What does Intreccio mean in Italian?


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In narratology, by interlacing we mean the set of events contained in a narrative work, seen, however, not in their chronological and causal succession, but in the actual way in which they were arranged by the author.

What is the meaning of intertwining?

In particular, the complex of events that make up the plot, the subject of a narrative or dramatic work: the i. … simple, complicated; tale devoid of I., poor in plot.

How does a weave take place?

In fiction, the plot is nothing more than the succession of facts of a more or less long story, in the way in which the author has decided to present them to us. All this makes the Author resemble a demiurge, who transfers to us the knowledge of events in the order in which he wants us to know them.

What is the plot of a film called?

“plot”), used in ital. to masc. – (lit., cinem.) [storia narrata in un film o in un romanzo] ≈ plot, subject, plot, story.

How do you weave a story?

The plot is constructed by the narrator through a series of fundamental choices, such as the selection of the facts to reveal to the reader (perhaps omitting crucial information or data, to create suspense or to be revealed only later with a “twist”), the so-called incipit in medias res (i.e., while the …

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How do you go from fabula to intertwining?

If an author decides to keep the chronological order of the events, telling them as they happened, then in his text the plot coincides with the fabula.

What is the plot in anthology?

In narratology, by interlacing we mean the set of events contained in a narrative work, seen, however, not in their chronological and causal succession, but in the actual way in which they were arranged by the author.

Who went to the Thebaid?

The anchorites (from the Greek “those who withdraw”) were people who chose to move away from the assembly of men to live a solitary, austere life, dedicated to contemplation and prayer to feel closer to God.

How is the fabula rebuilt?

The fabula is the chronological order of the facts narrated. To reconstruct the plot it is necessary to recognize the blocks that make up the text, that is to break it down into sequences.

How is the fabula summarized?

Fabula: it is made up of events in their natural order, and follows the temporal (“before” and “after”) and causal succession (from causes to consequences).

What is the El intreccio fabula?

The fabula is the set of elements of a story considered in their logical and chronological order. … The fabula is therefore distinguished from the plot, which is the set of events in the story in the succession in which the author wanted to arrange them.

What is the difference between the fabula and the plot?

FABULA: it is the logical and chronological order of a set of narrated facts. INTRECCIO: it is the organization of the narrated facts as it has been structured by the author and constitutes the narrative order. When the plot follows the logical and chronological order, the story and the plot coincide.

What is the fabula e Lintreccio?


Fabula and intertwining are two elements present in any narrative text. … The plot, on the other hand, concerns the story and consists of the order in which the various elements and the different events of the story are presented by the author of the text.

What does Thebaid mean?

thebaid sf – Propriam., historical name of a region of Upper Egypt (lat. Thebais -aĭdis, Gr. Θηβαΐς -ίδος), having as capital Thebes, with a desert area in which an eremitic life oriented towards monastic forms developed in monasteries that soon spread throughout Egypt.

What are the three main techniques of weaving?

concatenation – story A followed by story B followed by story C; alternation – first piece of A followed by first piece of B followed by second piece of A followed by second piece of B and so on; interlocking – story A contains story B, which contains story C.

Why is interlacing used?

The term fabula indicates the events that take place according to a logical-chronological order which, in turn, make up a narrative. The plot refers to the way in which the narrator organizes the material (for example by modifying the chronological order of events).

How is the plot in the iliad initiated?

Intertwining: In the 10th year of the Trojan War, Achilles, offended by Agamemnon, retires from the fight (I-II) → inconclusive clashes follow one another for about 50 days (III-XV) → Patroclus dies at the hands of Hector (XVI- XVII) → Achilles, devastated by pain, returns to fight (XVIII) → Achilles challenges Hector to a duel: …

When is it that the fabula and the plot coincide?

When the plot follows the logical and chronological order it can be said that fabula and plot coincide. Often the author chooses to immediately enter the letter in medias r es (in the middle of the facts) and then recount in flashback the events necessary for a better understanding of the story.

How do you synthesize a song?

First you need to read the text to be summarized: if necessary, read the text more than once and underline the main parts. Divide into sequences. Divide the text into sequences, that is, into “episodes”, “scenes”, in order to capture all the important elements of each sequence. Make a ladder.


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