What are the synonyms for introvert?


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[di persona che mostra grande riservatezza e poca comunicativa: un ragazzo i.] ≈ closed, shy. ↑ asocial. ↔ open, communicative, expansive, extroverted.

What does it mean when a person is introverted?

– Folded, turned in, turned inside out. More com. (especially in the introverted form), of a person who has a strong tendency to introversion, to withdraw into the world of feelings and fantasy: a boy i., or of character i .; also as sm (f. … [di persona che ha forte tendenza all’introversione] ≈ Ⓖ closed.

What is the synonym for closed?

tight, narrow, barred; inaccessible Contr. open, wide open; accessible 2 (of character) Sin. introverted, shy; grumpy Contr. open, outgoing, outgoing 3 (fig.)

How do you say when a person is not shy?

≈ closed, introverted, reserved, shy, shy. ‖ Hesitant, awkward, uncertain, indecisive, inhibited, insecure, irresolute. ↔ affable, uninhibited, casual, outgoing, sociable. ↑ gritty, impudent, cheeky, brash, self-confident.

What is the synonym for Happy?

Other synonyms: joyful, blissful.

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What is the synonym for happiness?

≈ cheerfulness, contentment, (lit.) joy, joy, gladness, (lit.) gladness. ↑ bliss ↔ grief, unhappiness, sadness, discontent, sadness.

What is the opposite of Happy?

CONTR sad, unhappy, sorry, desolate.

How does a shy person dress?

Wear something flashy and special. Dress to express your personality and inner beauty. Sometimes it can happen that you get stuck in your own way of dressing and forget to explore other ways of expression through clothing and jewelry.

How do you say the opposite of salty?

[di cibo, che contiene sale o troppo sale: pane s.] ≈ tasty. ↔ insipid, sciapito, (region.) Sciapo, (Tuscan)

Doesn’t that make noise synonym?

quiet, quiet, (lit.) silent, (lit.) tacit, quiet. ↔ noisy, noisy.

What is the synonym for Dry?

≈ thin, wiry, thin, [di viso] emaciated, [di viso] gaunt, [di viso] haggard. ↑ skeletal. ‖ Lean, skinny, slender, slim. … stubby, stout, florid, fat, massive, plump, [di viso] plump.

What is the opposite of closed?

Antonyms of closed

Other opposites: versatile, receptive, open, ventilated, barred, spampanato, aerated, spread apart.

What is the synonym for tin?

Other synonyms: marsh, gora.

How to deal with an introverted person?

  1. Respect the times and channels of communication. To connect with an introverted person, you must first understand one aspect. …
  2. An onion with lots of interesting layers. …
  3. Don’t make them feel the center of attention. …
  4. Meaningful conversations. …
  5. The pleasure of silence. …
  6. Respect the spaces.

What does it mean introverted and extroverted?

The extroverted person seeks the approval of others and tends to express judgments that are not too different from those of the group. The introvert, on the other hand, tends to remain distant from the external world, because he is more attracted to his inner world.

How to communicate with an introverted person?

So let’s see together 12 + 1 ways to communicate with introverts and extroverts and bring out the best!

  1. Give them time to think and then talk. …
  2. Give them time to make decisions. …
  3. Respect their discretion …
  4. Appreciate their need to work alone.

What is meant by salty?

Facetious, witty, biting: a yes answer; jokes s .; she spoke to him with words that were too sane; rarer, salacious, spicy: savory jokes. c. Only in the ancient use, bitter, humiliating, difficult, burdensome to bear: the wine of Your Lordship seemed to me to be s.

What is the opposite of wet?

I laugh, [di erba o pianta] dewy, [di persona o indumento] sweaty. ↔ dry. ⇓ arid, parched, dry. wet adj.

What is the opposite of hope?

hope. ‖ Confidence, optimism. ↔ ↑ despair. ‖ Pessimism, distrust.

What to say to a shy person?

Avoid direct questions that ask for a yes or no answer. Instead of asking “Did you like that new movie?”, Ask instead “What do you think of…”. Only after introducing more neutral topics, you can ask what their favorite activities are, but not first.

What do people think of shy people?

People with shyness get involved in going out, participating in social situations. But they tend to repeat the same things over and over, show a limited repertoire of actions that they try not to change. Because for them, change would mean danger.

How is a shy person?

Shyness is defined as the inability to respond adequately to social situations: in particular, shy people have difficulty meeting other people and starting a conversation with them, creating friendships and falling in love (Henderson, Zimbardo, Carducci, 2010) .

What is the opposite of Satisfied?

↔ disappointed, unsatisfied, dissatisfied, discontent, (not com.) Dissatisfied, discontent. He is frustrated. 2.

What is the opposite of serene?


opposites cloudy, cloudy, overcast, dark, threatening, gloomy | (fig) restless, troubled, distressed, worried, anxious, thoughtful | (fig) partial, unfair, subjective | bad weather, bad weather.

What is the opposite of cheerful?


opposites sad, depressed, melancholy, grief, distressed, dejected, thoughtful, worried, serious, gloomy.


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