What are matricular roles?


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The matriculation roles are the lists in which resident citizens subject to the obligation of military service are included, or male citizens from the 17th to the 45th year of age; these lists are periodically updated by the Draft Office through the information obtained from the leave.

What does the registration sheet contain?

The registration sheet contains information on the military service provided, in particular there are indicated: Personal data. Dates of enlistment, call to arms, transfer, discharge. Weapon and belonging department, assignment company.

What are extraction lists?

During these operations, the extraction lists were produced (lists in random order of the conscripts themselves, but on a district basis) and the summary registers of the decisions of the draft council, relating to the fate of each individual conscript.

How can you apply for military leave?

How to apply

The application must be presented at the document centers that replaced the old Military Districts, at the residence that existed when the military service was carried out.

Where can I find my military leave?

If we have lost the original of the military conscript, we can request a replacement document at the Documentary Centers of the Italian army. Military conscription can be redeemed for retirement purposes and can be used as a title of merit to participate in various competitions.

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Where can I collect the registration sheet?

To request it, it is necessary to fill in the pre-printed form, available at the Leva Office of the Municipality or at the Patronati, indicating the registration number, detectable from the military leave or to be requested from the Leverage Office of the Municipality where the interested party was resident at the age of 17 years.

How to recover the military year for retirement?

To obtain accreditation, an application must be submitted to INPS. The application has no expiry or limitation period, therefore, it can be presented at any time after retirement. The documentation proving the military service performed (matricular sheet) must be attached to the application.

How to request my grandfather’s registration sheet?

To request the registration sheet (for troops) contact the Document Center (former Military District) and / or the State Archives of the province of birth of the Military or the Fallen / Missing.

How to apply for civil service leave?

To the exempted and for civilian service, it is issued by the military district to which they belong and delivered through the Municipality / Consulate of residence. The leave must be endorsed by the Mayor or his delegate as soon as possible.

Who can apply for the army card?

The Army Card can only be requested by military and civilian personnel of the FA

How to find the name of a soldier?

With an AKO account, a service member, employee or military contractor can track down information about a soldier that is not available elsewhere. Open your web browser and visit US.Army.mil. Read the terms of use and click “Agree”. Enter your AKO username and password.

How to request my father’s registration sheet?

ARCHIVE registration sheet

  1. you can request the registration sheet from the state archive of the province of birth of the subject, at the link above you will find all the offices and their addresses.
  2. I do not recommend requests via e-mail, a registered letter as a minimum but if you can go in person or send someone it’s better.

How does the military service work?

Military service (also called conscription or military service) means the service, compulsory or voluntary, that a citizen of a state carries out for a predetermined period of time with the armed forces of the country where he resides, through the institution of conscription .

How to trace the date of military service?

extract of the matriculation role: it reports the data relating to enrollment and the result of conscription, the date of enrollment and leave, the body where the military service was performed and the military rank.

How to add the year of military service for retirement purposes?

Military service can be valued for social security purposes. The interested party must submit a specific request to obtain notional contributions to cover the compulsory military service.

Can civil servants join the police?

Those admitted to the civil service are prohibited from participating in competitions for enrollment in the Armed Forces, the Carabinieri, the Guardia di Finanza, the State Police, the Penitentiary Police Corps and the State Forestry Corps or for any other employment involving the use of weapons …

How to apply for conscientious objector leave?

There are two ways to send the request for renunciation of the “status” of conscientious objector: the first is to send a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt (a / r) to the above address. The second in sending a personal PEC to the address: giovanieserviziocivile@pec.governo.it.

How to apply for the certificate of conscription?

Anyone wishing to request a certificate of conscription must present himself with an identification document at the municipal leveraging office which will provide the relevant part. The release is immediate. Issue of a revenue stamp: € 16.00 per revenue stamp + € 0.52 for secretarial fees.

How much does the redemption of military service cost?

There is no cost, the redemption of military service is free for both INPS members, former Inpdap public employees, entertainment workers former Enpals and Poste Italiane. There is no limitation period, just apply online through the INPS telematic services.

How much does it cost to redeem a year of contributions?

The redemption of the facilitated degree is part of the measures for the redemption of contributions for periods not covered by contributions in order to increase the contribution amount for the pension. For 2021, according to INPS indications, the cost is equal to 5,264.49 euros for each year of graduation.

What is the value of notional contributions for pension purposes?

Since they are not paid either by the worker or by the employer, the notional contributions can be considered a sort of fictitious coverage, which however is valid in all respects both to accrue the right to a pension and to determine the extent of the allowance itself.

How to request a police registration sheet?

For the issue of the registration sheet it is necessary to apply in writing specifying whether it is for pension or other use, attaching 1 revenue stamp of € 0.26 for each sheet. As far as the “leave sheets” are concerned, they cannot be duplicated.

How to join the army after the age of 30?

Volunteers in Fixed Station of 4 years (VFP 4) – Access is through a call for applications. Men and women, aged up to 30 years of age, with a lower secondary school diploma, who are volunteers belonging to the Armed Forces on a fixed stop of one year, in service or on leave, can participate in the recruitment.

When did the compulsory military service cease?

decree law – Army, compulsory conscription abolished – 08/09/2004. The provision suspending the compulsory military service has been brought forward by two years. From 1 January 2005, the Armed Forces will begin to adopt the new model of army composed only of professionals.

How to do a year in the military?

To become a Permanent Service Volunteer you will need to pass an internal competition and have accumulated at least four years of military service and have not been on leave for more than two years.


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