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Consap, as its acronym testifies, carries out, under concession, public insurance services aimed, in principle, at covering “community risks” that cannot be compensated by normal contractual mechanisms.

How to contact Consap?

For more information call n. 06.85796444, active from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 17:00.

How to make a Consap mortgage?

To access the Fund with the 50% guarantee, it is necessary to present the form that can be downloaded from the MEF or Consap website and in any case available in the bank, attaching an identity document (or Passport together with the Residence permit for …

How to register with Consap?

To enroll in the Roll of Insurance Experts, a specific application with stamp duty must be sent to Consap, by registered letter with return receipt, using the forms that can be downloaded from the website. At the same time, it is necessary to pay the government concession tax, currently equal to € 168.00.

How to solicit the Consap?

Dedicated Contacts

  1. Call n. 06.85796444 active from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 13:00.
  2. E-mail: refundistanza@consap.it only for any information.

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What does Consap mean?

CONSAP Concessionaria Servizi Assicurativi Pubblici SpA, wholly owned by the Ministry of Economy and Finance, was established in 1993 by spin-off from the National Insurance Institute (INA), on the occasion of its privatization.

How to pay a claim?

The policyholder of the insurance policy of the responsible vehicle, where he deems it convenient to “reimburse the accident”, may pay the relative amount directly to the clearing house, by bank transfer (also from BancoPosta), to the dedicated current account.

How much does an insurance adjuster earn on average?

The average salary per insurance expert in Italy is € 27 500 per year or € 14.10 per hour. Entry level positions earn a salary of € 27,000 per year, while more experienced workers earn up to € 29,700 per year.

How do you become a hail expert?

How to become an expert? First of all, it is necessary to be enrolled in one’s own college / membership order (in addition to agricultural experts and agronomists, surveyors can carry out the survey activity) and be in possession of the compulsory professional insurance policy.

What degree do I need to be an insurance expert?

Let’s start by telling you that a high school diploma or a three-year degree is required to become an insurance expert; the next step is to carry out an internship lasting two years and finally it is possible to enroll in the register.

How to apply for Consap 2021?

To access the fund, it is necessary to submit an application to the bank where the loan is being amortized. With the publication in the Official Gazette of Legislative Decree 25 May 2021 n. 73, “Urgent measures related to the COVID-19 emergency, for businesses, work, young people and local services” (cd

How do you get a 100% mortgage?

To grant a 100% mortgage, the bank could request the granting of a surety covering 20% ​​of the mortgage value exceeding 80%, or request a guarantee from the State through the Consap Fund.

How much can I ask for a mortgage with my salary?

An installment income ratio not exceeding 30-35%: this ratio indicates the applicant’s ability to repay and the maximum amount of the mortgage installments. Put simply, the mortgage payment cannot exceed one third of the applicant’s monthly income.

Who can access the Consap mortgage?

Being under 36 years of age and an ISEE below 40,000 euros are the necessary conditions to benefit from the 80% first home mortgage guarantee fund. The reference for requesting it is always the bank granting the loan, while the form to be filled out is available on the Consap website.

How to make a cashback claim?


The appeal for the Cashback must be submitted exclusively electronically, through the Consap SpA Cashback complaints portal, which can be reached from this page. Consap, in fact, was commissioned by the Ministry of Economy and Finance to pay the reimbursements for the purchases made.

How does the Guarantee Fund for the first home work?

It is a state fund managed by Consap which intervenes by guaranteeing 50% of the principal amount of the required mortgages, thus making it easier to access credit. If there is a guarantee from the State Fund, in fact, the bank cannot ask for a guarantor.

How much does a hail expert earn?

The average salary per appraiser in Italy is € 10,200 per year or € 5.23 per hour. Entry level positions earn a salary of € 7,200 per year, while more experienced workers earn up to € 29,363 per year. How much do I earn per month with a yearly salary of 10 200 €?

How much does an appraiser earn?

The minimum and maximum salary of a Risk assessors and damage appraisers – from € 1,417.15 to € 4,313.41 per month – 2021. Risk assessors and damage appraisers evaluate property and miscellaneous goods, as well as damages covered by insurance policies.

How do you become an expert appraiser?

To become a certified real estate appraiser, it is necessary to pass an exam conducted by an ISO 17024 accredited body, recognized by Accredia.

What does the insurance expert do?

The insurance adjuster is a crucial figure in the world of insurance. It was established as a specific role by a law of 1992. … The expert assesses the damages, establishes the consequent compensation and also carries out the consultancy on the basis of which the cost of insurance premiums undergoes an increase.

How Much Does an Insurance Lawyer Make?

The average income of a lawyer in 2019 was € 40,180, according to the data of the 2021 Report on law, created by Censis in collaboration with Cassa Forense.

How does the expert’s job work?

The work of the expert is carried out through the free profession and, due to the particular nature of the profession, must not have any kind of connection with the parties involved in a dispute. The expert can intervene, in fact, both for customers and for an insurance company.

How do you know how much insurance has paid for a claim?

Connect to the Consap site and, in the category “Funds and activities”, choose the item “claim refund” included in the “insurance services” group. From here we select the item “Online request procedure to find out the amount paid” to get to the page of our interest.

How to know how much a claim has been paid?

Question that often and willingly arises. To find out if a claim has been liquidated, all we have to do is go to the official Consap website and go to the category, “Funds and assets”, choose the items “claim refund” and “insurance services”.

How does the settlement of a claim take place?

In fact, if the parties find the agreement and the amicable finding form is then signed by both parties, the compensation will be paid by their company in 30 days. If, on the other hand, this agreement between the parties has not been possible, the liquidation of the damage will take place after 60 days.


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