What documents do i need to go to hungary?


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Italian or EU citizens, both adults and minors, must have either a valid passport or a valid identity card for expatriation.

What do you need to go to Budapest?

All information on the validity of the identity card, passport, driving license and Italian health card in Budapest. Hungary is part of the European Community, although it has not yet adopted the Euro. To go to Budapest, therefore, a normal identity card valid for expatriation is sufficient.

Does anyone arriving from Hungary need to quarantine?

Hungarian citizens returning to Hungary and holders of a protection certificate are exempt from mandatory quarantine. Hungarian citizens without vaccination certificates, returning from abroad, are required to remain in quarantine at home for 10 days from the date of entry.

How to get around Hungary?

In Hungary the internal transport network is efficient, well developed and quite cheap compared to other countries. Urban transport in Hungary is entrusted to buses, trolley buses and, in some cities such as Budapest, Debrecen, Szeged and Miskolc, trams also serve.

How do you live in Budapest?

  • Budapest is a wonderful international city, with historic districts, old and new houses, many clubs, bars, restaurants and a large international community.

  • Winters are cold and last from November to March, the summer weather, on the other hand, can be very hot, and easily exceed 30 ° C.

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How much does a liter of milk cost in Hungary?

The prices of food products in supermarkets are lower than in Italy. For example, in Hungary you have to pay for: Bottle or carton of milk (1 liter): 0.68 EUR (242 HUF)

What to do in Budapest in three days?

What to See in Budapest in 3 Days: Best Itinerary

  • 1 – Fishermen’s Bastion (Halasbastya)
  • 2 – Matthias Church.
  • 3 – Walk to the Buda Castle.

  • 4 – Chain Bridge (Széchenyi Lánchíd)
  • 5 – Gresham Palace.
  • 6 – St. Stephen’s Basilica (Szent Istvan Bazilica)
  • 7 – Budapest Synagogue.
  • 8 – Vorosmarty Ter.

What currency is used in Hungary?

For this reason, the state continues to use its historic currency, the Hungarian forint. Although Hungary has an obligation to adopt the euro, it has not yet prepared an adoption plan or set a target date.

What are the three areas of Hungary called?

The territory is crossed by the Danube which divides it into two regions: Transdanubia, to the west, and Alföld (or Great Hungarian plain), to the east.

What to know before going to Budapest?

If you are planning your dream vacation, these are the 5 things to know about Budapest.

  • Make a euro – Hungarian forint exchange before you leave. …
  • Restaurants close early. …
  • On the premises it is customary to leave a tip. …
  • The spas are the place of relaxation par excellence.

When will the borders be opened?

When will you be able to travel to Europe again? In fact, it is already possible from 15 June 2020, the date on which European countries reopened internal borders and restored free movement in the Schengen area.

How to enter Covid Italy?

To enter Italy with the COVID-19 green certification, travelers must be in one of the following conditions, certified by the certification: having completed the prescribed anti-SARS-CoV-2 vaccination course for at least 14 days. or be cured of COVID-19.

How is it worth paying in Budapest?

In general, it is always advisable to withdraw using ATMs or other debit cards. At the airport and throughout the city there are ATMs everywhere. I recommend that you always have florins with you, preferably in small bills, because many shops and restaurants outside the big chains only accept cash.

How much does a coffee cost in Hungary?

Average prices of food, drinks, services

Let’s see what are the approximate average prices of food, drinks and services in Budapest: A bus or tram ticket € 1.20 Coffee at the bar € 1.2 A cappuccino at the bar € 1.6

What to do in Budapest in the summer?

What to do in Budapest in the summer

  • Drink a fröccs in an outdoor bar. …
  • Stroll on Margaret Island. …
  • Drink sitting at Deák Ferenc Square. …
  • Swim in the outdoor pools. …
  • Picnic in a park. …
  • Cruise on the Danube. …
  • Sunbathing by the river. …
  • Eat an ice cream.

What to see in Budapest in 7 days?

The Danube, what a sight!

  • The castle.
  • The parliament.
  • The fishermen’s bastion.
  • The bridges.
  • The Jewish quarter with the great synagogue.
  • The iconic square of heroes.
  • The opera house.
  • The historic cafes.

What to do in 4 days in Budapest?


  • What to see in Budapest in 4 days: the itinerary.

  • Walk on the riverside.
  • The Chain Bridge.
  • The Funicular.
  • The castle.
  • The Fishermen’s Bastion and Mátyás Church.
  • The Hill of Géllert – Citadel.
  • The Church in the Rock.

How much money does it take to live in Hungary?

The average rental cost of a house in Hungary is 410.71 euros (145.609.42 HUF), 301 euros lower than the Italian one. Instead, the average cost to buy a house in Hungary is 1,327.77 euros (470,734.25 HUF) per square meter, 1,264 euros per square meter lower than in Italy.

How much does a worker make in Hungary?

The 2018 minimum wage in Hungary was set at 138,000 gross forint for unskilled workers and 180,500 gross forint for so-called skilled workers.


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