What does crepuscularism represent?


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Crepusculars tend to reduce poetry to prose and look for a verse that, while maintaining the poetic rhythm, breaks with the traditional metric and remains in the realm of prose. This desire for a prose language devoid of any courtly and classicistic form leads to the full affirmation of free verse.

Why crepuscularism?

The Crepuscular Poets

They are defined, in fact, “crepuscular” for the melancholy atmospheres of their lyrics and they are authors of compositions in which the inability to love and existential boredom dominate.

What is crepuscularism based on?

Crepuscular poetics expresses the crisis of romantic and positivistic civilization, which determined the abandonment of civil, patriotic and moral poetry. … The roots of crepuscular poetics are found in the poetics of Pascoli’s “Child”, in the principle, contained in it, of the poetry inherent in things.

Who proposes the name of crepuscular and why?

Among the main exponents were Palazzeschi, Gozzini, Gozzano and Govoni. The name “crepuscolari” was coined by the critic Giuseppe Borgese, who defined their poems with this adjective. The authors liked the term and adopted it to refer to the entire literary genre.

What are the themes of twilight poetry?

The favorite themes of crepuscular poetry were thus what they called “good things in bad taste”: the outskirts of the cities, the provincial environments, the old houses, the old neighborhoods, the sound of the barrel organs, the lanes of hospital, the slightly neglected public gardens, the …

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What time of day does crepuscularism correspond to?

Twilight is the time of day that follows sunset, it is the time when a soft and dying light spreads: crepuscular poets derive their name from the taste for half-light and the love for the grayer, less showy and less sunny than existence.

What is hermeticism?

Hermeticism is an Italian poetic movement that established itself in the twentieth century. It was so called in 1936 by the critic Francesco Flora who with the adjective hermetic wanted to define a type of poetry characterized by an apparently difficult language, at times ambiguous and mysterious.

Who is part of crepuscularism?

Crepuscularism is a literary current that developed in Italy at the beginning of the twentieth century by some poets such as Guido Gozzano, Marino Moretti, Corrado Govoni. It was not a real movement, but a commonality of style and intent placed in a post-Annunzian context.

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How is the figure of the poet seen in the crepuscular?

Crepuscolari: a generation of new poets

Characteristic of this new group of poets is the use of subdued tones to describe everyday situations and for the almost marginal role they attribute to the figure of the poet.

What are the development centers of crepuscularism and its main exponents?

Among the main exponents were Palazzeschi, Gozzini, Gozzano and Govoni. The name “crepuscolari” was coined by the critic Giuseppe Borgese, who defined their poems with this adjective. The authors liked the term and adopted it to refer to the entire literary genre.

Who coined the term crepuscularism?

crepuscular poets. This name (which goes back to an expression used by GA Borgese in 1910 to indicate the extinction, in his opinion, of the great Italian opera day “in a mild and very long twilight”) indicates some Italian poets of the early twentieth century (S. Corazzini, G. Gozzano, M.

What is meant by the term decadence?

The term decadentism refers to an artistic and literary movement that developed in France and then spread to the rest of Europe, between the end of the nineteenth century and the first decade of the twentieth century, which is opposed to the rationality of scientific positivism and naturalism.

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Who are the greatest Hermetic poets?

At the basis of this movement, which had as its model the great French symbolism such as Mallarmé, Rimbaud, Verlaine and Paul Valéry, there is a group of poets, called hermetics, such as the then young Salvatore Quasimodo, Mario Luzi and Alfonso Gatto.

Who are the vocian poets?

Vocian writers include Piero Jahier, Scipio Slataper, Ardengo Soffici, Giani Stuparich, Giuseppe Prezzolini, Giovanni Papini, Carlo Linati, Alfredo Panzini, Giuseppe Antonio Borgese, Camillo Sbarbaro, Clemente Rebora, Dino Campana, Renato Serra, Arturo Onofri and Giovanni Boine.

What are the main characteristics of hermeticism?

A characteristic of Hermeticism is the closed character, from which “hermetic” and complex, moreover it was distinguished by the fact that the poets rejected any political and social ideal and tried to separate themselves from Fascism. … Hermetic poets pursue the ideal of a “pure poem”, which has no educational purpose.

Why is Montale airtight?

The hermetic poets intensely live the experience of loneliness, uncertainty, the evil of living and aim, to communicate it, on the essentiality of the word and on the play of analogies. Hermetic poetry is concentrated, often difficult, it ignores the normal logical and syntactic connections and wants to express the inexpressible.

Where does hermeticism develop?

Hermeticism Literary current that flourished in Italy, with its epicenter in Florence, around 1930 and notable above all in the field of poetry and criticism, although there was no lack of significant influences on the work of the narrators.

Why are you a poet?

Gabriele D’Annunzio also called himself a poet poet for his poems with verses rich in musicality and sentiment and for his great cult of the word.

Which movement are the crepusculars opposed?

In conclusion, the crepusculars oppose the awareness of their own fragility to the superhomism, the inability to act to the will to power, the optimism the pessimism, the vitalism the passivity, the dreams of an inimitable life the daily banality of petty-bourgeois life, the sensual ladies pale maidens …

What are the main characters of Decadentism?

The poet’s sense of anguish and loneliness, characterized by boredom and a sense of emptiness. Thanks to the decadents, a new language is born, the poets use symbols, analogies, suggestive sounds and musical rhythms to produce sensations. They reject the metric rules.

What are the principles of Decadence?

The decadent believes that reason and science cannot give knowledge of reality, because its essence is beyond things, mysterious and enigmatic. The decadent soul is always reaching out towards the mystery and the unknowable.


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