What does foci mean?


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2. Terminal part of a watercourse that flows into the sea, a lake, or other watercourse: f. of the Arno, of the Tiber; to put mouth, to make mouth, to flow out, to flow out (also in the sense of fig.); f. a delta, that which advances into the sea by means of alluvial deposits; f.

What are foci in medicine?

foci). – In medicine, outbreak of latent infection, from which at a certain point a clinically evident infection originates (which for this origin is called focal); foci … focus group ‹fö′ukës ġrùup› locuz. ingl.

What is the delta estuary?

Deposition of fine or coarse detrital materials, formed by a river at its outlet into the sea (marine deltas), or in large lake basins (lake deltas), in aerial and underwater conditions.

What kind of foci are there?

There are two types of mouth, delta or estuary, this depends on the amount of debris carried by the watercourse and also on the type of power of the sea current.

What is the difference between delta mouth and estuary mouth?

The estuary is the outlet of rivers which, reaching their mouths, do not create fan-shaped sediment deposits (unlike what happens in the case of a delta mouth), i.e. they flow into a single channel or branch.

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Why do some rivers have their mouths in a delta and others in an estuary?

If a river flows into a sea that has tides of a certain magnitude, which remove the debris carried by the river and keep the mouth clear, it will be in the estuary. … Deltas are less common in the case of rivers that flow directly into the ocean or seas subject to high tides.

What is meant by estuary mouth?

“Place where the waters stir”]. – Flared funnel-shaped river mouth, characteristic of the coasts of open seas and oceans, very favorable to navigation and often home to important outposts; its characteristic shape is attributed to the erosive effects of the tidal wave and the ebb wave.

What is the difference between delta and estuary?

Estuary refers to the body of water along the coast that is formed when the fresh water of the river meets the salt water of the ocean. Delta connotes a landform that is formed by river sediments deposited at the mouth of the river when it joins the sea. Estuary of Narmada and Tapi form.

How many mouths can a river have?


The mouth of a river is the stretch where the watercourse flows into the sea or a lake or other watercourse. How can it be the mouth of a river? The mouth can be delta, simple or estuary.

What is the funnel mouth?

the estuary mouth is formed when the sea is deeper and the orrente is able to widen the river and gives it the shape of a funnel.

What is the flow rate of a watercourse?

Flow of a river: what it is

The flow rate is the volume of water that crosses a section of the watercourse in a unit of time, and therefore also varies according to the point at which it is measured.

When does the estuary form?

It is formed when the erosive action of the sea (especially if shallow) is so weak that it cannot carry away the sediments carried by the river, the sands settle and obstruct the river’s path towards the sea, which then divides into more branches.

When does the delta mouth form?

The delta mouth is when the waters of the river, flowing into a sea, divide into two or more branches, assuming a characteristic triangular shape. The name of this type of mouth derives in fact from the Greek letter delta “Δ”, a letter that recalls the shape of a triangle.

What are the apical foci?

The primary focus is often located in the teeth

It can be defined as a chronically altered part, or area of ​​connective tissue that contains organic and inorganic material. This material supports diseases even far from the outbreak itself, in the case of the teeth we speak of dental foci.

What are focal infections?

FOCAL, INFECTION. – Endogenous infection, which originates from a pre-existing focus of infection in the organism and almost always latent (infectious focus), by localization, in other tissues or organs, of the agents responsible for the primary infection.

What does focal aspect mean?

Point f., Of a question, of a problem, of a narrative or dramatic action, the most important or decisive point or moment.

What is the name of the branching mouth?

There are three types of outlet: delta, estuary and simple. When the sediments settle on the bottom of the sea, the river branches; when they flow, especially into the ocean, the mouth is estuary. In the latter they are influenced by the tide.

What is the name of the river that enters the lake and the river that leaves the lake?

born another river that flows along the VALLEY, an expanse of land between two mountains. The river that enters the lake is called IMMISSARY. When the river leaves the lake it is called EMISSORY.

What is the river bed called?

In hydrography the riverbed (or bed) is that part of land occupied by the waters of a course or a body of water. The expression bed of the river seems to have been used for the first time by Brunetto Latini in his work Li livres dou tresor (commonly called Tresor) (second half of the thirteenth century, ~ 1265).

What are the Italian rivers with delta mouths?

The Tiber, the most important of the Apennine rivers, crosses Emilia-Romagna, Tuscany, Umbria and Lazio, where, having abandoned the hilly territory, it crosses the plain with wide meanders. After crossing Rome, the Tiber flows into the Tyrrhenian Sea with a delta mouth.

What does Delta mean in geography?

delta Depot of detrital materials, fine or coarse, formed by a river at its outlet into the sea (d. … marine is conditioned by the hydrodynamic interaction between river and marine waters.

How is the river delta formed?

A river delta, or simply delta, is an accumulation of sediment, or sedimentary body, which forms in an area of ​​the mouth where a watercourse conveys terrigenous sediments into a basin with a relatively stationary body of water.

How many types of estuaries are there?

Fires in the estuary

  • Estuary of the Congo.

  • Thames Estuary.

  • Solway Estuary.

  • Estuary of the Loire.

  • Estuary of the Seine.

  • Estuary of the Gironde.

  • Estuary of the Amazon River.

  • Estuary of the Rio della Plata.

What does it mean to emissary of a river?

geography River or channel that drains the waters of a lake.

What does a river delta mean?

delta Deposition of fine or coarse detrital materials, formed by a river at its outlet into the sea (d. marini), or in large lake basins (d. lacustri), in aerial and underwater conditions.


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