What are the occult sciences?


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Occult is a term that derives from the Latin occultus and refers to the knowledge of what is “hidden”, or even to the knowledge of the supernatural, as opposed to “knowledge of the visible”, or to official science.

What is meant by occult sciences?

Occultus means “hidden, secret” and indicates the knowledge of what is hidden or secret. What are the occult sciences? There are various magical or divinatory theories and practices that involve the ability to use supernatural forces or beings to achieve goals, often evil.

What is the opposite of occult?

↓ hidden. ↔ clear, understandable, evident, manifest, obvious. 2. (fig.)

What are the esoteric sciences?

Esotericism is the term used to indicate, in a broad sense, spiritual doctrines of a partly secret or reserved nature. The occult truth or the hidden meanings of such doctrines are accessible only to the so-called adepts, often providing for different degrees of initiation.

What is the esoteric world?

esoteric In the philosophical and religious fields, they say and. the secret doctrines and teachings, which must not be divulged because they are intended for a few.

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What does an esotericist do?

In other words, esotericists investigate what God, Nature and the worlds of Spirit are, combining their personal observations and conclusions with a belief system that presents a cosmogony, a cosmology and an eschatology.

What is synonymous with hiding?

[non rendere manifesti sentimenti, intenzioni, opinioni: avere qualcosa da n.] ≈ conceal, cover, mask, conceal, veil. ↑ dissemble. ↔ manifest, reveal, discover, reveal.

Affecting synonym?

su: his father influenced his judgment]≈ condition (ø), count, engrave, influence (ø), weigh. ‖ Reflect, affect. influence v.

What’s in an invisible place?

[sottratto alla vista] It is concealed, concealed. ↑ occult. It is nowhere to be found, invisible. ↔ in sight, manifest, visible.

What is invisible?

– 1. In a generic sense, not visible, which cannot be seen. It is said, in particular: a. In an absolute sense, of that which, in order to be pure spirit or in any case incorporeal, does not manifest itself materially: God is i.

What is a more common synonym for the adverb malamente?

[in modo non conforme a precisi canoni: un mobile m. costruito] ≈ inadequately, inappropriately, (not com.) Inappropriately, badly. ↔ accurately, adequately, appropriately, well, (not com.)

Which of the following words have the same meaning as slit?

crack, cleft, cut, opening, breaking, crack, crack, groove, crack, cracking, laceration, gash.

What does it mean not to influence?

In person, exerting one’s authority over one or more other people to induce them to do something they otherwise would not do, or otherwise exert some influence on their decisions or behavior: try to i. on the judges, on the examination board; decide as you see fit, I do not want the.

What influence synonyms?

≈ ascendancy, authority, authority, credit, effect, weight, prestige.

What does it mean to influence a person?

[der. di influenza] (I influence, etc.). – [di persona, situazione e sim., esercitare un’azione determinante su qualcuno o qualcosa: non vorrei influenzare il tuo giudizio; lasciarsi influenzare] ≈ condition, impress, …

What is the name of a person who hides the truth?

Also called fantastic pseudology, mythomania is a psychological disorder that leads to manipulating the truth and lying in a pathological and continuous way. A mythomaniac person creates situations and events by adding his own, according to what he believes in.

What do you say when you hide something?

To conceal means to hide, to “pretend” (or pretend). So it’s a behavioral lie. When a person is covering up, then he is faking it, and the emphasis in particular is on hiding something.

What are the names of the people who are hiding?

Anonymity (or even anonymity) is the status of an anonymous person, that is, of a person whose identity is not known. …

What is an esoteric shop?

There are many esoteric shops, which are not simple commercial activities, but manage to transport customers to another world, characterized by magic. In Italy too, more and more buyers are attracted to esoteric objects.

What to see in esoteric Turin?

Magic Turin: Tour of the Symbols of White Magic

  • Piazza Castello, the epicenter of positive energy. …
  • The angelic fountain of Piazza Solferino, a Masonic-inspired fountain, represents the 4 seasons.

Who are the initiates?

Who is admitted to the knowledge and practice of certain religious cults by means of an initiation rite: only those initiated into the mysteries could attend the acts of worship; frequent (also in the following meanings) the use with negation: the uninitiated were excluded from these rites.

What conditions synonym?

[far dipendere da determinate condizioni, con la prep. a del secondo arg.: c. la propria accettazione all’adempimento di precisi obblighi] ≈ subordinate, bind. ↔ frank, release.

What does Ebbing mean?

Flow, flow back: at low tide the sea water flows back; the blood flows to the heart and then flows back through the arteries throughout the body. In use fig., Going out and returning, returning: the spectators flowed back from the stadium towards the city.

How do you spell the flu?

[in-flu-èn-za] sf 3 med. Viral respiratory disease, characterized by fever, headache, muscle aches: the i.

What shape do the slits have?

slit [Der. di fendere nel senso di “praticare un’apertura”, dal lat. findere] Rectangular opening, generally quite narrow, made in an opaque screen inserted in the path of a beam of rays to limit its opening or to …


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