What are the gonads of the sea urchin?


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by Marco Bertolino and Maria Paola Ferranti

What we actually eat are the gonads of the hedgehog, or the entire reproductive system, which contains eggs or sperm depending on the individual.

What do you eat of the sea urchin?

The gonads, the orange-colored internal pulp, are consumed by sea urchins. Sea urchins give the best of their taste eaten raw with at most a drop of lemon juice, even if the risk of contracting hepatitis A and salmonellosis is very high especially in unclean waters.

What is sea urchin pulp?

Nieddittas urchin pulp is the pulp of the sea urchin, the sea fruit with long thorns that we know well from having seen it so many times in our seas. In fact, it is also present in very shallow waters, on the rocks or in the Posidonia meadows, the alga it feeds on and exploits its shade.

What is the name of the edible part of the sea urchin?

The misconception that only female sea urchins are edible arises from the edible part of the sea urchin: the eggs. In reality, the edible part of the sea urchin Paracentrotus lividus is not represented properly by the eggs. The gonads are eaten of the edible sea urchin!

What is the name of the sea urchin shell?

Sea urchins live from 4 to 8 years. The external part of the body is equipped with a series of limestone plates that form a rigid skeleton called the dermaskeleton. The dermaskeleton is covered with spikes of varying shades: brown, red, black or green.

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What are good hedgehogs to eat?

Curls sting and that’s a fact. As written before, the edible ones are only the paracentrotus lividus: they have a color ranging from BROWN to PURPLE. The inedible ones are GLOSSY BLACK.

How to preserve the pulp of sea urchins?

Keep the sea urchins in the refrigerator, in a container where they can remain immersed in plenty of water, but only for a few days and check the state of the quills. It is also possible to take the eggs and keep them in the refrigerator for up to 24 hours, in a non-metallic container, covered with a wet cloth.

How much is the sea urchin pulp?

In fact, it seems that the fishermen have increased the price per kilo of sea urchin pulp from 90-100 euros to 130-135 euros, motivating the increase with the restrictions imposed by the Region which have reduced the quantities of sea urchin collection: from 6 daily baskets to 4.

What is the period of sea urchins?

The harvesting period runs from June to April, although the best period is the winter and spring months, when the gonads, which are consumed, are more developed.

Which species do hedgehogs belong to?

The common hedgehog, sometimes also called European hedgehog (Erinaceus europaeus Linnaeus, 1758), is a mammal of the Erinaceidae family, which is often improperly called by the name porcupine (which instead refers to the porcupine).

What if you are stung by a sea urchin?

The treatment for a sea urchin sting is immediate removal. Vinegar dissolves most of the surface thorns; soaking the wound in vinegar several times / day, or applying a vinegar-based compress, may be sufficient. Warm compresses can relieve pain.

How much does a kg of sea urchins cost?

PACK OF 1KG PRICE PER KG 5.00 € The murex is a medium-sized gastropod mollusk (6-9 centimeters).

How do you eat the hedgehog?

Tradition has it that they are eaten directly from the shell, once opened, without using cutlery but using a piece of fresh bread. Even in Sicily they are eaten raw but much more for the preparation of pasta and there are also those who put the sea urchin on the pizza once cooked.

How to eat raw sea urchins?

It is necessary to sink the scissors in a decisive and at the same time delicate way to cut the cap and not to damage the fruit. The inner part of the hedgehog, orange in color, the gonads of the animal, is the only edible part. The sea urchins should be served fresh and just opened to better enjoy the flavor of the sea.

How to recognize a male sea urchin from a female?

If there is a bump in the middle of the belly, it is a male specimen. If, on the other hand, the protuberance is close to the anus, we are faced with a female.

Where can you buy sea urchin pulp?

Amazon.co.uk: sea urchin pulp.

When do curls cost?

A specimen can cost from 70 to 150 euros, it depends a lot on the color we choose and on the sex.

How much does a plate of spaghetti with sea urchins cost?

The long-awaited – and booked – spaghetti with sea urchins (out of the menu at € 20) do not fail to fulfill their promises. They are perfectly cooked and wrapped in the fat and iodized flavor of the sea urchin.

How long do fresh curls last?

Finally, as regards conservation, the sea urchin must be kept in a cool place until consumption and protected by a damp cloth. In any case it is necessary to consume them within 48 hours of purchase.

How to defrost sea urchin pulp?

Turn off the heat, allow to cool slightly and add the sea urchin pulp to the pan, making it defrost (if frozen), stirring occasionally but without lighting the fire. Let it rest (Figure 3).

How to keep curls open?

The sea urchins can be kept in a bowl immersed in cold water and in the refrigerator but do not wait too many days to consume them.

How to recognize fresh curls?

How to recognize at a glance if sea urchins are fresh

  1. the thorns must be well stretched, a sign that the sea urchins are still alive. …
  2. the quills must have a nice bright color and not dull;
  3. the thorns must be whole, not broken, nor sagging;
  4. you must smell that unmistakable smell of the sea;

Which sea urchins to fish?

In the Mediterranean there are several species but fishing is always directed towards the Paracentrotus lividus. The hedgehog also known (incorrectly) as a female hedgehog). The species should not be confused with a similar hedgehog or the black hedgehog (or male hedgehog) of the Arbacia lixula species.

Where are sea urchins found in Italy?

The most active regions in the collection of P. lividus are Puglia, Sicily and Sardinia. Specifically, in Sardinia the annual consumption of sea urchins is about 1,888 tons for a gross value of about 10 million euros.


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