What are threads?


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The term thread is applied to two meanings connected to each other: that is, it indicates the type of mechanical construction suitable for creating a helical coupling between two elements, as well as the operation that leads to the creation of this type of coupling. Commonly, the resulting structure is called a fillet.

What does M10 mean in a mechanical drawing?

Metric ISO threads

The designation of metric threads is indicated by the letter “M” followed by the value of the nominal diameter, possibly followed by the sign “x” and the pitch. The coarse thread is the most used in common uses. The table below shows its characteristics.

How many threads are there?

There are three standard forms of thread used: triangular threads. square threads. trapezoid threads.

What does M10 thread mean?

M6 M8 M10 etc., it means that they are compliant and standard threads with respect to the metric-decimal system, so their diameter and “pitch” are: mm. 6 x1, mm.

What does right thread mean?

Angle and direction of the helix

The thread is right (or right hand) when advancing along the helix rotates clockwise around the axis of the part. It is called left (or left) if you rotate counterclockwise.

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What is the difference between a metric thread and a Whitworth?

The Whitworth thread has an ideal triangular profile very similar to the ISO metric one except for the different angle at the vertex (in this case of 55 ° instead of 60 °). The nominal profile is then identical for screw and nut screw and is rounded both at the crest and at the bottom with a fitting with a radius equal to h / 6.

How to understand what thread it is?

At a regulatory level, the thread of a screw is designated with the letter M followed by the nominal diameter expressed in mm: in the previous example, therefore, the reading of the 1.95 mm gauge will correspond to an M2 thread.

What does m16 thread mean?

Thread designation examples 1) M 16 ISO metric triangular profile thread, nominal diameter 16 mm, coarse pitch 2 mm.

What does M6 thread mean?

M6 indicates a metric thread (M) with a diameter of 6 mm.

What does M4 screw mean?

M4 5 and 6 indicate the thread diameter of the screws, BUT is the thread type (which is the standard for us) and the number that follows 12 15 16 20 25 etc. etc. indicates the length in mm. of the threaded part.

What are the most important profiles of metric threads?

Threads: profiles and types

  • TRIANGULAR PROFILE ISO METRIC THREADS (extract UNI 5542 – UNI 5543 limit dimensions) …

  • ASA THREADS – (extract ASA B1-1 / 1960) …

  • NPT THREADS – American Standard Taper Pipe Thread (USAS B2-1 / 1968 extract) …

  • WHITWORTH THREADS – (UNI 2709 extract)

Which parameter is characteristic of a thread?

Types of screw threads: characterizing elements

The elements that characterize a thread are: Length l, measured in the direction of the axis of the screw or nut; … Height or depth h, equal to the semidifference of De and Dn. Crest or vertex V: the upper surface that joins the two sides.

What is the ideal profile for ISO metric threads?

In ISO metric threads the ideal profile is an equilateral triangle and the ideal screw and nut profiles coincide and also the base profile is identical for both but is different from the ideal profile only for a smoothing of the height.

What is mechanical drawing for?

The mechanical drawings that come out of a technical office must contain all the information necessary for the manufacture of the piece or assembly represented. … The task of providing all the elements mentioned is carried out by the drawings of details.

What does a nominal dimension represent in a drawing?

The dimension consists of a value that represents the size or angle, and two geometric references that indicate the starting and ending point or line of the length or angle. … Otherwise you can return the value to the middle of the line, interrupting it just enough to return the figure.

What kind of dimension does this graphic symbol Ø indicate?

The dimension of the diameter must be preceded by the symbol Ø whenever it is not evident in the drawing that it is a diameter. This symbol must not be placed when the representation is made perpendicular to the axis such as eg. when dimensioning a circumference in plan.

What does M8 stand for?

However, the number, in this case, only shortens a part of the word. So: “M8” (“Mate”, translated: “friend, mate”), “R8” (“Rate”: “fare”), “GR8” (“Great”: “Great, fantastic”) or “H8” (“Hate”: “I hate”).

What does big step mean?

In the coarse pitch series, only one pitch value corresponds to each nominal diameter. The adjective “big” indicates that this pitch is the one with the greatest value for that diameter. In the threading process, a male threader creates threads inside the holes to accommodate screws or bolts.

How to calculate the core diameter?

Core diameter: measured at the bottom of the thread of the screw d3 and on the crest of the nut screw D1. Average diameter: it is the diameter d2 = D2 measured on the average line. Middle line: line contained in an axial plane and such that its intersections with the flanks of the thread are equidistant.

What does M20 mean?

M20 was a ballistic missile launched from intermediate-range submarines, or with the French notation MSBS, for Mer-Sol Balistique Stratégique.

What is the core diameter?

Core diameter: it is the diameter of the imaginary cylindrical surface that is tangent to the bottoms for an external thread and to the top for an internal thread, indicated with d for external threads and D for internal ones; Click to expand …

How to measure the pitch of a nut?

To see the pitch without buying unnecessary gadgets, count 10 turns of thread and measure the ridges with the tips of the gauge, if they are 15 mm it will be 1.5 pitch if they are 12.5 mm it will be 1.25 …

How do you measure the length of a screw?

Usually the length of the screw is measured from under the head, except in the case of countersunk screws where the surface of the head is assumed to be flush with the surface where the screw is inserted. In this case, the length also includes the head of the screw.

How do you take the measurements of the screws?

Measures. The initial letter indicates the type of thread, in this case Metric. The first number indicates the external diameter of the thread in mm. The second number indicates the length of the screw always in mm (not to be confused with that of the thread pitch).


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