What are private coffers?


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These are the private and privatized social security institutions to which the freelancers refer. These entities are mainly concerned with collecting and managing the contributions of their members and, upon reaching the required requirements (each Fund has its own rules), paying them the pension.

What are the private professional funds?

The main social security funds currently existing in Italy are:

  • National Notary Fund (CNN)
  • Cassa Forense or National Insurance Fund and Forensic Assistance (CNPAF)
  • Italian Welfare Fund and Assistance for Freelance Surveyors (CIPAG)
  • Cash Accountants and Commercial Experts.

What functions do social security institutions perform?

38 of the Constitution which manage the social security and assistance provided by the Compulsory General Insurance or its replacement forms according to the corporate social security model (old age pension, retirement pension, invalidity pension, incapacity pension, survivor’s pension or AI pension. ..

What are social security institutions and what function do they perform?

Social security institutions are the institutions that manage the social security and assistance provided for by the Compulsory General Insurance according to the corporate pension model (old-age pension, disability pension, etc.)

Who are the members of the professional funds?

The professional funds are the management bodies of the compulsory social security for freelancers (subjects registered in an order or who carry out freelance activities). … 38 of the Constitution, by the respective private sector pension funds.

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Who has the pension fund?

According to the law, all professionals registered in a professional register are obliged to register, if present, with the relevant social security fund.

How many social security funds are there in Italy?

In Italy, protection for workers is mainly guaranteed by three institutes: the National Institute of Social Security (INPS), which insures workers in the private sector, the National Institute for Insurance against Accidents at Work (Inail) , which protects workers in the event of accidents at work and …

What is the difference between social assistance and social security?

The difference between the two forms of intervention consists in the fact that assistance provides to heal situations of need already in place, while the pension provides the means necessary to satisfy future needs.

What is meant by retirement provision?

Social security contemplates the various forms of protection and assistance of workers which result in the provision of benefits of sums of money or other benefits, and prepared in relation to situations of need in which the workers themselves or their families may find themselves in following the …

What is Linps?

INPS is the National Institute of Social Security and together with INPDAP and INAIL constitutes one of the three completely “public” social security institutions.

How does the Enpaf work?

Every member of the professional order of pharmacists automatically joins the ENPAF, paying a fee for the contribution, to receive a series of supplementary social security services, assistance, protection of family members and solidarity for other members.

Who protects the INPS?

INPS is supervised by the Ministry of Labor and Social Policies. The first pension guarantee system – intended only for public employees and the military – dates back to 1895, from the fourth Crispi government.

What is the difference between INPS and Inail?

The National Institute of Insurance against Accidents at Work (INAIL). The National Institute of Social Security (INPS) is the largest social security institution in our country, and it is responsible for: … Survivors, in the event of the death of the insured worker. 2.

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How is the INPS calculated in the flat rate scheme?

In any case, the calculation of INPS contributions as a flat-rate scheme for self-employed professionals without cash is based on the taxable income: profitability coefficient of 78% and contribution rate of 25.72%.

What are the withholding pension funds?

ENPAM – Doctors. ENPAP – Psychologists. ENPAV – Veterinarians. EPAP – Agronomists, Forestry, Actuaries, Chemists and Geologists.

What is the registration to the compulsory social security?

What is compulsory social security? Compulsory social security corresponds to the public social security system, or rather the way in which the Italian State guarantees the maintenance of the well-being of citizens once they have reached retirement age.

What is the Social Security Number?

In Italy, the social security number is an alphanumeric code with 16 characters, which is issued to all Italian citizens by the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance and aims to improve the services provided to citizens, to offer services social security, and to provide services …

What is meant by compulsory social security?

Complex of institutions and activities, managed and carried out directly by the State (compulsory social security) or by authorized bodies (complementary or supplementary welfare) which aim to ensure citizens the possibility of coping with particular situations of need (accident,. ..

What are social assistance benefits?

Social assistance consists of various kinds of services, aimed at supporting every person who is in a state of need. It does not matter whether the person in need of assistance is a worker or not.

What is meant by social assistance?

Social assistance includes the set of tasks of the public administration consisting in the provision of services, normally free, aimed at eliminating economic and social inequalities within society.

What are the social security and welfare benefits?

However, these benefits must be accompanied by welfare benefits which, although often provided by the same reference bodies, differ quite clearly from pensions in the strict sense: while the social security benefits are in fact determined on the basis of insurance and factual relationships …

What are the social security institutions in Italy?

In Italy, protection for workers is mainly guaranteed by three institutes: the National Institute of Social Security (INPS), which insures workers in the private sector, the National Institute for Insurance against Accidents at Work (Inail) , which protects workers in the event of accidents at work and …

What are the compulsory social security forms?

103 (ENPAB, ENPAP, ​​EPPI, EPAP, ENPAPI, ENPAIA separate management and INPGI separate management), also for public purposes. These forms of compulsory first pillar pension are flanked by complementary pension forms (the so-called second pillar) on a voluntary basis.

What are the compulsory social security coverage?

214 (the so-called Fornero reform), the payments provided by the compulsory public social security system managed by INPS, consisted of three benefits, in addition to invalidity allowances and survivors’ benefits: old-age pension, old-age pension and old-age pension with 40 years …


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