What are the joyful mysteries?


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Joyful mysteries (or of joy)

Mary’s visit to Elizabeth; The birth of Jesus in the grotto of Bethlehem; The Presentation of Jesus in the Temple; The Finding of Jesus among the doctors in the Temple.

What does joyful mysteries mean?

Mysteries g., In the Rosary, the first five considerations, in which the mysteries ranging from the Annunciation of the Angel to the finding of the adolescent Jesus in the temple of Jerusalem are contemplated.

What does it mean when the Rosary is broken?

At the end of the Rosary, the Litany of Loreto, or other Marian prayers, are recited. For now it is enough to remember that we do the meditation by putting ourselves from the point of view of Mary, who is the highest, the closest to Jesus. If it breaks, it does not bend, the bathroom is considered sufficiently deoxidized.

How to say the Rosary with the Mysteries?

Reflect on a Mystery for each decade of the rosary.

When he reaches the first decade, he must contemplate the first while he recites the “Our Father”, then the ten “Hail Marys” and so on. Having reached the second decade, he must meditate on the second Mystery while praying.

How many types of rosary are there?

There are in fact: the ten rosary (a string of ten beads ending with a smaller string and the cross), the ring rosary (a ring with ten protuberances, one for each Ave Maria, and a religious decoration, often one cross, to which the Our Father corresponds), the psalter (a large crown with …

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How many beads are there in a rosary?

The Japamala is a garland made up of 108 stones or grains, closed by a larger grain, called Meru or Sumeru. Their name derives from the Sanskrit, where Japa means ” to murmur ” and Mala “garland”: “the garland used to whisper prayers”.

How do you say the rosary with 10 beads?

The mystery is announced, then on the large or single grains, the Our Father is recited at the beginning of the mystery, then 10 Hail Mary and finally the glory always on the single grain following the 10 united grains.

What is the right way to pray?

Pray in whatever way feels natural to you.

There is no single way to pray: the best is the one in which you feel most comfortable communicating with your god. If it helps to speak out loud, go ahead and do so. If you’d rather keep your prayers to yourself, that’s just as well.

How do you pray?


  1. Pray in a quiet place, away from distractions but, if you can’t, don’t neglect the act of prayer.
  2. Have faith and thank him in advance for the good things that will happen to you.
  3. Don’t use too many words or repetitions – get straight to the point.

How to say the creed?

I believe in Jesus Christ, his only son, our Lord, born of the Father, not created. [Credo] that he has always been with the Father, before all centuries. […] I believe that the word of the Father by which everything was made is Christ.

What happens when a crucifix is ​​broken?

The Cross contains the antitheses of good and evil. While in the West it is the symbol of victory over evil, in the East the Cross instead indicates the Evil One. »When we make the sign of the cross – Boscolo marks – we focus our attention with precise signs: if it breaks, it can indicate a fall in the Church«.

How to wear the rosary?

How to use a rosary ring

  1. It begins with the sign of the cross;
  2. Place your finger on the FLORE and recite the Creed and then the Our Father;
  3. The ring is turned towards the first initial letter M, after the flower, and the first Ave Maria is said.
  4. Thus up to the last M of Mater, before the flower, there are 10 prayers in all;

How should we pray?

How to pray

  1. Prayer begins. Before you begin, find a quiet place where you feel comfortable. …
  2. Converse with God. Speak from the heart and share your hopes and desires along with your worries and problems. …
  3. Finish the prayer. …
  4. Act on your righteous desires.

How to understand God’s answers?

“How can I know that God hears my prayers?”

  1. Listen to the Spirit. Try to listen to the Holy Spirit. …
  2. Answers in church. …
  3. Remember who you are. …
  4. A child’s prayer. …
  5. Trust in Him. …
  6. Try to deepen the subject. …
  7. Pray sincerely …
  8. Ask and you will receive.

How many times a day do you pray?

The Didache, one of the first Christian texts dating back to the 1st or 2nd century, recommended that the disciples recite the Lord’s Prayer three times a day; this usage was maintained in the canonical hours.

How to pray in silence?

Prayer is silence, it is learning to say the word “Father”, it is making oneself small. We do not speak to God as if we were parrots, and we try to participate in the Mass with determination and with the desire to meet Christ who offers himself for us. Otherwise it is as if we were going to pay a visit to a museum ”.

How many times a day is the Rosary said?

In the traditional form, a crown is recited every day by meditating on its mysteries: the first includes the joyful mysteries (or of joy), contemplated on Mondays and Thursdays; the second the painful (or painful) mysteries, on Tuesdays and Fridays; the third the glorious mysteries (or of glory), Wednesday, Saturday and …

How do you say the rosary that undoes the knots?

How to recite the holy rosary to Mary who unties knots.

Wednesday and Sunday

  1. Jesus rises from the dead.
  2. Jesus ascends to heaven.
  3. The Descent of the Holy Spirit.
  4. Assumption of Mary into heaven.
  5. Mary, Queen of heaven and earth.

What is the meaning of the name of Rosario?

Origin of the name

It comes from the Latin rosarium, with the meaning of “rose bush”. In more recent times, it has become a typically Catholic devotional name, reflecting the cult of the “Blessed Virgin of the Rosary”, a title of the Holy Virgin.

Why three eternal rest?

The Eternal Rest (in Latin, Requiem aeternam) is a traditional Catholic prayer addressed to God for the peace of the souls of the dead. It is derived from the ancient Christian prayer of Requiescat in pace, where the word “dormition” (“rest”) is found in the three Synoptic Gospels, and in John.

How is the rosary held in the hand?

Begin by touching the crucifix and praying as you make the sign of the cross. To make this sign, touch your forehead with your right hand, then your heart, your left shoulder and then your right. If you don’t have a rosary in your hand, that’s no problem. You can mentally keep track of the prayers.

What are the prayers to say every day?

The prayers to be said during the day:

  • Sign of the Cross: the gesture that recognizes us as authentic Christians;
  • Invocation to the Holy Spirit, source of holiness;
  • The Our Father, the prayer that Jesus taught us;
  • The prayer of the Hail Mary, to turn with filial love to our Heavenly Mother;


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