What can be taught with an art school diploma?


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Master of Arts

  • art of photography;

  • art of advertising graphics and photography;

  • advertising art;

  • graphic arts;
  • art of printing;

  • ceramic art;

  • semiprecious stone art;

  • wood art;

What to do with an art school diploma?

with the simple diploma you can become an interior designer, a decorator, a sculptor, a technician who works in the cinema and theater sector, as a set designer, studio organization, audio and video operator. In the field of the web you can work as a graphic designer, web designer, photographer.

What is the name of the diploma of the art institute?

The diploma of master of art is the title obtained by those who have attended an art institute, a secondary school that no longer exists today.

What is taught with an artistic high school diploma?

Specifically, these are technological laboratories and exercises or laboratories in coexistence in which students are taught everything related to the marble processing technique within Professional Institutes of the Industry and Handicraft sector, addressing Industrial and Handicraft Production.

What diplomas fall under the ITP?

An ITP teacher is a full-fledged teacher, but has something different than other teachers. While a master’s or specialist degree is usually required to become a tenured teacher, the ITP teacher must have a baccalaureate degree from a technical or professional institution.

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What are the qualifying qualifications?

Old Order Degree, New Order Specialist or Master’s Degree, Second Level Academic Diploma, Conservatory or Academy of Fine Arts Diploma Old Order DPR 19/2016 and DM 259/2017; High school diploma (for technical-practical teaching) DPR 19/2016 and DM 259/2017.

What is meant by artistic maturity?

It involves both the teaching of subjects typical of a high school (literature, history, philosophy, mathematics, physics) and the deepening of subjects connected with the applied and visual arts (painting, sculpture, architecture, design, graphics, scenography, audiovisual, art history).

How to become a Liceo Artistico teacher?

After the bachelor’s degree you will need to enroll in the master’s degree. The latter has a duration of two years. At the end of your studies you will have to carry out an internship lasting one year. Only at the end of this process will you finally be able to obtain the qualification for teaching and participate in competitions.

What is the name of the high school diploma?

A baccalaureate is the definition of an upper secondary school diploma. The upper secondary school includes, according to the terms of the law, all the schools and schools following the lower middle school.

What is the five-year diploma?

Therefore, according to the aforementioned jurisprudential orientation, an upper secondary school diploma must be understood as a diploma issued following a five-year course of study or of shorter duration as long as it ends with the issue of a qualification for access to the University.

What is the professional qualification diploma?

The certificate of professional qualification is a document with which the organization that offers the professional training service, i.e. the region of residence, certifies the professional skills and knowledge acquired by the student during the training course.

What is the difference between the Art Institute and the Liceo Artistico?

The artistic high school is a classical high school with the artistic direction (a few more hours of artistic laboratory); while the art institute is really an institute that initiates you to work and among the subjects that there are, there are, for example, the working of wood and ceramics.

How can art history be taught?

  1. If you want to become a teacher of art history it would be good to have an art degree, for example high school would be an excellent choice, because then you will have to continue university. …
  2. The university you must enroll in is the science of cultural heritage course.

What do you need to teach?

– graduates with a master’s / specialist degree, or equivalent, who also have 24 credits for teaching; – qualified to teach. You can choose to compete for a middle school competition class, and for a high school competition class.

What does it take to teach in high school?

To date, things have changed and the qualification to teach is subsequent to the passing of the competition for professorships, that is the public competition that allows you to fill a teaching position in the designated regions. If you have passed all the competition tests you will have obtained your teaching qualification.

What title does the scientific high school issue?

The scientific high school is one of the secondary schools that can be accessed in Italy, within the relative education system. At the end of the course of study, the specific diploma is issued, often called, in common parlance, scientific maturity.

What title does the art school issue?

Qualification obtained

Upon passing the State Exam, the student will have a certificate of Artistic High School Diploma, with specific articulation based on the choice between Architecture and Environment or Figurative Arts.

Why be artistic?

Many young people realize since the middle school, or even as children, to be very skilled in artistic activities such as drawing or painting. For this reason, since it is easier and more interesting to study what you like, the Art School can be the perfect opportunity to combine duty and pleasure.

How much does a teacher earn 18 hours?

1,157 euros for a 12-hour substitute; 1,208 euros for a substitute of 14 hours; 1,329 euros for a 16-hour substitute teaching; 1,460 euros for a substitute of 18 hours.

How much does a middle school teacher earn per month?

For secondary school teachers, the starting salary is like that of a middle school teacher (€ 20,973) up to € 32,912; in the period between 9 and 14 years of service for € 24,062.

How to teach in private schools without a license?

For teachers of private schools it is not necessary to have the qualification, but it is enough to have a specific degree for the subject of teaching or a specialization diploma for teaching.


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