What are the repeatable expenses?


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In general, it can be said that repeatable expenses such as electricity, gas, cleaning, water, etc. are the responsibility of the tenant. While the costs for new systems such as the construction of the sewer, the installation of a satellite dish, the installation of a video intercom, etc. are borne by the owner.

What are the non-repeatable expenses?

The following are non-recurring expenses: a) the allowances of honorary magistrates, of popular judges in the colleges of assizes and of experts; b) expenses related to the travel of professional judges of the court of assizes for the hearing held in a place other than that of normal convocation.

What are the expenses incurred by the tenant?

The tenant is responsible for the expenses for:

  • ordinary maintenance of lift.
  • television antenna and lighting.
  • annual cleaning, plant and filters, seasonal rest;
  • meter reading;
  • driving force, fuel;
  • consumption of fuel, water, electricity.
  • unblocking of wells and ducts.

What are repeatable?

101The repeatable consist of participation in the fee and expenses incurred in the interest of the customer. 2This regulation does not apply to relations between the lawyer and the patronized person. 2 Notwithstanding para.

What does the landlord have to pay?

The landlord is responsible for all those expenses relating to extraordinary management, those procedures involving the renewal, modification or replacement of parts of the property, including structural areas, as well as actions to modify, build or integrate sanitation. and technological …

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Who pays for sewerage costs?

According to the regulations the expenses for the sewer purge operation must be paid by the tenant.

When are you not entitled to legal aid?

On the other hand, all those who have received a definitive sentence for: mafia-type association are excluded from legal aid; criminal association aimed at smuggling foreign manufactured tobacco; illicit production, trafficking and possession of narcotic drugs or psychotropic substances.

What is meant by minor repairs to be paid by the tenant?

Pursuant to art. 1609 of the Italian Civil Code, minor maintenance repairs, which in accordance with[[1576]]must be carried out by the tenant at his own expense, they are those deriving from deterioration caused by use, and not those resulting from age or fortuitous events.

How to divide the condominium expenses between the owner and the tenant?

Most of the time the rental contract indicates the exact amount of the condominium expenses to be paid by the tenant or at least the calculation criteria. In this case, the tenant is required to pay the so-called “ancillary charges” to the lessor by way of reimbursement for the amount advanced by the latter to the administrator.

What is included in the ordinary rental maintenance?

3), all interventions that have to do with the efficiency of the house are considered to belong to ordinary maintenance, while all interventions that can be considered redevelopment works belong to the extraordinary maintenance category.

How to pay the criminal court costs?

To pay the court costs, therefore, one must contact the opponent directly and not his lawyer. With the latter you can have a contact to know the current account on which to pay the amounts.

What is the news sheet?

The news sheet is a tool that has the function of summarizing the list of costs of the process, in order not to delay the exact quantification of the credit by the office responsible for the recovery. This need, of course, is present in every phase of judgment.

How is the payment of the legal costs carried out?

The settlement of the legal expenses is made by the magistrate where the proceedings are carried out, while the payment is arranged by the competent office of the delegated officer at the same expenses.

What is meant by small maintenance?

They are those contrary to the “necessary repairs” and consist of minor interventions (for invasiveness and economic outlay, eg the painting of the walls), which aim to obviate the natural decay of the thing as a consequence of the enjoyment of it.

Who has to pay for faucet repair?

The owner is instead responsible for failures due to age or unforeseeable circumstances, as specified by art. 1609. You will therefore have to invite the owner to replace the taps at his own expense, while he will not be able to claim any reimbursement for other small interventions carried out.

Who pays if something breaks in a rented house?

As for the questions, I’m going to answer you. The tenant has to pay the ordinary expenses, for example if a chair or table breaks, he has to pay for it, if the technician comes for the boiler for ordinary maintenance, for example the smoke check, this is the responsibility of the tenant.

How do you get a free lawyer?

To benefit from free legal aid in civil matters, it is necessary to present the so-called application for admission to the Council of the Bar Association of the place where the trial takes place, personally (by the applicant or by his lawyer) or by registered letter with return receipt.

How much must the ISEE be for legal aid?

115/2002) says that only those who have a taxable income for the purposes of personal income tax, resulting from the last declaration, not exceeding 11,746.68 euros can be admitted to legal aid.

Who Can’t Afford a Lawyer?

all Italian citizens; stateless persons (i.e. those who are without citizenship); non-profit organizations or associations that do not carry out economic activities; foreigners with a regular residence permit.

Who pays for rent repairs?

The art. 1576 cc provides, as a general criterion, that the landlord (owner) must carry out all necessary repairs, with the exception of minor maintenance ones, which are instead the responsibility of the tenant (tenant).

What can a renter do?

In general, the tenant can make improvements to the apartment, as long as he does not change the intended use of the property. As for the money spent, the tenant is entitled to an allowance for the improvements made to the apartment unless the contract provides otherwise [3].

Who pays for the maintenance of the garden?

The maintenance costs of the gardening, pruning of plants, lighting as we have seen, are borne by all condominiums, in the case of rented apartments, they must be borne by the tenant, being the latter required by law to reimburse to his landlord as to him …

How much does a sewer purge cost?

Simple cesspool purge: from € 80.00 to € 120.00. Black well purging with removal of clogging material: from € 100.00 to € 150.00. Simple septic tank purging: from € 100.00 to € 250.00. Septic purging with removal of clogging material: from € 150.00 to € 300.0.

How much does it cost to bleed?

Therefore, for standard-sized homes, the prices for purging cesspools generally range from 80 to 150 euros, while the cost of purging the septic tank from 100 to 300 euros, excluding any unforeseen and ancillary operations that can increase the cost. overall of the operation.


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