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axle sm [lat. … negli autoveicoli, organo, detto anche asse, avente la funzione principale di trasferire il carico del telaio alle ruote, generalmente per mezzo di dispositivi elastici come le sospensioni: a.

Cosa significa assale anteriore?

Un asse anteriore è un albero rotante nella parte anteriore di un veicolo che gira le ruote anteriori. … A volte un asse anteriore è un asse motore, mentre in altri casi non è a guida, a seconda del design della vettura.

Cosa significa assaltati?

– Aggredire una persona, un gruppo di persone, o anche attaccare con violenza e con le armi un luogo, un mezzo di trasporto, per ferire, uccidere, rapinare (s’intende di solito, a differenza di assalire, che l’assalto sia compiuto da un gruppo più o meno numeroso di persone): fu da loro a piè del ponte, sotto una …

Che vuol dire in asse?

in asse avv. e agg. in allineamento rispetto a un asse: mantenersi in asse; ruote in asse.

Cosa vuol dire Giocondo?

del tema di iuvare «giovare, piacere»]. – 1. Pleased, contented, who enjoys full and serene joy: he is a playful man.

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What did I write joyfully?

joyful: idioms

It comes from the popular Tuscan meaning of the word playful, equivalent to foolish, foolish, placed in relation to the forehead to indicate that a person has written on his face that he is not very intelligent or crafty.

What is meant by a game?

By play, in ethology, psychology, and other behavioral sciences, we mean a voluntary and intrinsically motivated (mostly fun) entertainment activity, performed by adults, children, or animals, for recreational purposes. … Play is also fun, a light and carefree moment.

What is a plank of wood?

The solid and compact part of the trunk, branches and roots of trees.

How to prove the axis of a segment?

The axis of a segment is the line passing through the midpoint of the segment and perpendicular to it. In an equivalent way, we can define the axis of a segment as the line perpendicular to the segment conducted by its midpoint. , ie the point belonging to the segment and equidistant from its ends.

What are aces in physical education?

The axes and planes of the human body are lines and imaginary figures that cross the body, dividing it into two halves, on which it is possible to perform fundamental exercises and movements of the human body, such as flexion, extension, bending, adduction, abduction, inclination, rotation.

What does it mean to attack a person?

of ad- “towards” and degrees “to walk”](I attack, you attack, etc.). – 1. To attack, to confront, with violence and treacherously: two bandits suddenly attacked him; he was attacked on the main street. 2.

What does it mean to point out?

– Take stock of an issue, focusing on its main and most important aspects: p. a situation, a problem, a controversy; also clarify, specify, specify, even in an excessive and pedantic way: you can p.

What does rear axle mean?

The rear axle is a car that combines two wheels on one axle, wheels with suspension and suspension with one body.

What is meant by rigid axle suspension and independent wheel suspension?

Having a rigid connecting element between the two wheels, a rigid axle suspension forces the vehicle body to stand at a certain height from the ground compared to a suspension with independent wheels: with the same maximum height, this implies a reduction in usable spaces. inside the body (fig.

How does the De Dion bridge work?

The De Dion bridge is guided by a Watt parallelogram in the transverse direction which rotates around its own axis and ensures that the vertical oscillations are always kept in the same plane.

What wood to use to make a pastry board?

As mentioned, the best wood for a pastry board is beech as well as bamboo, fir and olive which are also very delicate. In this regard, it is very important to avoid the use of chemical agents as they could leave residues which would then be absorbed by the dough for bread or pasta.

What is the name of the wooden board?

The cutting board or kitchen board is a flat, generally rectangular kitchen utensil, sometimes with a handle, used to cut food.

Which figure has only one axis of symmetry?

Among the trapezoids, only the isosceles trapezoid has an axis of symmetry: we cannot in any way find an axis that divides the other trapezoids into two perfectly overlapping parts. The rhombus has two axes of symmetry, as does the rectangle.

What are the purposes of the game?

The experience of the game teaches the child to be persevering and to have confidence in his own abilities; it is a process through which he becomes aware of his inner and outer world, beginning to accept the legitimate demands of these two realities.


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