What are the mystery correspondences and symbols?


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Mystery is the true reality that is not normally knowable by ordinary people. The term correspondences means that there is a close bond in all things, even the most diverse. The unconscious is that mysterious reality that we have inside us and that the ego does not know.

What are the correspondences in decadence?

The poets and artists of decadence use ANALOGIES, that is, they connect one element to another by skipping the intermediate steps, in fact the poem is difficult to understand; moreover, it must involve the reader. As Baudelaire says, nature is a forest of symbols, it contains everything, therefore also man because he is part of it.

How do the symbolists write?

The symbolists elaborate a new language, no longer logical, but analogical, allowing to bring to light the correspondences and mysterious links between things.

How is the poet considered by the Decadentists?

Decadentism and the twentieth century: Decadentism is placed between the end of the 19th century and the first years of the 20th century. In Italy the writers of decadence are: D’Annunzio, Pascoli, Fogazzaro (minor). … In these years of announcement, the mask of the esthete is created by living in a world of pure art that has beauty as its rule of life.

What does Baudelaire mean by the term correspondences?

The theme of the sonnet is made up of correspondences, that is, the bonds that are recognized in reality: each object refers to something else, it is a symbol of something else. It is up to man and in particular to the poet to find and communicate these symbols.

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What is meant by the term matches?

Correspondence, correspondence, as a reciprocal relationship between different elements; therefore convenience, proportion, symmetry, or conformity: c.

What is reality for Baudelaire and how can it be understood?

In the triplets it describes the five senses with which man can intuit reality: perfumes (smell), like skin (touch), sweets (taste), like oboe (hearing), green like grasslands (sight). The artist is based on sensory knowledge, so it doesn’t happen with reason or feeling.

What is the origin of the term Decadentism and what does it mean that it is used in two different meanings?

The term “decadentism” derives from the French adjective décadent, used by the French poet Paul Verlaine in the lyric Langueur, published in the French magazine Le Chat Noir, to define one’s mood towards contemporary society.

What relationship exists between symbolism and Decadentism?

Decadentism is also distinguished from Symbolism by a more marked aspiration of poetic language to the condition of pure music and by a more intense search for intimate correspondences and analogies between feelings and moods and nature.

How did Decadence conceive life?

The poetry of Decadentism is connected with the vision of life understood as a mystery. In fact, poetry is conceived as an instrument of knowledge of the mystery that surrounds us and is seen as the revelation and illumination of the unknown.

What did the Symbolists say?

The symbolists’ poetry is antirealistic, it has as its reference an abstract model of classical composure and the imitation of ancient models. For these poets, art must be uncontaminated by social problems. … That is why he was considered the initiator of modern poetry.

What do the symbolist painters want to represent?

To simplify as much as possible: for symbolist artists, authentic reality is not to be identified in the objective existence of things but in ideas; for the symbolists the essence of reality lies not in what is seen with the eyes but in what is perceived with the soul.

What are the mystery the correspondences the unconscious?

Mystery is the true reality that is not normally knowable by ordinary people. The term correspondences means that there is a close bond in all things, even the most diverse. The unconscious is that mysterious reality that we have inside us and that the ego does not know.

What are the elements of Pascoli’s Decadentism?

After this list of Pascoli’s themes, it can be seen that the themes of Decadentism are evident: the poet’s withdrawal into himself and into small things, the attraction, mixed with fear, towards the unknown and the mystery, the almost I continue to die and the search for something beyond this.

What is the decadent worldview?

Decadent worldview

The decadent believes that reason and science cannot give knowledge of reality, because its essence is beyond things, mysterious and enigmatic. The decadent soul is always reaching out towards the mystery and the unknowable.

What is the seer poet?

Seer poet, cursed poet and the pursuit of language.

The term seer indicates one who is able to see the future, a sort of prophet of poetry. Rimbaud, often using drugs and hallucinogenic substances, warns of premonitory sensations.

Who is the precursor of Decadentism?

The greatest incarnation of the bohemian artist and in this an unsurpassed model for the generation of the “cursed poets”, he is considered the father of literary symbolism and the precursor of Decadentism.

What are the characteristics of the child according to Pascoli?

Pascoli believes that in every person (regardless of the work they do and their social condition) there is a child. It is a sensitive spirit that consists of being able to marvel at small things, just like children do. … In this conception, Pascoli differs from decadence.

What are the characteristics of symbolism?

One of the main characteristics of symbolist poetry is, in fact, the tension towards a poetic language that focuses not on descriptiveness, but on musicality, made up of suggestions, which tends to free itself from the constraints of concrete meanings to transform into sound sequences, evocative, capable of to carry …

What are the means that according to the decadents allow us to grasp the secret essence of reality?

The secret essence of reality cannot be grasped through reason, but there are other means by which the decadent tries to get to it. All the irrational states of existence are indicated as the main tools of knowing: illness, madness, delirium, dream, nightmare and hallucination.

What criticizes decadence?

decadentism Literary category with which criticism indicates the attitude of taste that spread towards the end of the 19th century, affecting above all the literary production but also the customs and moral orientations of the bourgeois and petty bourgeois classes.

Why is Pirandello decadent?

Pirandello is placed within decadence, but manages to overcome it. The elements that bind it to decadentism are: the search for the writer’s identity (as in D’Annunzio) and relating the ego to society (decadent theme). … This is the reason why Pirandello comes out of decadence.

What kind of artist does Baudelaire represent?

Charles Baudelaire is certainly one of the most important poets of the nineteenth century and beyond. A key exponent of symbolism, he is also a great innovator of the lyrical genre and forerunner of decadence.

What kind of intellectual is Baudelaire?

Baudelaire is unanimously considered in poetry the “father of modernity”, or rather the one whose work has opened up the horizons of modernity to Europe.

What are the recurring themes in Baudelaire’s poetry?

The recurring themes are the existential crisis of the poet, the criticism of society, the depravity of moral models, the abuse of sexuality (it is no longer a question of pure love), aggression, the alteration of the senses, death.


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