What does it mean to be at a good pace?


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to continue; of l., with strength and constancy, and also with fast rhythm: to work of l., of good l., of great l.; analogously, continue with new law, with higher law, with more law. that never; work of l., of long l., which requires vigor and intense application.

What does it mean to go to work with lena?

Vigor, strength of spirit and will: give, infuse. to someone; resume l .; work with l., of good l.

What is the synonym of Lena?

[volontà energica, spec. nell’affrontare la fatica: riprendere l.] ≈ energy, strength, sinew, vigor, vigor, vitality. ‖ Ardor, enthusiasm, fervor, commitment, tenacity, zeal.

What was the grassy clearing in ancient times?

lat. ex-]. – Free space, mostly flat, of a certain size: one s. grassy halfway up a mountain; on the stone table that was there on the s.

What does the name Lena mean?

Curiously, the name also has meaning in other languages: in Sotho it means “young bee”, in Malay it means “sounds asleep” and in Hawaiian lena means “yellow”, and is used both to indicate a star (perhaps Sirius), and for the rain of such color that falls on some of those islands.

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What does Lena mean in Latin?

sf mizzen, seductress.

What does low-grade mean?

Said of people, of cowardly soul or of low social class. Referring to things, speeches or otherwise, it indicates bad taste, banality, triviality.

What animal is the lena?

For onomancy Lena corresponds to the Horse.

What does it mean in capo a?

In legal and bureaucratic-administrative language, the prepositional phrase in capo a is worth ‘with direct reference to, relative to’. The temporal value of the phrase is better known, with the meaning of ‘within’: at the end of three days.

What did Dante mean?

Tuscan proverb that Dante quotes in canto XXVIII of hell with the words “capo has thing done” (v. 107). … Dante himself in the Divine Comedy reports this version, indicating the revenge of the Amidei as the primary cause of the ruin of Florence and the bloody struggles that went through it during the Middle Ages.

What does it mean between head and neck?

arrive between head and neck; fall between head and neck

Entirely, completely, completely. It is generally said of something that needs to be redone from the beginning.

What do you mean synonyms?

to)]; to lead (of something or someone) ≈ to lead (ø), to captain (ø), to command (ø), to direct (ø), to lead (ø). ‖ Captain (ø).

What does the name Deva mean?

Deva (devanāgarī देव, Vedic Sanskrit devá) is a Sanskrit term which as an adjective indicates what is divine or celestial, while as a masculine noun it indicates divinity or a god. … The word is related to the Latin divus, a variant of deus “god”, from which the adjective divinus “divine” derives.

When is Santa Lena?

In 12 days, on 12 December, Lena’s name day is celebrated. Truncated form of Magdalene or also of Marilena. It means ‘magnificent exalted’. The name day is celebrated on 12 December in honor of Saint Lena, a French martyr.


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