What are the best saxophone brands?


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Good brands of saxophones

  • Selmer, always considered the best;
  • Yamaha, second to Selmer for sound, first for technique;
  • Yanagisawa, excellent after Selmer and Yamaha;
  • Jupiter, Buffet and Grassi are less prestigious, but also good at an economic level; recommended for beginners.

What is the best saxophone brand?

The 8 Best Saxophones

  • Alto Saxophone by Gear4Music.
  • Tenor Saxophone Karl Glaser.
  • Professional Saxophone Odyssey OAS130.
  • Yamaha Alto Saxophone.
  • Alto Saxophone CONN SELMER.
  • Alto Saxophone Grassi School SAL700.
  • Alto Saxophone Ammoon Accessorized.

How much does a good saxophone cost?

A studio saxophone costs from a few hundred euros to € 1500.00. The price range of a semi-professional saxophone ranges from € 1,500.00 to € 2,800.00. A professional saxophone costs over € 3000.00.

How to intone soprano sax?

Inserting the mouthpiece deeper into the neck of the sax increases the pitch, pulling it out causes the pitch to fall. The movement required to move down or up by a quarter of a tone (half a semitone) is a few millimeters. The semitone is the difference in pitch between two piano keys.

How many types of saxophone are there?

Now let’s see in detail the most popular and well-known types of saxophone.

  • Soprano saxophone. He is small, it is true, but he is also the most difficult to play. …
  • Alto saxophone. Also known as alto sax, it is in Eb. …
  • Tenor saxophone. …
  • Baritone saxophone. …
  • Sopranino saxophone. …
  • Saxophone C melody. …
  • Bass saxophone.
  • Double bass saxophones.

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Which sax to start with?

For reasons of convenience and immediacy of intonation, we tend to start with the alto saxophone, especially if the pupil is a child or a rather thin boy.

How many types of clarinets are there?

Types of clarinet

  • Piccolo in La ♭ (known as “sestino”);
  • Piccolo in E ♭ (improperly called also “quartino”; it would be correct to call it “full back” since a minor third is cut above);
  • Soprano in C;
  • Soprano in B ♭ (the most popular);
  • Soprano in A;
  • Alto in F (known as basset horn);

How do you tune the sax?

Listen to the pitch of the tuner for at least 3 seconds (roughly the time it takes your brain to hear and understand the pitch), then blow into the saxophone. Try to adjust your lips, chin and posture until the sound is in tune. To raise the tone, tighten the bit; to lower it, instead, loosen it.

How much does a beginner saxophone cost?

Due to the size and setting of the fingering, the minimum age to start playing starts at 9 years for the alto saxophone and 12 years for the tenor saxophone. The cost starts at around 200 euros for the alto saxophone and 250 euros for the tenor.

How hard is it to play the sax?

Is it difficult to play the saxophone? One of the instruments that absolutely fascinates is the saxophone, also known as sax, it is a wind instrument, but this is not enough to play it, but it is essential to follow some rules and above all have a lot of patience and perseverance.

How much does an alto sax cost?

The price of an alto Sax can vary from around 400 euros to thousands of euros, up to tens of thousands for the higher-end models.

How much does an alto sax weigh?

The weight of the instrument (6.5 Kg) makes it uncomfortable for bands in motion and difficult to support in general, especially if played standing, so it is quite common for the collar used for the tenor and the alto to be replaced by a harness. which distributes the weight of the instrument on the shoulders and …

How is the saxophone sound produced?

The saxophonist produces sound by applying his lips to the mouthpiece, also known as the mouthpiece or beak, attached to the thinner end of the instrument.

What are the clarinet holes called?

The mouthpiece is the mouthpiece suitable for producing sound vibrations. The materials most used today for good quality mouthpieces are ebonite, crystal and wood.

What is the name of the clarinet spout?

I’ll call the Bocchino Becco, in the French style.

What timbre does the clarinet have?

The clarinet tone is persuasive and gritty. In its extension it is divided into different registers, each with its own particularities: the low register, called the Chalumeau register, is warm and mellow; the middle, or clarinet, register is brilliant; the high register is powerful and ringing.

What sound does the saxophone make?

The saxophone’s voice is piercing, a little veiled; a certain sensuality related it to the insinuating timbre of the 1st string of the cello. Her sonority is very intense in the forte (she reaches a power that can be balanced with that of the horn) and reaches effects of morbid languor in the piano.

What kind of sax does Jimmy sax use?

Jimmy Sax – No Man No Cry (backing track and sheet music for alto saxophone and tenor saxophone)

How much does a soprano sax cost?

How much does a saxophone cost

The prices of a saxophone range from € 220 for a brass soprano to € 56,000 for a double bass saxophone.

What key does the alto sax play in?

To begin, just know that the A of the piano (440hz) corresponds to F # on alto sax and baritone while on tenor and soprano it corresponds to a B. This wikipedia page explains the origins of this feature.

In what key is the alto sax?

The alto saxophone is the most used saxophone today and is often associated with the general idea of ​​this instrument. It is in the key of E flat and is larger in size and lower in pitch than the soprano saxophone, but smaller and higher in pitch than the tenor saxophone.

How many octaves does a saxophone have?

You are a tenorist, let’s talk about your saxophone. “Yes, I am a tenorist but in reality I also play the soprano and lately also the alto, and (unworthily) also the flute (laughs, ed) The sax has, let’s say two and a half octaves, maybe even three, three and a half , yes you can get there, with high notes.


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