What does dumpster mean?


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Small caisson, spec. as a piece of furniture. 2. Container, generally made of galvanized sheet metal or plastic and equipped with wheels, placed in some cities on the sides of the roads for the collection of solid urban waste.

What are the waste bins for?

It is used in urban waste collection. … In the separate collection the bins mainly collect plastic, paper, aluminum and steel waste; the green fraction is more rarely collected, while glass waste is often collected in special bells.

How are bins measured?

The advantage consists in the inspection compartment from below and the total disappearance of the box in the wall. The light measurement corresponds to the width of the opening (window shoulder – window shoulder). The extra centimeters are necessary for the overall dimensions of any maneuver to be installed.

What are the roller shutter boxes called?

The box must not be L-shaped and therefore with only two walls, but like the shoe box in the example. It must have all six walls, not just a part, and obviously only one of these must be openable.

What is the Celetto?


The definition of celetto in the dictionary is in the scenography, upper part of the scene, which represents the sky or a ceiling.

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What is the celino?

The celino is a simple closing panel, sliding on two lateral guides, with a small front profile. Positioned above the window, the celino closes the hole under the roller shutter, leaving the masonry the task of closing the front part inside the house.

What are the parts of the roller shutter called?

Accessories for roller shutters: what are the components of the mechanism

  • The guides. …
  • The winder. …
  • The belt. …
  • The caisson or dumpster. …
  • The tape. …
  • The roller. …
  • The slats. …
  • The attack belt.

How to remove the roller shutter box?

To open it:

  1. Press down on the lid, sliding it upwards.
  2. When you feel it move, pull it towards you.
  3. Pay close attention during the procedure to avoid getting hurt; it is important that the ladder is not too close to the window to better manage the removal of the cover.

How to calculate the length of the shutter?

Calculation of the length of the belt from the roller shutter

  1. The height of the window times 2 plus half the height of the window.
  2. Window height times 2 plus 1 m.

How do you take the measurements of a roller shutter?

How to measure a roller shutter with internal recessed guides

To calculate the height, simply measure from the lower base (the sill) to the entry slot in the box. To this measure, which is called “Light Height” in jargon, you will then need to add another 25 cm.

How big is a roller shutter box?

The box is available in different sizes (from 13.7×13.7 cm up to 30×30 cm). The first box that our system will select will be the first box suitable for containing all the rolling shutter wound on the roller.

Who invented the garbage cans?

On March 7, 1884, Eugène René Poubelle signed a decree requiring landlords in Paris to provide their tenants with three resealable bins for the separate collection of household waste.

How do card bins work?

The personal magnetic cards to be used to open the bins can be used at the ecological station and in all containers installed throughout the city, at any time and without limits. With the card it is possible to trace the waste (who gives and in which bin, not what and how much).

How do the new bins work?

Here’s how the dumpster with drawer works in three simple steps:

  • Bring the emerald card close to the reader, the drawer will open automatically.
  • Insert the bag tightly closed so that it enters correctly to avoid blocking the drawer.
  • Close the drawer by pressing the pedal.

How to hide roller shutter boxes with plasterboard?

Fake beam for camouflage

When it is not possible to keep the roller shutter box inside the edge of the external wall, the aesthetic problem is solved by covering the box with plasterboard along the entire wall, as if it were a false beam *.

How to open the electric shutters?

In a system of this type we will have a special eyelet on the outside of the box where, if necessary, a maneuver rod can be inserted. By turning the rod, as is done with awnings, we will be able to raise or lower the roller shutter fabric as often as necessary, even without electricity.

How to clean wooden bins?

Disassemble the front part of the box and first, with the help of a duvet, remove the dust. Then proceed to sanitize all internal surfaces with warm water and a sanitizing detergent. Dry with a clean cloth and clean the front in the same way.

How to cover roller shutter hole?

Prepare the glue.

If you need to close a hole in a plastic object, it is best to use a two-component epoxy glue, which fills and does not shrink when dry: in this case, pour the same amount of resin and hardener into a disposable container and blend well.

How is a roller shutter made?

The shutter is tied to the roller by special hooks (9). Usually the steel and aluminum shutters have iron hooks while those in PVC have nylon straps.

How much does an insulated box for roller shutters cost?

The supply of the box alone is around € 100 per meter. As you will have understood, the box is sold in blocks up to 6 meters long. So, before buying it, you will need to add up the widths of the windows, adding about twenty centimeters to each frame.

How much does a box for PVC shutters cost?

The purchase price for a PVC box for roller shutters starts from a minimum of about € 60.00 + VAT (for the minimum sizes) and goes up. It is calculated on the basis of 3 dimensions: width. height.

How much do plastic shutters cost?

The PVC shutters, on the other hand, have a lower cost: we can start from 20 euros per square meter for the 4 kg model, while it goes up to 30 euros per square meter for the 6 kg ones. On the other hand, armored shutters have a much higher cost because they start from 200 euros per square meter.


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