What are the 3 threshold extra tokens?


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How TRE’s Extrasoglia Internet Tokens Work

1 – Exceeding the traffic threshold foreseen by your subscription. For example, your subscription has 3 GB and you have used a total of 5. The extra 2 GB are charged separately.

How to disable the extra threshold tokens?

– go to the H3G Spa website and, in the App & Store section, delete the service activated via the subscription status link; – deactivate the service from the subscription service provider; – access the “SMS subscription” section of the customer area 133 directly from your phone.

What happens if the thresholds 3 are exceeded?

Beyond the monthly threshold, you pay 20.17 cents for every 100MB under the Three network and 30.23 cents / MB in GPRS roaming. Web Without Limits subscription at a cost of 14 euros / month offers 500MB of Internet per day. … Beyond the threshold, you pay 5.08 euros for every 10 hours of surfing under the Three network and 30.50 cents / MB in GPRS roaming.

How to request extra giga WIND TRE?

If you don’t want to waste too much time on the phone, you can also send an SMS to 4033 saying 1GIGA YES to activate the optional + 1 GIGA, 3GIGA YES to activate the optional + 3 GIGA or 5GIGA YES to activate the optional + 5 GIGA . Both calls and SMS are free.

How to renew the GB of Wind?

It is possible to anticipate the renewal of the offer, by sending an SMS to 4033 with the text GIGA RESTART YES or from the Win Customer Area from the “your offer” section by clicking on the “Restart” button.

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How to disable 10 gig for you Windtre?

The offer can be deactivated free of charge with immediate effect by calling Customer Service 155 or by sending an SMS with PERSONAL GIGA NO to 4033 with effect at the end of the renewal period.

How much is the extra threshold of three traffic?

The main one is 20 euro cents for every 20 MB in advance without session opening and the extra-threshold Internet traffic purchased cannot be used in separate sessions.

How to block the internet when it ends?

On all modern smartphones we can set a limit to data traffic, using the settings already present within the mobile operating system. On Android smartphones we can set a limit on data traffic by going to the Settings app -> SIM card or Mobile networks -> Set data plan.

How to block the internet when Tim finishes?


  1. by calling Customer Service 119.
  2. by sending an SMS with the text “BLOCCODATI ON” to 40915 (only for Customers with Subscription)
  3. by sending an SMS with the text “BLOCCODATI ON” to 40916 (only for Rechargeable Customers)

How to disable data limit?

Set the alert or limit for mobile data usage

  1. Open your phone’s Settings app.
  2. Tap Network & Internet. Data usage.
  3. Tap Mobile data usage Settings.
  4. Tap Data warning. If necessary, turn on the Set data warning option first.
  5. Please enter a number. …
  6. Tap Set.

How to block the data connection?

Android built-in option to limit background data. Go to Settings> Network & Internet> Data usage to manage your cell data usage. Here you can see how much data you have used and limit how much you consume in the future. In the middle of the page, you will find the option to completely disable mobile data.

What does Internet traffic under network 3 mean?

The support also points out that the words Undercover Pages 3 refers to browsing the App & Store. … According to customer support, the culprit of these charges is still App & Store and third party sites that offer text consultation services.

How to cancel Pocket Cube subscription?

To cancel, you must send a registered letter to Tre. This must include a letter expressing the clear desire to cancel the service. Attached must be a photocopy of an identity document of the person who signed the contract, and who wants the cancellation.

How to disable 30 gig for you Windtre?

To disable the 30 gig option for you you need to contact customer services at 159 or via chat. You can choose whether to disable the renewal of the option so you can use the residual thresholds until the expiration date or disable it immediately.

How to activate 10 giga for you Wind?

  1. How to Activate. Activate the option from the APP, from the Customer Area, from 159 or go to a WINDTRE Store.

  2. WINDTRE Remember. With the 100 GIGA x Te Special option you have 100 GIGA in Italy and 3.8 GIGA in Europe to add to your offer. You have the additional DATA available for 30 days at the price of € 7.99 excluding VAT.

How to turn off 200 gig for you?

As the image above shows, to deactivate a WindTre offer, simply send an SMS to 4033 with the name of the promo (or offer) followed by NO. You will then receive a message confirming the deactivation by WindTre.

How to disable Web Pocket?

In the event that the contract for WebCube has been stipulated at a distance of less than fourteen days, it is therefore possible to cancel by sending a registered letter to Wind Tre SpA – Cancellation Service – Post Office Box 14155 – Milan Post Office 65 – 20152 Milan.

How to cancel the Windtre contract?

By sending a registered letter with return receipt addressed to WIND Tre SpA CD MILANO BAGGIO ADDRESS PO Box 159 20152 MILAN MI. By sending a PEC to the email address servizioclienti159@pec.windtre.it (only for those with a PEC address). By calling customer service on 159.

How to deactivate Cube medium easy pay?

The deactivation of the Automatic Top-up services is possible by sending an SMS to 4033 with the text RECHARGE AT TIMED EASY PAY NO, to disable the recharge by time or to disable the Top-up at threshold with the text RECHARGE AT THRESHOLD EASY PAY NO.

How to know the coverage Three?

To check Tre coverage and find out if your home is covered by ADSL or fiber, just connect to the operator’s official website, click on one of the active offers and enter your Municipality, address and house number under Check the available speed to your address.

How to check mobile coverage?

The opensignal.com site offers a powerful tool for checking the coverage of mobile phones and smartphones, it is possible to obtain information on the mobile radio signal of operators in Italy and abroad.

How to check wind tre coverage?

If you want to check the mobile coverage and understand if an area is covered by the WINDTRE mobile network, the advice is to contact the Wind Tre Customer Service at number 159 or, alternatively, go to a WINDTRE dealer to request assistance in this regard.

What happens if I disable my data connection?

Once you have turned off your mobile data connection, you can continue browsing the internet via the Wi-Fi connection. Why use Wi-Fi? Unlike the data connection, the Wi-Fi connection does not consume the phone credit of the SIM.

How to remove the internet from a single application?

Search for the apps you want to restrict internet access to. Select the app you want to restrict internet access to with a tap. Now click on the item Limit data usage. Uncheck Wi-Fi and Data as you wish based on whether or not you want to limit data usage.

How to disable data traffic on Android?

The data connection can also be disabled or activated from the Android Settings. Go to Settings> Data usage and uncheck the Data connection box, in case you want to disable.


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