What does Achilles think of the war he is fighting?


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Achilles is telling Agamemnon that it is thanks to him, the bravest of warriors, that he will win the war and get richer gifts than a simple slave.

What does Agamemnon think of Achilles?

Agamemnon wants his reward and tells Achilles not to lie to him Achilles reiterates that he will have his reward as soon as he has bought a city. Agamemnon tells Achilles not to lie because he can’t escape him, and if he doesn’t get his reward he will deprive Achilles of his prize after the victory.

What does Christ ask Agamemnon and what answer does he get?

Agamemnon kidnaps Chriseis, daughter of the priest Chryses, and forces her to be his slave in his palace; Chryses tries to free her before her by asking directly to Agamemnon who, however, she refuses of her, then asks for the help of the Achaeans but they are unable to free her, and finally, without any other opportunity, Chryses addresses one of her …

Why does Achilles return to the war?

The reasons why the war broke out were linked to a question of political and economic supremacy in the region, but legend has it that the reason for the conflict was the kidnapping of Elena, wife of Menelao, considered the most beautiful woman in the world by Paris.

What does Agamemnon reproach Achilles?

Agamemnon reproaches Achilles for coming to war otherwise the Achaeans would lose the war. 2. Because he wants to make him understand that he is the son of gods.

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How did Agamemnon react to Achilles’ words?

Agamemnon, however, answers thus, turning to Achilles: “Then the just Greeks must grant me another slave, adequate (like) the previous one and which corresponds to my desire. If they don’t give it to me, I will kidnap it myself, be it Ajax’s slave, Ulysses’s, or even yours! “

Who is the atris to whom Achilles turns?

Atrìde is the patronymic of the sons of Atreo: Agamemnon and Menelao. Agamemnon was older and therefore was called the major Atríde, while Menelaus was the minor Atríde. The two Atrides play a central role in Homer’s Iliad.

What is the fate of Achilles?

According to the best known version of Greek mythology, as soon as he is born Achilles is immersed in the water of the infernal river Styx held by the heel by his mother Tethys, thus becoming invulnerable everywhere except in that part of the body.

What happens between Hector and Achilles before they start fighting?

The duel between Hector and Achilles summarized

Hector has in fact decided, after a dramatic soliloquy, to face Achilles, but at the sight of the terrible Achaean warrior he is seized by fear and runs away, chased by Achilles. The two complete the perimeter of the walls of Troy three times.

What motive prompts Achilles to resume his place among the Achaean warriors?

Achilles’ desire for revenge is stronger than his anger towards Agamemnon, so much so that he puts aside his pride and reconciles with the leader of the Achaeans.

What does Christ ask of Agamemnon?


But Agamemnon did not agree, he chased the priest badly, adding these offensive words: “You do not find yourself near the ships, old man, do not delay, do not return in the future, because in that case you will no longer need the scepter and the bandages of the God!

Why does Agamemnon finally agree to return Chriseis to his father?

After nine days, knowing the cause of the pestilence, an assembly is called, during which Achilles invites Agamemnon to return Chriseis to his father. … For this reason Achilles’ anger breaks out very violently and the hero gives in, but he refuses to participate further in the fighting.

Who are Chryses and Agamemnon?

In the first book of the Iliad, Chriseis is Agamemnon’s slave, who has seized her as a prey of war and refuses to return her to his father Chrise. … According to a late Greek legend, narrated in the Fabulae of Hyginus, the girl had a son from Agamemnon, whom she called Crise (as her father).

Why does Agamemnon find Achilles the most hateful?

The reason for the Achaean hero’s anger is the kidnapping of the slave Chriseis by the king of Atrides Agamemnon. Agamemnon claims that he would have returned the girl only in exchange for another prisoner, or Briseis, the slave so loved by Achilles, and for gifts and acknowledgments of her value.

What does Hector propose to Achilles before starting the duel?

Hector begs him to hand over his body to his family in order to receive a worthy burial. Achilles denies any request mercilessly, because nothing can appease him. Thus Hector also pronounces a prophecy to Achilles: his death at the Sheeian gates.

How does the duel between Hector and Achilles take place?

Ettore then asks Deifobo for another auction, but the brother-squire has disappeared and the hero understands Athena’s deception; then he draws his sword and attacks the enemy in hand-to-hand combat: the clash is furious, Achilles wounds the opponent in the neck, makes him fall to the ground and exults on him.

Who is the character who tells the unfolding of the battle between Hector and Achilles?

Athena, the blue-eyed goddess, joins Achilles and predicts his victory over Hector. Then she, under the guise of Deifobo, Ettore’s brother, she convinces the Trojan hero to face Achilles.

Where is Achilles’ death told?

Homer in his Iliad speaks of a wounded Achilles and an education made of pride and hard work for the battles he would have to face. But everyone agrees that on Pelio the boy received care from the mother of the centaur Chiron – Filira – and his wife Cariclo.

How can the destiny of men be according to Achilles?

“Achilles’ zither”

It is therefore possible to operate with free choice, but with the awareness of an already marked destiny. All men must live following the destiny chosen by Fate, therefore it is not the choice of men when to die, but how to do it. It is in this specific perspective that Pascoli’s lyric works.

What feeling does the arrival of Priam arouse in Achilles and the Greeks?

503, Priam says to Achilles: “Have mercy on me, thinking of your father”. The whole piece, however, is played on the feeling of compassion, that is, of “feeling together”, of feeling together an almost identical emotion (most of the time it is a pain).

What role does crise play in the preface of the Iliad?

Crise: is a Trojan, priest of the god Apollo; he tries to obtain from Agamemnon the restitution of his daughter Criseide, spoils of war of the king, in exchange for a rich treasure; rejected and offended by the commander of the Greeks, he invokes Apollo, who, to punish the impiety committed against the priest, unleashes a plague among …

How does the preface of the Iliad begin?

The preface of the Iliad begins with the invocation to the muse, referring to Calliope, muse of epic poetry, to which the poet asks for inspiration in order to narrate the subject of the poem: this is the anger of Achilles wanted by Zeus (verse 5) to continue his extermination work.

Who is the goddess of the preface of the Iliad?

The invocation to the muse Calliope Here we are at the first book of the Iliad and the preface with the invocation to the muse Calliope, an obligatory rite to succeed in singing and create the magic of the story. Calliope is the muse of epic poetry, daughter of Mnemosine, Titanide, protector of memory.

May you make us benign?

<< Ah no, as much as you are worth, or Achilles equal to the gods, do not cover the thought, because you do not escape me nor can you persuade me. ... or you too, Pelide, the most terrible of all heroes, may you make us benign, by completing the rite, the Liberator >>.

How and when does Achilles die?

As prophesied by Hector on his deathbed, Achilles was later killed by Paris with an arrow directed into his right heel, his only killing point (according to Stazio). … Achilles was cremated and his ashes were deposited in the same urn that contained those of Patroclus and Antilochus, son of Nestor.


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