What areas remained to the Lombards after the conquest of the Franks?


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Without encountering great resistance, the Lombards spread across the Po Valley; in Tuscany; in the Apennine areas of central Italy, reaching as far as Campania, in the Benevento area.

What did the Lombards do in Italy?

The Lombards arrived easily in northern Italy, and after a long siege they entered Pavia, which became their capital. From there they moved south, arriving in Spoleto and Benevento, which became the seat of autonomous Lombard Ducats.

How did the Lombards initially behave?

The Lombards were a people in arms led by an aristocracy of knights and a warrior king. The title was not dynastic but elective: the election took place within the army, which served as an assembly of free men (Arimanni).

How was Italy divided in the period in which the Lombards invaded it?

The Lombard Kingdom (Regnum Langobardorum in Latin) was the state entity established in Italy by the Lombards between 568-569 (invasion of Byzantine Italy) and 774 (fall of the Kingdom by the Franks of Charlemagne), with the capital Pavia . …

Why are the Lombards unable to conquer all of Italy?

The Lombards divided Italy. In fact, they never managed to conquer the whole peninsula, because many territories remained under the protection of the Byzantine emperors.

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Why are the Byzantines unable to take Italy back from the Lombards?

Various hypotheses have been advanced on the reasons why Byzantium did not have the strength to react to the invasion: the scarcity of the Italo-Byzantine troops. the lack of a talented general after the removal of Narses.

How did the Lombards fight?

One of the offensive tactics that we can consider plausible for the Lombards was the so-called “boar’s head” (or “wedge”) formation which saw the leader, surrounded by the best and best armed warriors, start the charge on the enemy and then try to to open a passage in its defenses (to the nobles who …

Which Italian areas were affected by the Lombard rule?

The former occupied all of northern Italy – except for Liguria (conquered in the mid-7th century) and the area of ​​the Venetian lagoon -; Tuscany; the territories of Spoleto and Benevento in the central south.

In what year did the Lombards arrive in Italy?

The Lombards (Germanic population) settled in Italy in 568 led by King Alboin, giving life to an independent kingdom (whose capital was placed in Pavia) and which extended as far as Benevento, controlling territories in a large part of northern and continental Italy.

What is the reason why the Rotari edict was issued?

The edict of Rotari issued on November 22, 643, in Pavia, is the first code of laws written in Latin by the Lombard people. … With the edict, the Lombard sovereign Rotari (636-652) wanted to affirm a single and codified justice throughout the kingdom, eliminating as much as possible differences, abuses, personal vendettas.

Where did the Lombards initially live?

The land of origin of the people of the Winnili, ancient name of the Lombards, is traditionally located in Scania, the current Scandinavia. Soon the Lombards abandoned these lands to move to northern Germany, where, between the 1st and 3rd centuries AD, they were counted among the Germanic lineages.

How did the Lombards behave with the Latin peoples?

The Lombards knew that they were few against many and that they were surrounded by enemies, so they imposed themselves as rulers and did not seek any form of collaboration or integration with the Latins. Submissive peoples became slaves without any rights.

Why do the Lombards tend to remain separate from the rest of the population?

The main reason for this fracture lies in the fact that the Lombard occupation took place in a non-homogeneous way: on the one hand the main Byzantine strongholds were avoided to avoid long and tiring sieges (and in fact even within the Lombard areas many centers remained for a long time fortified …

Who were the Lombards and where did they come from?

The land of origin of the people of the Winnili, ancient name of the Lombards, is traditionally located in Scania, the current Scandinavia. Soon the Lombards abandoned these lands to move to northern Germany, where, between the 1st and 3rd centuries AD, they were counted among the Germanic lineages.

Who were the Lombards and where did they settle?

The Lombards were an ancient West Germanic population, originally settled in the lower Elbe River, who settled in Pannonia towards the beginning of the 6th century.

Who leads the Lombards to Italy?

The Lombards, commanded by AMALAFRIDO, invaded the territory of the Gepids and defeated them in a great battle in which TORRISMONDO, son of the gepid king TORISINDO, died at the hands of ALBOINO, who was the son of king AUDOINO.

What is the physical aspect of the Lombards?

Likewise, the Lombard type has been preserved in many parts of our country, of which individuals of tall stature, vigorous limbs, little open physique, having neither large nor expressive eyes, white complexion and light chestnut or blond hair are authentic.

Who is the last king of the Lombards?

DESIRE (756-774)

Duke of Turin, having ascended the throne, he was forced to cede some territories to the Pope, including the exarchate of Ravenna. Favorable to a policy of alliances with the neighboring kingdom of the Franks, he married his daughter Ermengarda to King Charlemagne.

Which were the most important Lombard centers?

The seven places of the serial site

  • Cividale del Friuli.
  • Brescia.
  • Castelseprio.
  • Spoleto.
  • Campello sul Clitunno.
  • Benevento.
  • Monte Sant’Angelo.

Why did the papacy fear the Lombards?

this weakness was a pretext for the descent of the Slavs, an Indo-European people who arrived as far as Greece. They turned into a sedentary people and converted to Christianity. In Italy the Lombards break the unity of the peninsula led by King Alboin.

What language do the Lombards speak?

The Lombard or Lombard language was the Germanic language used by the Lombards, a people who invaded the Italian peninsula in 568. The use of this language rapidly declined starting from the 7th century as the invaders quickly adopted the vernacular neo-Latin spoken by the local populations. .

What happened to the Lombards?

After almost two centuries of dominion over Italy, the Lombard Kingdom fell in 774 AD by the hand of Charlemagne, who absorbed the crown.

What weapons did the Lombards use?

In principle we can therefore assert that the armament supplied by the cavalry included spurs, saddle and stirrups, shield, spear, sword and sax, while for the infantry there were shield, sword or sax, bow and arrows.

How did the Lombards dress?

Their clothes were quite large, made mostly of linen, as the Anglo-Saxons are accustomed to wear, and decorated with wider flounces and in fabrics of various colors. They also wore sandals, open to the tip of the thumb and held in place by intertwined leather laces.

What was Sutri’s donation?

By Donation of Sutri we mean the transfer, carried out in 728 by the Lombard sovereign Liutprando to Pope Gregory II, of some castles of the Roman Duchy important for the defense of Rome, the largest of which was that of Sutri.


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