in a pan with a drizzle of oil, leaving it semi-raw. If, on the other hand, you prefer to cook them, the ideal is steam cooking or bain-marie.

How are red beets cooked?

Wash the red beets, remove the roots and place them whole or cut into wedges in the container. Add about 1 glass of water and cover with a lid or cling film. Set the microwave to 700 watts and cook for about 20 minutes.

When are Swiss chard planted?

Chard can be sown for most of the year, excluding the climatic extremes of winter and summer. Generally it is better to put the seeds in spring, sowing between March and April, in this way it is possible to harvest continuously starting from just over a month from sowing until the arrival of frost.

How to grow cut chard?

Ideal climate: temperate, it does not resist frosts and the beets are bothered by excessive heat. Sun exposure: full sun, partial shade. Planting sixth: about 20 cm between seedlings and 40 cm between rows. If you sow more dense, the seedlings will have a reduced development but still good production.

What do beets contain?

Chard: properties and composition

  • football,
  • iron,
  • magnesium,
  • potassium,
  • phosphorus.
  • vitamins: C, A, E, K, group B.
  • numerous antioxidants: lutein, zeaxanthin, beta carotene.

What are aromatic cooking herbs?

The 10 best aromatic herbs that cannot be missing in your kitchen and the right ways to combine them

  • Basil.
  • Parsley.
  • Origan.
  • Chives.
  • Mint.
  • Rosemary.
  • Sage.
  • Thyme.

Which aromatic plants?

Here are the 10 aromatic plants that can no longer be missing in the home garden:

  • Marjoram. Reminiscent of oregano, another aromatic herb widely used in cooking, but it is more peppery. …
  • Thyme. …
  • Juniper. …
  • Anise. …
  • Tarragon. …
  • Borage. …
  • Dill. …
  • Chives.

How can you eat the ribs?

Coasts are a typically autumn and winter vegetable, from the same family as chard. Rich in vitamins, fiber and mineral salts, they are excellent eaten alone as a side dish, but are also widely used in the preparation of soups, omelettes and savory pies.

How many calories are there in 200 grams of chard?

There are 38 calories in 200 grams of Swiss Chard.

How many calories does 100 g of chard have?

Therefore, of the 36 total KCal in 100 g of cooked chard, 5% are provided by lipids (fats), 64% are provided by carbohydrates (sugars) and 31% are provided by proteins (proteins).

What are the seasonal vegetables?

In this month’s shopping there will be:

  • asparagus.
  • broccoli.
  • artichokes.
  • chicory.
  • fennel.
  • Red radish.
  • rocket.
  • spinach.

How do beets freeze?

When the beets are cold, form small balls, squeezing well to remove as much water as possible. Arrange the balls on a plate lined with parchment paper and place in the freezer. When the balls are frozen put them in bags and keep them in the freezer until ready to use them!

How to store beets in the fridge?

Green leafy vegetables such as salad, spinach, artichoke, chard need a fairly cool temperature so the best place to store them is the refrigerator. Before placing them in the fridge you can rinse them with fresh water, remove the ends, drain them and then wrap them in a cloth.

What vitamins do ribs have?

Chard beets are very rich in vitamins, especially A and C and also K which acts on bone strengthening and participates in the protection of the nervous system. Furthermore, they are characterized by a good presence of mineral salts, such as iron and above all potassium.

What kind of vegetables are ribs?

The coasts are a type of chard, a herbaceous plant of which there are 2 varieties. The first is the cut one: they have tender leaves and a delicate flavor, which is why they are known with the term herbs. The second variety is the one known as chard, or just ribs.

How many calories do boiled ribs have?

Even when cooked, the calorie content is still low, 36 kcal per 100 grams, of which 4.4 grams are fiber. The best way to cook them is steamed or boiled.


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