What are itp diplomas?


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ITP is an acronym that stands for Practical Technical Teacher: it is a teacher who boasts specific technical-practical skills rather than theoretical ones, and who is therefore placed within the laboratories of secondary schools, especially professional institutes.

What are ITP diplomas?

  • Professional Maturity Diploma in the agricultural sector.

  • Professional high school diploma in the female sector.

  • Professional high school diploma in the industrial sector.

  • Female Technical High School Diploma.

  • Diploma of aeronautical expert.

  • Agricultural Expert Diploma.

  • Industrial Expert Diploma (any address)

What are the enabling ITPs?

The ITP diplomas that allow you to become ITP teachers are the first level diplomas of high artistic, musical and dance training. Alternatively, candidates may also have an equivalent or equivalent qualification consistent with the certification class.

What are the qualifying qualifications?

Old Order Degree, New Order Specialist or Master’s Degree, Second Level Academic Diploma, Conservatory or Academy of Fine Arts Diploma Old Order DPR 19/2016 and DM 259/2017; High school diploma (for technical-practical teaching) DPR 19/2016 and DM 259/2017.

What are the tasks of the ITP?

ITP is an acronym that stands for Practical Technical Teacher: it is a teacher who boasts specific technical-practical skills rather than theoretical ones, and who is therefore placed within the laboratories of secondary schools, especially professional institutes.

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How do I get the teaching qualification?

It is necessary to have a four-year degree (old system) or a specialist / master’s degree (new system) and apply for access to the TFA. Access to the TFA is through a competition. The TFA lasts one year, at the end of which it is necessary to pass an exam that has qualifying value.

What can I teach with the diploma?

As explained in the previous step, with the diploma alone you can teach in kindergarten (what was previously called kindergarten) and primary school (which was once called elementary school. ‘teaching.

What can I teach with the Academy of Fine Arts?


  • A-01 – Art and image in the lower secondary school;
  • A-02 – Design of metals, jewelery, semi-precious stones and gems;
  • A-03 – Ceramic design;
  • A-04 – Book design;
  • A-05 – Fabric and fashion design;
  • A-06 – Glass design;

What can I teach with the Accounting and Commercial Expert Diploma?

The title of accountant and commercial expert only allows the teaching of competition class A-66 (Text processing, data and applications. Computer science) which, as specified in table A attached to Presidential Decree 19/2016, is a competition class subject to exhaustion. .

How to become ITP 2022?

To be an ITP teacher, it is sufficient to have an ITP diploma, that is, a baccalaureate degree from a technical or vocational school. To be qualified to teach, however, it is also necessary to participate in the Ordinary Competition to obtain the qualification.

What can a surveyor teach?

Can teach in industrial technical institutes for the building sector: Laboratory of materials and construction technology. Processing departments: construction site. … Practical laboratory exercises for builders. Practise.

Who can participate in the ITP competition?

Candidate teachers can participate if they have a master’s degree and 24 credits or a specific qualification. With the exception of ITP teachers: they can access with a diploma up to the school year 2024/2025. Let’s see together the competition classes concerned, requirements and tests.

How to become an elementary teacher 2021?

Becoming teachers: the news of 2021

  1. How to become a teacher in 2021. …

  2. To teach you need a master’s degree or old system. …
  3. The degree gives access to the competition classes. …
  4. The training path to become teachers. …
  5. Becoming a teacher in secondary school. …

  6. GPS rankings and school rankings.

Which diploma for Mad?

The request for availability can be presented with the Master’s Degree (achieved both before 2001/2002, yes in subsequent school years). Graduates can therefore submit a classical MAD, support MAD, personal ATA MAD, choosing primary and infant school as their level of education.

What does it mean to have the teaching qualification?

The qualification to teach allows the inclusion in the II bracket of the rankings of the Institute, for temporary temporary positions.

How do you teach without qualification?

To apply for Availability (MAD), it is not necessary to have a teaching qualification: a valid qualification or one about to obtain a valid qualification is sufficient. Furthermore, 24 ECTS are not required for the MAD.

How to get the teaching qualification in Romania?


  1. Homologate your qualification at the Romanian Ministry of Education.
  2. Enroll in the “Psychopedagogy Course”
  3. Complete the course and at the same time obtain the qualification for the Teaching Profession.

What is the salary of a high school teacher?

Usually, an early career salary is around 1,760.88 gross, which net becomes 1,350 euros. At the end of his career, however, he reaches up to 2,625.78 gross with 1,960 euros net.

What is the salary of a support teacher?

We can therefore say that, on average, the salary of a support teacher is 1,400 euros net per month, for about just over 25,000 euros gross per year, and you can start from a minimum salary of 1,100 euros net per month. month to even exceed 1,800 euros net per month.

When to send the MAD 2020 2021?

The best time to send the Mad is from the second half of August, approximately after the 16th, as the school offices resume their activities at full capacity and will be busy checking the vacant and available places.

How much does a teacher earn 18 hours?

1,157 euros for a 12-hour substitute; 1,208 euros for a substitute of 14 hours; 1,329 euros for a 16-hour substitute teaching; 1,460 euros for a substitute of 18 hours.


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