What does asymmetric parallels mean?


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loc. sfpl. those characterized by bars placed at unequal height used for suspension, momentum and support exercises only in women’s gymnastics.

What does asymmetrical parallels mean?

The asymmetrical bars are a tool of female artistic gymnastics. In international competitions it is often used to indicate this tool with the initials UB, from the corresponding English term Uneven Bars, especially in the indication of scores.

Why are the female parallels asymmetrical?

The asymmetrical parallels are conceptually similar to the male bar but in this case the currents are two and placed at different heights, with the possibility for the performer to pass from one to the other.

What are the asymmetrical parallels for?

The asymmetrical parallels, or commonly “parallels”, are a tool that requires above all strength in the arms. The gymnasts perform movements at great speed and the most spectacular passages are those characterized by large jumps with catching the same bar or passing from one bar to another.

What is the parallel used for?

Dip at the parallels: what they are and what muscles do they involve. The parallel dips are an exercise widely used in calisthenics, but also in bodybuilding and powerlifting for training the triceps, chest and to increase one’s bodyweight strength.

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What muscles does the dip train?

The dips involve a large part of the muscle groups that make up the upper body in a movement, but the main muscles mentioned are the pectoralis major, the brachial triceps and the anterior deltoid.

What does parallel road mean?

Of what proceeds at the same distance from the other: two roads p.

What movements can be performed on the parallels?

Technical and didactic examination of the exercises that can be performed at the asymmetrical parallels: abdominal turns and backward thrusts

  • Up side down. It consists of a rotation of the body on the transverse axis around the bar and can be performed forward or backward. …
  • Abdominal turns. …
  • You swing back.

What wood is used for the parallels?


When was female artistic gymnastics born?

In 1952 this discipline became part of the school programs under the name of “Female Gymnastics” and definitively took off thanks to the 1960 Rome Olympics, where the men’s national team won its first three medals.

What are artistic gymnastics stands?

The symmetrical or equal parallels (in English “parallel bars”, abbreviated to PB) consist of two bars, composed of layers of different flexibility in wood and usually equipped with a metal core, adjustable to different heights.

How many and what are the tools in women’s rhythmic gymnastics?

The tools used are five: rope, hoop, ball, clubs and ribbon.

How to learn to make parallels?

The gymnast is required to perform a series of evolutions within them, without ever touching the ground with the feet, but using the swing on the arms, on the basis of which vertical passages are developed between bars, jumps, and finally the exit from the tool.

How much do the parallel bars of artistic gymnastics cost?

Compare 15 offers for Asymmetrical Parallels starting at € 32.33

  • PIGNATTI Paracalli artistic gymnastics professional model PIGNATTI model for ASYMMETRIC PARALLEL – SENIOR and JUNIOR sizes. …
  • PIGNATTI Shock protection sleeve for asymmetrical parallel bars.

What are the staggi?


The first definition of bar in the dictionary is each of the more or less long wooden rods in which other elements are transversely fixed. Another definition of bar is in gymnastics, parallel bars and the Swedish framework. Staggio is also a stadia.

What is the opposite of parallel?

↔ foreign, independent, separate. sm 1.

What is the fixed bar for?

technique Generally, a wooden or metal bar placed sideways with the function of support, reinforcement, or even sometimes an impediment.

What is the horse in gymnastics?

The horse with handles is a tool used in artistic gymnastics. It is 105 cm high from the ground and is equipped with 15 cm high handles (usually metal) mounted parallel to and at the top of the tool. Originally it consisted of a metal armor with a wooden body, covered in leather.

What is the sport with rings called?

Rings are one of the men’s specialties of artistic gymnastics. The exercise in the rings lasts about a minute, during which the gymnast holds static positions and performs dynamic passes, ending with a jump called exit.

What is the Cassina movement?

“The Cassina movement consists of a tense double jump with a twist. It is basically the development of the Kovacs jump (double jump backwards over the bar) which, already at the age of 13, …

How wide is the equilibrium axis?

The balance axis can be 4 or 5 meters long, about 5 cm wide and about 10 cm thick. It has a flat side and a slightly rounded side.

Who invented the beam?

Jahn joined the Prussian army to fight Napoleon; after the war he was appointed state gymnastics teacher. His contribution is fundamental, thanks to him today gymnastics includes the use of the beam, the parallel bars and the horizontal bar.

What does the adjective Meridian mean?

– 1. adj. Midday: hours m .; the sun m .; heat m; the m. … By extension, clear, bright or burning like the midday sun: thousands of lamps shed a light m .; Here you are meridïana face Di caritate (Dante); fig., demonstrate in light m., with absolute evidence, in an irrefutable way.

What does parallel mean in geography?

geographical (or p. circles, or more often parallel) are the ideal lines according to which it is cut from the planes perpendicular to the earth’s axis and therefore parallel to each other; conventionally the p. … are associated with the corresponding north and south latitudes; i p.

What does it mean perpendicular to each other?

In plane geometry, two straight lines are said to be perpendicular if, when they meet, they divide the plane into four right angles (each of which therefore has a width of 90 °); analogam., two segments or two vectors are perpendicular if such are the straight lines on which they lie.


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