What are the back muscles?


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The trapezius, rhomboid, levator scapula and above all dorsal muscles of the back make up what bodybuilding lovers call back (“back”, in English, indicates the back).

What are the main muscles of the back?

These muscles are: trapezius, great dorsal, rhomboid and levator scapulae.

How many muscles does the back have?

They originate from the spinal column and reach the humerus, the girdle of the thorax and the bones. They consist of 4 main muscles: the trapezius muscle. rhomboid muscle.

What are the 3 most important muscles of the back?

  • – Trapezium.
  • – Great Dorsal.
  • – Rhomboids.
  • – Riser of the Scapula.

What are the backbones?

The great dorsal is the largest muscle in the human body. Also known as the latissimus dorsal or lats in bodybuilder parlance, the latissimus muscle is a muscle of the back, which extends between the lower thoracic portion (obviously the back) and the lumbar area.

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Where does the great dorsal fit in?

  1. Origin. Location of the dorsal major muscle (in red). …
  2. Listing. The muscle bundles run laterally and enter the posterior lip of the intertubercular sulcus (or bicipital sulcus) of the humerus, where they flank the teres major muscle.
  3. Action. …
  4. Innervation. …
  5. Other projects. …
  6. External links.

What are the stabilizing muscles of the back?

Overuse of these muscles can decrease the efficiency of the deep stabilizer muscles. Among these, the best known are the rectus abdominis, the internal oblique, the external oblique, the very long and the ileocostal.

What are the muscles of the lower back?

  • Square of the loins.
  • Sacrospinal (Ileocostal and very long of the back)
  • Iliac psoas.
  • Inferior posterior dentate.
  • Spinal taps.
  • Interspinal.
  • Multiphids.
  • Inter-opponents.

What muscles are found in the back of the torso?

In the posterior portion of the trunk we find:

  • the trapezium, in the upper part;
  • the great dorsal, which covers the entire dorsal belt up to the loins.

What are the shoulder blade muscles called?

All regularly even (i.e. present in number of 2), the intrinsic muscles of the shoulder are: the deltoid muscle, the teres major muscle, the supraspinatus muscle, the infraspinatus muscle, the teres minor muscle, the subscapularis muscle.

What is the name of the back part?

dorsal or thoracic (12), in the central area of ​​the back; lumbar (5), in the lower back; sacral (5), at the height of the pelvis; coccygeal (3 to 5), below the pelvis.

What is the largest muscle in the trunk?

The Great Dorsal Muscle (Musculus Latissimus Dorsi) with its triangular shape is the largest muscle in the human body. Located in the lumbar area, it covers the lateral and lower part of the back, forming the posterior wall of the axillary cavity.

What is the synonym for back?

[regione posteriore del torace] ≈ Ⓖ (ant., Lit.) back, Ⓖ (fam.) Rump, back, Ⓖ shoulders, Ⓖ (lit.)

How to tell if back pain is caused by a tumor?

– Cancer. A tumor in or around the spine can cause localized pain, which over time tends to involve the entire back. The discomfort tends to worsen when one maintains the same position for a long time or engages in physical activity, even mild ones.

Where does lower back pain radiate?

The pain that a person experiences in the lower back can be, as shown in the illustrative photo, of a vertebral, muscular or sacroiliac joint nature. Furthermore, if the pain radiates on the lower limb it is referred to as lumbosciatalgia, cruralgia or sciatica.

What are the stabilizing muscles of the pelvis?

“The internal muscles include the transverse abdominal muscle, the multifidus muscle, the internal obliques, the diaphragm and the pelvic muscles. Among the external ones, the rectus abdominis muscle, the external obliques, the erector muscle of the spine and the square muscle of the loins ».

What does muscle stabilizing action mean?

The muscles that stabilize the joints and allow the body to maintain balance and stability during the execution of the movements are called stabilizers.

What are the postural muscles?

In summary terms, at this point, the tonic-postural muscles could be defined as that complex of muscles that “keeps us on our feet”, counteracting the force of gravity, continuously maintaining balance and managing the center of gravity in the base polygon without interruption. .

What is the grand dorsal?

The Great Dorsal is a triangular shaped back muscle. It is the longest muscle in the human body, it extends from the chest, from the lower part, to the lumbar area.

Where does the brachial biceps fit?

Brachial biceps insertion

The brachial biceps inserts on the radial tuberosity, a prominence typical of the proximal portion of the radius (radius and ulna are the bones of the forearm).

How to strengthen the low lats?

Exercises for the lower back: standing push-ups with the barbell at the shoulders. Standing, legs slightly apart, hold a rather “light” barbell at the ends (max 20 kg, but normally no more than 10/12) resting it behind the neck and perform simple forward bends of the torso.


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