What does export mean?


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to masc. – Term equivalent to Italian. export, sometimes also used in Italy, in the language econ. and comm., especially to indicate the volume of exports: the export of fruit and vegetables more than doubled last year.

What does import export mean?

The definition of import-export in the dictionary is international trade and exchange of goods, products and services.

What does it mean to export goods?

of ex- and bring «to bring»](I espòrto, etc.). – 1. To bring, ship or otherwise sell goods outside the territory of the state in which they were produced: e. raw materials, agricultural or industrial products, manufactured goods; with a more generic sense: e.

What is exported to Italy?

► Italy is among the world leaders for the export of all kinds of machinery for industry, medicines, motor vehicles, clothing products. It mainly imports cars, medicines and raw materials (oil, gas, precious metals and chemicals in particular).

What does it mean to import goods?

– Strictly and more commonly, the placing of foreign goods in the territory of a state: i. of raw materials, of manufactured articles, of finished products; firm, company of i; permission of i .; also, in sing. or plur., the complex of imported goods, and their respective value: increase, reduction of imports.

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What does it mean to import and export?

EXPORT and IMPORT. … In a broad sense, therefore, the terms export and import refer to the international movements of goods, titles and services, and in a more restricted sense, but more commonly used, to the entry and exit of goods only from the territory of a state .

What is meant by import?

By import we mean the set of goods and services that a state purchases from other states in the world. Imports are usually measured in monetary terms, but also on the basis of product characteristics or methods of use.

What products does Italy mainly export?

What does Italy export to the world?

  • Medicines and pharmaceuticals. …
  • Other general purpose machines. …
  • General purpose machines.
  • Other special purpose machines. …
  • Motor vehicles.
  • Articles of clothing, excluding fur clothing.
  • Parts and accessories for motor vehicles and their engines.

What are the most exported Italian products?

Ranking of the 10 most exported Made in Italy products in recent years

  • Chocolate, coffee, tea, spices and ready meals.
  • Wines.
  • Pasta, bread and starchy products.
  • Unprocessed products from permanent crops (including grapes, citrus fruits)
  • Processed and preserved fruit and vegetables.
  • Dairy products.
  • Processed and preserved meat.

What are the main products imported into Italy?

The main products imported into Italy in 2019 were: “Vehicles”, with a volume of 32.8 billion euros, followed by “Crude oil” (26 billion euros) and “Basic chemicals, fertilizers and nitrogen compounds, plastics and synthetic rubber in primary forms “(25.6 billion euros).

Who can export?

Under the new regulation, an EU-based freight forwarder or third party can also act as an exporter in this case. This is possible only if the decision-making power is formally delegated to it. … For this reason he can act as an exporter only if he has the formal delegation of decision-making power.

What does it mean to export contacts?

Import / Export contacts: Move contacts to phone from another memory location and vice versa.

What do you need to export?

The most common documents required for export are the FedEx international air waybill (mandatory for all shipments) and the Invoice (mandatory for most shipments to non-EU countries / territories with commercial or customs value).

How much does an import export employee earn?

The average salary per import export worker in Italy is 7 200 € per year or 3.69 € per hour. Entry level positions earn a salary of € 7,200 per year, while more experienced workers earn up to € 28,400 per year.

How to become an import export?

To become an import-export employee, a high school diploma is often sufficient, for example with a commercial or linguistic address, or a degree in Languages ​​or Business Economics, with a specialization in international trade.

How much does an import export operative earn?

Import Export Operative: What is the average salary? The average salary per import export operator in Italy is € 25 500 per year or € 13.08 per hour. Entry level positions earn a salary of € 25 125 per year, while more experienced workers earn up to € 28 500 per year.

What are the products that Italy sells abroad?

The 6 best-selling Italian foods abroad

  • Chocolate, coffee, tea, spices and ready meals. Chocolate, tea, coffee, spices and ready meals, with 6.7 billion euros, are the best-selling Italian products abroad. …
  • Wines. …
  • Pasta, bread and starchy products. …
  • Fruits and vegetables. …
  • Milk-dairy products. …
  • Fresh or processed meat.

Which made in Italy sector is most appreciated abroad?

Made in Italy in the world: clothing, automation, furniture, food. In 2021, the sectors in which we record the highest rates of exports and appreciation abroad are those of food, fashion, design and mechanics (source: marteinternational.it).

What are the Italian products?

The world asks, Italy replies: the sectors of excellence in Italian exports

  1. Cheeses. Parmigiano Reggiano and Grana, Pecorino and Gorgonzola are the main products of Made in Italy. …
  2. Pasta. …
  3. Cured meat. …
  4. Wine. …
  5. Eyeglasses. …
  6. Watches. …
  7. Shoes and Clothing. …
  8. Furniture.

What does Italy export to France?

The main products exported from Italy to Paris in the mechanics and electronics sector are parts and components of machines (496.6 million euros and + 35.9% compared to 2017), taps and valves (473.5 million and +2 , 1%), dishwashers and other washing machines (372.8 million and -3.6%), workstations …

What does Italy produce the most?

As for plant production, which accounts for 25.1 billion, the major products in terms of value were wine (1803 million euros), maize (1434), oil (1398) and tomatoes (910). .

What is the difference between exports and imports called?

The trade balance corresponds to the difference between the value of exports and that of imports of goods.

When do you pay VAT on imports?

Anyone who purchases goods from a country belonging to the European Union must pay VAT. If the country from which it imports is not part of the EU, VAT is paid at customs, if the goods must pass through customs, an amount to which any customs duties must be added.

What do exports do?

exports X increase: European goods become relatively cheaper than foreign ones; • IM imports decrease: foreign goods become relatively more expensive than European ones; • the relative price of foreign goods in terms of domestic goods increases.

What does it mean to export a video?

Once exported, you can play it on your computer, with another media player or video editing program, and transfer it to other computers. You can export your movies for playback on various devices, such as a computer, TV, phone, or tablet.


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